Good Morning My Children

A "Mystery" Topic This Day...

Are your curious...then let us begin...

Good Morning My Children

Ego or Christ Consciousness...Fear or Love Consciousness?

Are you ready to educate yourselves on the differences?


Good Morning My Children

Do You Want to Know Why I Created You? Do You Know Your Purpose?

Good Morning My Children

Look Within for All of Your Answers...Look Within...

Your religious and spiritual leaders..."the blind leading the blind"...

Good Morning My Children

Home, Light & Love or Ego, Darkness & Fear?

"reframe your identity"

Good Morning My Brothers & Sisters

Fear or Bliss, While You Are Still in a Physical Body? Which Will It Be?

A message from a brother & your Creator

Good Morning My Children

Human Projections onto Jeshua ben Joseph..."Fantasies"...

"I Am the ocean and you are the fish"...

Good Morning My Family of The Light

Why Do You Tarry in the Darkness?

How do you find your way Home to Love? 

Good Morning My Children

Jeshua ben Joseph's Final Lesson

The "story" of the crucifixion...of the so-called "Only Son of God"

Good Morning My Children

What is the "Heart Phone"

You will always have a direct line of communication with your Creator.

Good Morning My Children of "The Light"

The Infinite Field of Light That Created Your Field of Light...Your Aura.

Are you ready to dissolve all of your fears and anxieties?

Good Morning..."Children of God"

Children of God...For That is Who You Are

The name of the authentic teachings and movement of Jeshua ben Joseph, two thousand years ago, was not "Christianity", it was "The Way".