Jesus vs Christianity – The Myth of Heaven and Hell

By Michael Dybicz

Ever since Palestine was leveled by the Roman legions in the late first century, the teachings attributed to Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) have been veiled in a fog of Christian dogma and Roman Greco mythology. This book unravels the Traditional Christian propaganda and outright fallacies that have hidden the truth of the life and teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph. A few of the biggest illusions and/or fallacies include the following:

  • After the crucifixion, the authentic Jeshua ben Joseph movement, known as The Way, was led by his brother, James the Just…not Peter. The authentic Jeshua movement, centered in Jerusalem, was decimated by the Roman Jewish war, only 40 years after the crucifixion. Over a million Jewish men, women and children were slaughtered, even after many had surrendered. In the wake of the void in authentic leadership, the Roman-Greco version of Jeshua’s teachings, known as Christianity, assumed the dominate position.   
  • The so-called apostle Paul, born and raised within the Greek culture and a prominent member of the Roman Empire’s brutal occupation of Palestine, emerged as the dominant leader of the so-called authentic Christian movement, which was anything but authentic. New discoveries, such as the Gnostic Gospels and Dead Sea Scrolls, combined with more objective examinations of traditional Christian sources, inclusive of the New Testament, reveal Paul as a counter-fit apostle, who was never embraced by the real Apostles or the family of Jeshua ben Joseph.   
  • Jesus never taught that He was the only Son of God or that His crucifixion atoned for the sins of man, creating a path to heaven for humanity. This Christian mythology, formulated and promoted by Paul, was the product of his Roman-Greco upbringing, which was heavily influence by Greek and Egyptian mythology. This fear-based, sacrificial Son of God mythology became the center piece of the new Roman Greco Christian movement…if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ as the only Son of God, who died for your sins, you won’t get to heaven. This Pauline mythology remains the foundation of Traditional Christianity. 
  • Jesus never taught the heaven or hell afterlife alternative, but rather embraced the concept of reincarnation, the gradual evolution of the soul, and the many benefits of remembering our prior lives (consistent with modern day past-life and life-between-life regression techniques).
  • Jesus taught a highly evolved lifestyle void of religious dogma, which combined quantum physics with spirituality, referred to as “scientific spirituality”. 
  • The true teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph were essentially lost in the late first century, after the Roman Jewish war. Although elements of the authentic teachings and life events survived, they were distorted, manipulated and often over-written to coincide with the cultural mores of the Roman Empire, the dominant post-crucifixion culture. By the time the first edition of the New Testament (inclusive of the Gospels) was edited, paid for, and declared as authentic, by the Roman Emperor Constantine in the 4th century, the storyline was so convoluted that identifying the authentic portions was almost impossible. When the dust settled, in place of Jeshua’s authentic teachings was a fear-based, authoritarian religious movement controlled by the Roman Empire—The Roman Catholic Church. For centuries, history shows us that the pope, along with the entire hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, was controlled by the Roman Emperor. For centuries, if the popes did not bow down to the religious and political requirements of the Roman Emperors, they were not the pope any longer.  
  • Today, every Christian priest and minister, including the pope, live in a world of religious delusion and Christian mythology, which epitomizes fear-based egoism. A contemporary saying of Jeshua ben Joseph, from The Way of Mastery, is particularly apropos…Insanity seems sane to those that are insane. 

If you are looking for a book that tells the true story of the early Christian era and redefines the teachings of Jesus, then Jesus vs Christianity is a must read. This book is based primarily on ancient Christian documents, some of which are considered heretical by traditional Christianity. Limited information is also used from modern era past life regression sessions, of those incarnated today who were also incarnated 2,000 years ago…and who knew Jeshua ben Joseph. Information from the contemporary era of channeled information from Jeshua ben Joseph was not used. Jesus vs Christianity – The Myth of Heaven & Hell is available at 

Today, the Traditional Christian movement is quick to deny the authenticity of all the information that Jeshua ben Joseph has and continues to communicate, through numerous channels. Is there any doubt that Jeshua ben Joseph would want to set the story straight, given the history of Christianity? Given the fact that he has obtained the enlightened state of Christ Consciousness, which he clearly demonstrated 2,000 years ago, and continues to demonstrate through contemporary channels, is there any doubt he would want to return, when the time was right, to share his wisdom with us…so we could follow in his footsteps?