More on Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness is awareness with free-will, which is the “gift” The Source of All gave to all Christed Beings of Love (that’s us) to create our experiences. By using our free-will, we choose what we are aware of, and thereby create our experiences…moment to moment. Christ Consciousness is the divine spark of awareness within that allows us (via our free-will) to be in perfect alignment with the Mind of God…and thereby re-establish our conscious relationship with our Creator. Why can’t you remember your conscious relationship with your Creator? Because you choose to incarnate into the Earth dimension of physicality and experience a fear-based (egoic) experiential dimension, inclusive of the illusion of separation from your Divine Parent, that would make you forget, temporarily, who and what you truly are: an immortal, multi-dimensional, Spiritual Being of Love and Light. The concluding phase of our cycle of reincarnation will be when we awaken to “Reality”, and transform the fear-based, experiential dimension of Earth into Heaven of Earth…and event that has never been done before, in such an emotionally dark dimension of physicality. Mind-boggling, absolutely, and one that requires us to remember…to re-establish our conscious relationship with our Creator (Abba). 

A Key Difference Between Christ and Egoic Consciousness

Egoic consciousness in the Earth dimension is fear-based and an illusion… a Dream World of sorts: a temporary, fear-based, experiential dimension of physicality. Mind-boggling, absolutely ... but for lack of a better description, you are participating in a Science Fiction movie, that has a blissful ending, based in the “Reality of Love.” Besides the perceived separation from our Creator, which is literally impossible, because Abba is literally everywhere, the biggest illusion is that we do not control what we experience…that our experiences are created by what is outside…coming at us. This will come as a shock to most because that’s just the way life is…isn’t it? Wrong…our experiences are based solely on how we color or tint those so-called outside events…by how we project our internal perspectives, values and beliefs out, onto outside things and events.

For example, two people can hear the exact same political speech. The first person experiences it as a marvelous description of solutions to various problems, by a rock star of a speaker. The second person experiences the exact same speech as the most outrageous rendition of misguided proposals, by a speaker who should be despised. Why did these two people have such different experiences to the same speech? Each projected their internal perspectives, via their free-will, onto the same speech, which resulted in different experiences. Thus, each experienced the speech based on what they projected out…from inside of their being. This is how everyone experiences everything…everything.

  • Overview: egoic consciousness does not take responsibility for what is being projected, because the illusion is that there is no internal control mechanism, whereas Christ Consciousness assumes responsibility for all of the internal perspectives, inclusive of the responsibility to dissolve egoic, fear-based, judgmental consciousness, and replace it with how we are were created…with non-judgmental, Love consciousness.
  • A major difference is that egoic, fear-based consciousness is judgmental, with an underlying theme of good or bad, right or wrong (duality). This egoic, judgmental quality is the sources of all negative emotions and experiences. Think about it…it is impossible for anyone to have a negative experience and emotions unless there is judgment involved. Our Creator, which is a Beingness of Pure Love, is not judgmental, ever. We were created in the image of our Creator, with an essence of Pure Love…and free-will. God gave us the option to choose to experience whatever we want, including to temporarily experience the opposite of our essence (Love consciousness)…in favor of judgmental, fearful, egoic consciousness.
  • Dissolve our temporary pattern of egoic judgmentalism, and there are no negative emotions or experiences…none…everything becomes simply “as it is”…as the saying goes…”it is what it is, because it is what it is”. And what is left inside our Beingness? Only non-judgmental, Love Consciousness = our eternal link with our Divine Parent! So…how do we shift from being judgmental, controlling, and fearful to being aware, yet without judgment = accepting or allowing (not necessarily condoning) without judgment = perspective of: “it is what it is”.
  • Consider this perspective: Abba is an Infinite Field of Beingness, that is Pure, Unconditional Love, Who gave us all free-will, to create whatever experiences we desire, and by judging the choices that either ourselves or other souls make as bad and wrong, we are essentially revoking Abba’s gift of free-will to all of us.
  • How do we untangle and retrain the mind to dissolve our judgmental and controlling egos? How do we remember our blissful essence of unconditional Love, and relationship with our Creator? Obtaining these goals are what Jeshua ben Joseph’s The Way of Mastery trilogy is all about. He teaches all who are ready, how to accomplish what he has already accomplished. A wise man once said: whenever you are trying to accomplish something that you have never done before, the quickest way to accomplish your goal is to find someone who has already so…and follow in their footsteps.

Each Soul’s Primary Responsibility and Purpose

Primary Responsibility

Dissolve the ego, by retraining your consciousness to be aligned with the consciousness of God = eliminates any sense of the illusion of separation from our Divine Parent = a return to how we were originally created.

Primary Purpose

Function as a conscious channel for our Divine Parent, Who is Pure, Unconditional Love, Who only desires to extend Self…to extend Love…to consciously experience Self, through an infinite number of forms, throughout Creation, which is infinite. Guess who those forms are? Us, the Christed Beings of Love! Abba gave us all a front row seat to receive, feel, and witness the manifestation of our Divine Parent, Who is but Love, through us and into Creation, a process that has "no end."

As conscious mediums for God, Who is Pure Love, we are guided by our Divine Parent in all decisions = the pressure is “off” as we feel and witness the manifestation of Love.

Summary of Differences Between Egoic, Fear Consciousness and Christ Consciousness

Egoic or Fear-based Consciousness = Illusion

  • Perceived separation from God = illusion = non-reality
  • Fear-based consciousness & decisions dominate = source of all negative emotions… very judgmental
  • Creates the egoic personality = false self = temporary illusion = “dream of separation from The Creator”
  • Insanity (fear-based consciousness) seems sane to those that are insane = all of humanity
  • Egoic, fear-based consciousness is a temporary experience = a virtual reality of non-love ... that may span numerous incarnations ... why? Just to experience, and then experience the shift back to Christ Consciousness
  • We are Immortal, Multi-dimensional, Spiritual Beings of Love, having a temporary human experience

Christ or Love Consciousness = Reality

  • Re-establish conscious relationship with God—Beingness of Pure Love = Our Reality
  • Love-based consciousness & decisions dominate = acceptance of what is, without judgment = attitude of "it is what it is, because it is what it is"
  • How do Love-based decisions dominate = decisions are turned over to God = soul’s function = be a medium for God-Pure Love
  • Each soul feels, witnesses and experiences their relationship with their Divine Parent 24/7 = Love Consciousness & Perfect Peace = Reality
  • Souls in physicality and yet channels for the Divine Parent = Incarnated Conscious Christs…mass Christ Consciousness in a very dense, physical dimension = never been done before = the wondrous experience of creating Heaven on Earth!

The Metatones Project

The Metatones project developed and distributes a Sound Technology and Therapy for the human energy field, brain waves, chakras and meridian systems that accelerates the shift to be an Incarnated Conscious Christ.

Is there a bridge or shortcut to remembering our Conscious Christed Self?

There are many, one of which is the meditation contained herein, which when used habitually, consistently induces Christ Consciousness for short periods.

Seminars on Christ Consciousness

Please contact Michael via email if you are interested in organizing a seminar in your community.