What Is The Metatones Sound Technology?

Easy to use audio software that delivers personalized sound therapy

Quantum based technology that synchronizes brain waves to improve brain function & elevate consciousness.

Some of the Benefits

Promotes peak brain performance, including better decision making

Promotes higher levels of consciousness = Christ Consciousness

Promotes an increase in the energetic & informational exchange between the HEF (human energy field) and the ZPF (Zero Point Field)

How Does It Work?

Benefits are derived by listening to the audio output in a relaxing environment

Sessions begin with a short recording of the user's voice consisting of positive affirmations, which have been most effective

Then a series of short intervals are delivered with the original and variations of the user’s voice, using a Metatron discovery*

Using brain wave synchronization therapy, different frequencies are delivered simultaneously to the right and left ear**


*The Common Formula to the Human Energy Field | **Utilizing a Binaural Beat Format

Initial sessions are 20 minutes or less | Not more than 3 sessions per week are recommended

How Metatones Accelerates the Shift to Christ Consciousness

Prepare yourself for some mind-boggling information, and yet these scientifically based, spiritual realities, are in the words of Jeshua ben Joseph, revelations that can be known, felt, realized and lived. From a scientific perspective, incorporating some of the A, B, Cs of quantum physics into the shift to Christ Consciousness is essential. This becomes elementary when both the ancient and the contemporary (channeled) teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph are considered.

Jeshua ben Joseph describes our Creator in terms that can only be comparable to what quantum physicists describe as the Zero Point Field (ZPF)…and quantum physicists describe the ZPF in terms that can only be comparable to The Source of All—our Divine Parent. Until now…no one had connected the dots that identify the underlying characteristics of both our Creator and the ZPF to be one and the same. Very briefly, Jeshua ben Joseph refers to our Divine Parent as an Infinite Field of Pure Love and Intelligence, out of which all things arise, which is everywhere. Quantum physicists refer to the Zero Point Field as an infinite, intelligent, quantum field of energy and information that is the substructure of everything…everywhere.

There are many more parallel descriptions within quantum physics literature and the teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph. Some of the ancient references can be reviewed in the book; Jesus vs Christianity – The Myth of Heaven and Hell, by Michael Dybicz. A direct reference by Jeshua ben Joseph, comparing the ZPF to The Source of All, in one ancient source is within the Christ Consciousness Meditation in this site…see the bottom of page 4. Many more references in the contemporary/channeled teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph are within The Way of Mastery trilogy…the teachings Jeshua ben Joseph describes as our final pathway Home…which millions will use to obtain Christ Consciousness. On the scientific side of the fence, an introductory book on quantum physics and the Zero Point Field is The Field by Lynne Mc Taggart. All of this information is quite mind-boggling and yet, it has been incorporated into the Metatones sound therapy to accelerate our path to Christ Consciousness.

Physicists hypothesize that if we could consciously tap into the ZPF, through the synchronization of the human energy field (inclusive of the brain waves) with the ZPF, we would induce abilities far beyond the current norm of human experience. Jeshua ben Joseph refers to the alignment of the soul (synchronization) with the Mind of our Creator as Christ Consciousness, inclusive of our innate ability to communicate with our Creator…as a matter of routine. More specifically, Jeshua ben Joseph tells us that the balancing of the brain, synonymous with hemispheric synchronization, induces a vibratory state/mental field whereby we have the ability to communicate with our Creator. Jeshua ben Joseph goes on to explain that God’s primary purpose in creating us is to function as channels or mediums for our Creator…whereby our Divine Parent—A Beingness of Pure Love, extends or manifests Itself into physicality. One such location for this mass manifestation of our Divine Parent, via the human form, is the 3rd dimension of Earth! For a current example of an incarnate soul channeling our Divine Parent, please see God’s blog within this site.

All of this information is beyond mind-boggling…even after years of study and experiential verification. And yet, any student of Jeshua ben Joseph knows that functioning as a medium for God, and God is Pure Love, is exactly what he did 2,000 years ago. He made it quite clear that he was a medium or channel for God, just as he does today via his channeled teachings. Some of the pertinent sayings of Jeshua ben Joseph from 2,000 year ago confirm this reality…one well known saying of Jeshua ben Joseph is: I do nothing, for the Father does all things through me. Jeshua ben Joseph also makes it abundantly clear, in both his ancient and contemporary teachings, that he is not better than or superior to any other soul (Christed Being)…it’s just that he has chosen, along with legions of other souls in the spiritual dimensions, to experience his Conscious Christed Self. This is a choice that most souls on Earth (that’s us) have yet to make.

Jeshua ben Joseph’s The Way of Mastery course will be the vehicle that millions will use to make the shift into Christ Consciousness on Earth…as it has never been done before, anywhere, at any time. This is our destiny…the experience…that has attracted so many souls to the Earth dimension…including you! In other words, let’s forget who and what we are (Christed Beings of Love), experience the darkness of egoic, fear-based consciousness on Earth, and then, when we have had our fill of experiencing non-love, find our way back Home = Christ Consciousness, inclusive of our remembrance of our relationship with our Divine Parent. What an amazing experience that will be! This era of our mass awakening, from what Jeshua describes as the dream of separation from our Creator, has begun. There are many tools and techniques that souls will use to find their way back Home…to Christ Consciousness…one such tool is the Metatones sound therapy.

The Metatones project started in 1996. Long story short, consistent long-term use of the Metatones sound therapy synchronizes the Human Energy Field, inclusive of the brain waves, to the ZPF = Our Divine Parent. However, no technology, in and of itself, will induce Christ Consciousness. Why? We made the choice to experience the opposite of our essence (Love-based consciousness) in favor of fear-based consciousness = life on Earth and the illusion of separation from our Creator. For us to “wake up” from our dream of separation, we have to choose to retrace many of the steps that got us to where we are today. Using Jeshua ben Joseph’s words, we have to untangle and retrain our mind to once again be aligned with the Mind of our Creator—a Beingness of Pure Love. Jeshua ben Joseph makes it clear that this choice, this process, is a remembrance of how we were initially created, in the image and likeness of our Creator. This untangling and awakening process is accelerated with consistent use of Metatones.   

For more information on the Metatones Sound Therapy, please follow the links to metatones.com. Please read The Science (first), followed by the Metatones Theory booklet. The Science is an introduction to Metatones from a quantum physics perspective and The Metatones Theory incorporates some of Jeshua ben Joseph teachings, which bring all to an inevitable, mind-boggling conclusion: consistent Metatones use accelerates the shift to Christ Consciousness.