Greetings this day...Children of My Light Divine

Is a return to Bliss worth some studying and practicing?

Each day you study and practice the contemporary and channeled teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph, you take a step closer to your Heavenly Bliss!

Greetings this day...My Children of The Light Divine!

Jeshua ben Joseph has come again...

Jeshua has used numerous channels to convey a corrected and comtemporary version of his teachings...

Good day...Another Message from Your Loving Creator

Transition from Your Anxieties and Fears to Unconditional Love

You were created with a perfectly clear channel of communication with Me, your Creator. However, Your Ego Denies You Have it.   

Greetings this day...from your Divine Parent

Are You Ready to Change Your Script and Identity?

The Sovereignty of the Soul is Sacred...the freedom to create whatever experiences "you choose".

Greetings This Day...My Children of The Light

"You" Create Your Experiences

Abortion? Who is right and who is wrong?

Greetings this day! Another Message from Your Creator

Nothing to Fear

The so-called "death" of the physical body is nothing to fear...for your consciousness has no end...ever...

Another Message Fron Your Creator

Return "Home" to Pure Love and True Peace...By Practicing Where You Are Going

I, your Creator, Am but Love...and also your back seat driver.

Separation From Me, Your Creator, Is Impossible

The Education and Reconditioning of Humanity

Your awareness of Me, your Creator, is overwhelming...and yet, natural. 

You Dreamers and Your Dream of Separation From Me, and I Am but Love

Three Types of Dreamers...Which Type of Dreamer Are You?

From The Source of All

Why "You Chose" the 3rd Dimension of Earth...Your Metaverse of Fear Consciousness

Your Split Personality...Fear-Based Ego & Spiritual Being of Love

From your Divine Parent - Message for Psychologists & My Children of the Light

Game Changer - Behavioral Genetics

Information on your path to enlightenment, also referred to as awakening from your Dream of Separation from Me, your Creator


A message from your Creator, and I Am but Love...

What you call centuries ago, I was do we pray to You...our Creator? In this contemprary era, a similar question has been asked, and an answer has been given.