From the Council of One: Meditation Inducing Christ Consciousness

Allows each soul to be a conduit, medium and channel for God

Updated January 2022

The Council is another name for The Christ or Holy Child—an extension of The Source of All. The Council is also known by many other names, including the Children of Light Divine, The Lineage, The Council of Christ, Christ Oversoul and The Holy Spirit. Every soul is a member of The Council, even if they are not conscious of it, because all souls are part of The Christ…we are individuated (from the Big Bang of Christ Consciousness) yet One. The active members of the Council are souls who are “awake to our Divinity” and act accordingly. One of the ways The Christ communicates is through the Still Small Voice—the Voice of Love within all souls. This meditation is a means for all to access the Christ within. It was developed with a student of Jeshua ben Joseph’s The Way of Mastery course (Michael Dybicz), and its refinement is ongoing.  

We, The Council, are communicating this meditation in hopes it will be widely used as a tool to aid in the complete dissolution of the ego, which is fearful consciousness. There are many on the Earth plane that defend the ego, and yet, they do not understand what they are defending. The ego is not good or bad…it is just a tool that was created to experience the illusion of non-Love. Exhibit I is an overview of the differences between the ego and your Christed Self.  

The goal of this meditation is the mass manifestation of Christ Consciousness on Earth—the creation of Heaven on Earth. As each year passes, we will be playing a more open and active role with humanity. This is simply one of many steps that will be forthcoming to assist in accomplishing our common goal. The Christ cannot be denied. Although Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) will remain our primary spokesperson, this is a reminder to you, our fellow Christed Beings on Earth, that we are One. Blessings to you all!   

Introduction by Jeshua ben Joseph - from The Way of Mastery

Beloved friends, I come not for myself, but for you. I come not to teach you, but to love you, until you choose, from the depth within your own being, to set aside every illusion you have ever given credence to, and to remember the Truth which alone is true. For indeed, in that hour, there is a transcendence of all that knows limitation.

There is a transcendence of all that knows coming and going, birth and death. There is the Mind of Christ within each of us, as a spark of Divine Light, as a sunbeam is to the sun, which rests eternally in perfect communion and communication, always. Now of course, the great secret is that that is the state of your reality. That in each and every moment, you abide in perfect communion with the whole of creation, since all things are but temporary modifications of the one fundamental energy, which I have chosen to call the Christ Mind, the offspring of the Father.

Until you are fully consumed with the practice of expressing Love with every thought, feeling, gesture and act, the Kingdom within (awareness of and alignment with the Source of All) will remain elusive. You may have moments of bliss…so-called peeks at the Kingdom, but they will not be long-lasting.

Awakening the Christ within requires a dismantling of the structures of consciousness by which you’ve been ordering your perceptions of the third dimension. Ultimately, to truly awaken completely requires the dismantling of very subtle, deeply embedded patterns of perception that were already making up your soul prior to your current incarnation in this life. The slate must be wiped clean so that all that remains is the Reality of Spirit, with no filament or trace of egoic consciousness left (no negative emotions = awareness of what is, void of judgment). That is not an easy thing to do, yet it requires no effort, save the effort to Love. Love is the great healer…which erases the egoic imprints from the depth of the soul.

Awakening to the Christ within requires learning how to use consciousness differently, which is predicated on a return to peace. That is why, above all things, your responsibility is to enter into surrender (surrender to the Christ within)—allowing the mad idea of a separate self (the egoic mind) to be dissolved entirely from the mind, so that all that remains is the Mind of Christ. This is a state of Oneness or Unity instead of the illusion of separation and aloneness.

The highest form of service is to assume responsibility for your underlying sense of separation from God and to rectify that mistaken perception. That is where spirituality must start. For, until that is accomplished, all of your doing in the world will be clouded with egoism…For only when the soul is brought back into perfect alignment with its established unity with God can the Wisdom of God inform that soul, that person, in which actions truly serve the highest good. Without it, one will merely use ideas learned from the world and will try to be the maker and the doer of its service. 

In the spirit of Jeshua’s introduction, the goal of this meditation is to dissolve the illusions you have created, most notably the egoic mind (fearful consciousness), and remember your natural state of Christ Consciousness—awareness of and alignment with the Source of All. It is a consolidation of many of Jeshua’s meditations and teachings, in addition to input from us, The Council.

A wise man once said; the quickest way to accomplish a goal is to find someone who has already done so and then use them as a model. Thus, by using Jeshua’s meditations as a model, everyone can communicate with The Christ within (the Voice of Love). There is no wrong way to meditate or communicate with the Source of All. So, if you choose to use this mediation, please make whatever modifications you deem appropriate. Important ingredients are repetition and complete surrender to the Christ within, whereby your intention is to turn over control from your ego (sometimes referred to as the false or separated self) to the Still Small Voice within.

The deep breathing technique recommended is the same one Jeshua taught his inner circle two thousand years ago. Your breath contains energy and Light (photons to quantum physicists), referred to by Jeshua as the Holy Breath, which is synonymous with the Holy Spirit, which is simply God Consciousness and/or God Awareness—the ability of every soul to be aligned with the Will of God…all of the time. Therefore, by saturating your lungs with energy and Light you raise your level of consciousness (illumination), facilitating inter-dimensional awareness and communication. This is why communication with the Christ within is accomplished with this meditation. Per Jeshua ben Joseph, from his daily message, channeled by Judith Coates at 

  • January 28, 2017 - Breath is your connection to Spirit. It is the connection between the physical, the incarnation, and the Spirit—the true nature of you.
  • January 1, 2019 - Your Interdimensional Self is your Real Self—capital R—that is not focused upon a dimension. It can be accessed through the willingness to stand as the Beholder in any situation and to breathe. The breath is the connecting link to the Allness of you.

A related fact is that your quantum physicists recognize that the air you breathe (Jeshua's Holy Spirit) is part of what they call the Zero-Point Field (ZPF); a quantum vibrating matrix—a limitless field of energy and information that spans the universe. On the quantum level, everything in physicality is part of and connected to the ZPF, which simply means that the quantum substructure of everything, including you, is part of the ZPF. The ZPF, a single field of energy and information, is literally everywhere. 

From a Spiritual perspective, all of Creation is part of and connected to the Source of All…because God is everywhere...just like the ZPF. Hmm…would you entertain the possibility that the ZPF is in fact part of God? So, rather than some mythological model for what God looks like…could part of God be a Limitless, Conscious Energy Field of Love and Intelligence? This means that each of your human energy fields (or auras) is a field of conscious energy existing within a larger energy field, regardless of whether one labels that larger, limitless field as the ZPF or God. 

In The Way of Mastery, Jeshua also refers to our Creator as the Ocean of Love, a Field of Infinite Love and Energy, out of which all arises and passes away, including each soul embodied within the Earth dimension. Jeshua’s repetitive message is that all souls (Christed Beings) live and exist within our Creator, as a wave is to the Ocean. The parallels between Jeshua’s descriptions of God and physicist’s descriptions of the Zero Point Field are undeniable…and yet mind boggling. For those that find this information too much to accept or comprehend, we cannot overstate the importance of The Way of Mastery trilogy—The Way of the Heart, The Way of Transformation and The Way of Knowing. Consistent with Jeshua’s reputation for simplifying our spiritual journey, this trilogy is ushering in an age of Mass Christ Consciousness using a gradual, step by step guide to understanding your Creator, who you are, and why you are on Earth. Jeshua’s path to Christ Consciousness is now in the written form. The original channeled recordings (from the 1990s) are also available in CDs.

A well-known formula: energy (in the air you breathe) + intention = manifestation. Thus, when a deep breathing technique is combined with the intention provided within, the manifestation of Christ Consciousness is the inevitable result. For an introductory book on the ZPF, consider reading The Field, by Lynne McTaggart.   When attempting to describe God—Pure Love—Pure Spirit—Pure Intelligence, it is almost impossible not to touch on some aspect of quantum physics. Even two thousand years ago Jeshua incorporated the basics of modern-day quantum physics into his teachings; most notably, concepts that mirror the ZPF and the Unified Field Theory (UFT). This has not gone un-noticed in your modern era. The UFT states that everything is part of a single, unified field…Oneness. As was so often the case, Jeshua used simple parables to convey his message. One such example from the ancient Gospel of the Nazirenes follows.  

And they said to him (Jeshua ben Joseph): “You tell us that our life and being is from the Creator, but we never see Him, nor do we know any Creator. Can you show us whom you call the Mother-Father (Creator).” Jeshua answered them saying, “Hear this parable of the fishes: The fishes of a certain river communed with one another, saying, they tell us that our life and being is from water, but we have never seen water, we know not what it is. Then some among them, wiser than the rest, said, we have heard there dwells in the sea a wise and learned Fish, who knows all things. Let us journey to him and ask him to show us what water is. So, several of the fish set out to find this great and wise Fish, and they came at last to the sea wherein the wise Fish dwelt, and they asked him. And when he heard them, he said to them; O foolish fish that consider not! Wise are you, the few, who seek. In the water you live and move, and you have your being; from the water you came, to the water you return. You live in the Creator, and yet you ask me, show us the Creator? The Creator is in all things and all things are in the Creator.”  

Does Jeshua’s description of God not mirror the Zero Point Field of your modern-day physicists? In other words, your physicists describe the ZPF as a single field—a limitless, quantum matrix of energy and information. The ZPF is literally everywhere and is the quantum substructure of everything…including you! Your physicists also tell you that every living thing is sustained by a constant flow of energy from the ZPF. Substituting Jeshua’s words from his parable for those of physicists, you live in the ZPF…the ZPF is in all things and all things are in the ZPF…which simply means the ZPF is God—a Limitless, Conscious Energy Field of Love and Intelligence…and so much more. This is obviously mind-boggling information…so, it will take some time for most to absorb. 

The ZPF as God explains scientifically how God is everywhere and knows everything instantly…with the understanding that God is a Great Mystery beyond comprehension…undefinable…and yet many try to define our Divine Parent. God, as the ZPF, explains how your perceived separation from God is literally impossible, even in the Earth dimension…because God is everywhere…or God would not be God. God is around you, within you, and part of you every second of every day. So, your “perception of separation from God” is an illusion.  

Your new reality is that what physicists describe as the Zero Point Field is in fact a portion of God. Physicists describe the ZPF as a limitless matrix or field of life sustaining energy and information, which is also the quantum substructure of everything…connecting everything to everything. In the Way of Mastery, Jeshua describes The Matrix of Love, which is the presence of God—Pure Love, as the field (the ZPF) out of which all things arise and pass away. This simply means that the Source of All—God, is a living, conscious field that is literally everywhere…and God is but Love, so Love is literally everywhere…which means All is Love…including the quantum substructure of the human body. Simply stated, the human body is a crystallization of a tiny portion of the ZPF, which God created to consciously extends Itself into form. Hmm…Just as a wave is to the Ocean. Think about that for a minute…God is part of you every moment of every day. The question you may have is…why can’t I feel and experience God all of the time? We have an answer for all questions, including this one, for nothing is hidden.

In The Way of Mastery, Jeshua ben Joseph uses the analogy that you dreamed a dream of separation from God…an illusion…when you incarnated into the Earth dimension. He also describes the dream as putting on a cloak of forgetfulness…temporarily forgetting your relationship with our Divine Parent. You see…we can be very creative when using our free-will. Would you like to awaken from your dream and remember your relationship with God? The meditation within is a bridge that helps all Beings of Love and Light (that’s you!) remember and thus, re-establish your conscious relationship with our Divine Parent. Are you ready? 

Are you ready to live knowing that it is natural for you to communicate with and feel your Divine Parent moving through you…all the time…Who will guide you in all of your decisions, so that you fulfill our common purpose—the extension of Love. Mindboggling…absolutely…and yet re-establishing your relationship with God is your destiny, which will be known, felt, realized and lived!

This is a group meditation. More specifically, the phrases and energy will always bring non-incarnate members of the Council of One (that’s us) actively into your meditative state. Therefore, the terms we and our are used throughout. In addition to consciously experiencing the Christ energy, our essence, with you…we desire to participate in dissolving the egoic mind (the temporary barrier to remembering your Christed Self…and your relationship with God). To avoid any confusion on this point, the complete dissolution of the egoic mind is an essential step for you to habitually manifest Christ Consciousness—awareness of and communication with God. Few souls on Earth remember that experiencing Christ Consciousness, while still in physicality, is a big part of why you chose to incarnate.

The manifestation of Christ Consciousness, by the masses, has never been done before…at least not is such a dense dimension…and that is what you are now moving towards…much faster than you realize. In overview, out of curiosity, all souls on Earth wanted to have the experience of forgetting your relationship with God, and then, when you are ready, to awaken from your so-called dream, remembering what you really are…Christed Beings, aware of your relationship with God—a Beingness of Pure Love. One could say the Earth dimension is an elaborate virtual tour of egoic-fearful consciousness, and your tour is coming to an end. So…using the power of your free-will, you simply have to trust your Creator and start living (like you remember) your relationship with God, which is always just a thought away. Won’t you join us? 

If you use this meditation prior to completing The Way of Mastery trilogy, you may encounter aspects of Jeshua’s advanced teachings that may seem beyond belief. However, with habitual use of this mediation, the unbelievable will become your Reality.   

Meditation - Part 1 – Introductory Steps 

  • If you do not have time for the entire meditation, each part can be used as mini-meditations. This approach can also be expanded to gradually piece each part of the meditation together, into a single meditation. 
  • Assume a relaxed position and become aware of your breathing pattern with the following thought: relax everything…breathe slower and deeper
  • Continually engulf yourself, inside and out, in bright white Light = visualize yourself as a Being of Light…Light = The Christ = Awareness God—A Beingness of Pure Love. 
  • Draw energy and Light into all your major charkas, one at a time in sequence, beginning with the root chakra. Acknowledge the Truth that is always True: Abba is Pure Love and I am an extension of That Love (as a wave is to the Ocean) and/or Abba and I are One. Abba is Jeshua’s name for our Divine Parent. If unfamiliar with this technique, just visualize yourself as a Being of Light, surrounded by white Light, as you think one of the phrases provided. 
  • A deep breathing technique is recommended for Parts 2 thru 7. One model is to slowly inhale using a count of five, hold for one or two counts, and then slowly exhale using a count of five. The longer and deeper the inhale/exhale routine the better. Practice will help establish a comfortable breathing pattern. 
  • Feel the energy of each phrase.

Part 2

Inhale   /  Exhale

We the One    /   are Loved
We the One    /   are Loving 
We the One    /   are Lovable
Loved, Loving, Lovable   /   forever...

Part 3 

Inhale   /  Exhale

We The Christ   /   in the Light
and Perfect Safety   /   of Abba
release   /   all tension

We The Christ   /      in the Light
and Perfect Safety   /   of Abba
dissolve   /   the egoic mind
in the Perfect Peace   /   of Abba

which means judgment is no more   /   judgment is no more
because we accept all   /   and bless all   
We just let go   /    and let everything just be
Everything is as it is   /   because it is as it is 

Part 4

Inhale   /  Exhale

We The Christ   /  in the Light
Accept   /     Abba’s Love
We The Christ   /    in the Light
Accept    /     the Presence of Love within
We The Christ   /   in the Light
Accept   /   the Presence of God within

(Pause – engulf yourself in white Light and feel the Presence of God)

Part 5

Inhale   /  Exhale

We surrender the mind   /   to Right-Mindedness within **
to purify and then align   /   with the Mind of God

which means we surrender to   /   the Voice of Love within
which means we surrender to   /   the Still Small Voice within
we surrender all decisions to   /   the Still Small Voice of Love within

We master   /   asking for and implementing
the guidance of   /    the Voice of God within
which means we are   /   Conscious Christ in form

(Pause – engulf yourself in white Light and feel Christ…be Christ)

** Right-Mindedness within = The Holy Spirit or Great Comforter = the energy shared equally by all sparks of Divinity (individuated souls) = the aspect of every soul that is in conscious alignment with the Will of God = Still Small Voice within  = your “link” to your Creator.

Part 6

Inhale   /   Exhale

We The Christ   /   in the Light 
Celebrate   /    the truth of who we are
by breathing in   /   the Perfect Peace of Abba
into this body   /   this day and everyday
which means we are   /   Perfect Peace in form

(Pause – engulf yourself in white Light and feel the Perfect Peace of Heaven on Earth

Part 7

Inhale   /   Exhale

Abba   /  and we The Christ
are Oneness of Being   /   united in form***
which means we are   /    Pure Love in form

Love allows all things   /   Love trusts all things
Love embraces all things   /   Love feels all things
Love heals all things   /   Love transcends all things

which means we are   /   God individuated in form
just as a wave is   /   to the Ocean
just as a sun beam is   /   to the Sun
individuated and yet    /   in perfect union with The Source

(Pause – engulf yourself in white Light and feel the Presence of God within)

***An Aramaic term used by Jeshua when he walked this Earth was Abwoon, which means; Oneness of Being united in form.


Inhale / Exhale

Be Me / Be Love
There is / nothing else
Be Me / Be Love
There is / nothing else
Because only Love is “Real” / and Abba (God) is Love

A daily meditation routine is recommended. The early morning hours are a particularly good time. Initially, consider repeating each part of the meditation before moving onto the next. When you repeat something, you retrain your mind to believe it, and when you believe anything, you manifest it. If you white-out from the energy (as opposed to black out), which is not unusual, simply pick up where you remember leaving off.

The egoic mind will try to interrupt the meditation in any way possible, often in very subtle ways, because one of the goals of the meditation is to dissolve the egoic mind. Simply observe this process and proceed with the meditation. It is obvious the egoic mind is trying to interrupt whenever your thoughts are not peaceful (confusion, unworthiness, anxiety, fear, etc. = characteristics of egoic thinking = part of the dream of separation from God = a temporary state = not normal and an illusion). Think about that for a minute…  

As you complete the meditation (if not prior to), you will typically feel an energetic, Loving Presence. This is The Christ within—the awareness of Abba. Ask: Abba, how may I be of service to You?…and then listen for the Still Small Voice. Instructions related to just about anything, often very brief in nature, are typically received. Some describe the Still Small Voice as a whisper. When you hear the Still Small Voice, you are a Conscious Christ incarnate.  

If you have any questions, ask them at this point, and wait for the answer from the Still Small Voice…with the understanding that nothing is hidden. Initially, you may feel the Christ energy and your connection with God for only a short period…but know The Christ, which is an extension of God, is your essence and is always available to you.  

Jeshua’s course, The Way of Mastery, educates us on how to feel, know and witness our Creator moving through us…and acting through us. Part of this process is the Still Small Voice of Love, that guides us in implementing God’s plan for manifesting Itself consciously into form. For God—Pure Love, desires to experience Itself in an infinite number of forms…and the forms in question are you/us…all Christed Beings! Per Jeshua: “For you see, although you are given complete free will to create as you choose, the soul begins to learn that that which brings it the highest joy, that that which brings it the highest bliss imaginable, is that which flows from the Mind of God through the mind of the channel, the soul, and expresses Itself in the field of experience. It is for this reason that your Creator’s will is that you be happy. And your happiness is found in choosing to restore your perfect alignment with only the Voice of God.” 

There is no other creation that has within it the capacity that you, as a human being, possess…the ability to experience and realize the presence and mystery of the Creator. Your capacity to feel, and to know, and to embody consciously That which God is, and God is but Love, is unparalleled in all of Creation. Nothing can ever take this from you. Imagine the Earth with millions of awakened Children of God—Conscious Christs Incarnated, who are all busy creating Heaven on Earth. This is your destiny…this is the Creator’s plan…and the time is now for those who are ready. Any questions can be directed to the Still Small Voice of Love within or Michael, for We (The Council of Christ) and our Divine Parent speak through Michael upon request. 

Do not be surprised if you receive instructions and/or requests from the Still Small Voice that may initially seem unusual or hard to believe. Remember, you have begun the shift from egoic/fearful consciousness to Christ/Love Consciousness and there is a huge difference. The false self (egoic consciousness) values only fear, the survival of the form/body, and the illusion of individuality (versus Oneness), all of which are temporary. Christ/God Consciousness only values what is eternal and only one thing meets that qualification—Love. Thus, the requests you have been receiving from the egoic mind all your life are based on a completely different value system than those received from the Voice of Love within.

A frequent question is: how do I know I have obtained Christ Consciousness and am in communication with the Still Small Voice? Different souls have different sensations and experiences. As you shift into Christ Consciousness (awareness of God—Beingness of Pure Love) there will typically be energetic sensations and surges. Energy running through the body is a message from God: I am present within and on the surface of your consciousness, ready to communicate with you. Other common signs of Christ Consciousness are a slight numbing of the face and/or other body parts, which in reality is an awareness of the energy of Love = the Presence of God. When this occurs, you are experiencing your natural state of Christ Consciousness, and you can communicate directly with your Creator. Speak to the energetic sensations or body part, and the Still Small Voice of God will respond. 

You will feel peaceful, Loved and natural, because Christ Consciousness, possibly more accurately described as God Consciousness, is our natural state. Contrary to many egoic delusions, which continue to dominate Earth, God desires to communicate directly to us…and through us, because God desires to extend Itself—Pure Love, and we (Christed Beings) are the vehicle or medium, the channel if you will, that God created to extend and express Itself throughout the universe…in an endless number of forms = Conscious Christs Incarnated = that’s you!   

During and/or after the meditation is over, it is not unusual to receive insights or epiphanies regarding some aspect of your life. It is suggested to implement these revelations…because they will always make you feel better and begin to severe the control of the ego. Euphoric and blissful sensations, sometimes overwhelming, may occur. These vary from session to session. The longer you use this meditation, the more obvious and deeper your state of God Consciousness will become...until it is perpetual. Please understand that the ego will come up with countless reasons for not using this meditation and not implementing your revelations, because the ego is fear-based, and a basic fear is fear of the unknown.

Consistent with the meditation, begin the process of turning over all of your questions and decisions to the Still Small Voice. This takes trust and practice…and more practice. Various techniques can be used to facilitate this process, regardless of where you are. For example, visualize yourself engulfed in white Light and/or place a hand on your heart, as you turn over a decision to the Still Small Voice. Then, it’s just a matter of listening for the answer, trust and implementing the answer. In this regard, pictures within the mind or feelings and impulses, conveying the answers to you are normal. For you ask God a question, you can allow your mind’s eye to reveal God’s answer. God answers all questions and may use one or a combination of delivery mechanisms to respond. As with all requests for guidance, an essential quality is non-attachment to any preferred response…for this opens the door to egoic distortion.

Expect to receive some guidance that part of you may initially challenge. The challenges often come from the egoic, fearful side. Thus, trusting the Still Small Voice is critical if you are to function as a channel for your Creator…which is your destiny. Jeshua compares this process to jumping out of an airplane without a parachute…trusting that God will catch us…because our Creator always does.

The ego, which should never be underestimated, will fight your inevitable shift to Christ Consciousness every step of the way…because it is struggling for its survival. Any response that creates fear, confusion or any negative emotion is the product of the egoic mind…so please, reject all such thoughts or feelings as illusions, because that’s exactly what they are. Conversely, a sense of clarity, knowing and peace, sometimes accompanied by energetic impulses, are sure signs of the Christ within. Consider reviewing Jeshua’s discussion on this subject (How do I know I am being guided - egoic voice versus the Still Small Voice) in The Way of Transformation, Lesson 9, in the Q&A section. Requesting assistance and support for differentiating between the egoic voice and the Voice of Love is always a good idea. When in doubt, get your body and emotions as relaxed as possible. Engulf yourself in white Light and take some deep relaxing breathes (illumination)…then, simply ask your question again, prefacing it with the following: Abba, consistent with Love and Light, etc., etc.  

Questions? Your first and best option is to always open-up an inner dialogue with the Still Small Voice of Love within. Initially, this takes trust and practice…and your subconscious memory, because in your past you have done this so often it’s like riding a bike.

Some will consider such an inner dialogue with our Divine Parent a miracle. But often, miracles are simply the fruit of a new perspective…a perspective that recognizes that we can only do and be what God created us to do and be, even while in a temporary human costume. So, consider trying this perspective: I was created to be a channel and conduit for God—Pure Love. If I am a channel for God, a medium for Love, then God wants to talk to me and through me, all the time. Therefore, I just assume I can talk to God and give thanks for being in constant communication with my Creator. What Parent does not desire to communicate with Its children? And so, the dialogue begins…you ask questions and wait in silence, until the Still Small Voice of God responds. Trust and practice…and you will be pleased with the results. 

Peace be with you always… 

That is all… 

The Council of Christ 

Exhibit I
From: Affirmations for Christ Consciousness Part III By Michael Dybicz

Extracted from Jeshua’s The Way of Mastery
(channeled in the 1990s) Egoic Self—Illusion
Compared to Christ Self—Reality

Egoic Self = False Self = Illusion

  • Perceived Separation from God = Non-Reality = Impossible = Temporary Insanity
  • Insanity Seems Sane to Those that are Insane = Illusion of Separation from God
  • Fearful & Aloneness Consciousness
  • Duality = Judgmental = Creates Fear, Confusion, and All Negative Emotions = Creates All Suffering = Imprisoned
  • Identifies with Form—Body-Mind
  • Function = Survival and Well-Being of Body-Mind = Ongoing Struggle = Perceived Need and Attempt to Control = Imprisoned by Fear, Confusion & Doubt
  • Feels, Struggles With and Yet Defends Fearful Consciousness, Using Techniques of Attack, Denial and Projection
  • All Decisions Clouded in Egoism = Fear-Based
  • Darkness – Fear & Aloneness Consciousness = Addicted to Non-Reality = Addicted to Seeking God-Love
  • Addicted to the Voice of Fear, Judgment, Confusion, Doubt, Anger, Unworthiness, Guilt, Jealousy, etc., etc., etc.

Christ Self = True Self = Reality

  • Aware of and Lives in Union with God = Christ Consciousness
  • Releases All Attachment to Form = Identifies with God-Love, which Pervades All = Only Love is Real
  • Love & God Consciousness = Perfect Peace-Bliss
  • Oneness = Discerning = Allowance without Judgment = Accepts What Is = Equanimity = Freedom
  • Identifies with Content = God Pervades All = All is Love
  • Function = Channel/Medium for the Extension of God-Love = Surrenders to the Guidance of God = Right-Mindedness = God’s Guidance via the Still Small Voice of Love within, Pictures within the Mind’s Eye & Feelings
  • Receives, Feels and Witnesses God-Love Moving and Manifesting Thru its Beingness
  • All Decisions Aligned with God—Love-Based
  • Light = God & Love Consciousness = Reality = Eternal Matrix of Love-Bliss (Zero Point Field)
  • Still Small Voice of God-Love Within
    • Voice of the Creator/God = “I”
    • Voice of the Created/Christ-Oversoul-The Council = “We”

For an in-depth education on the differences and characteristics of the egoic or false-self versus your Christed Self, please see unedited versions of The Way of Mastery trilogy: The Way of the Heart, The Way of Transformation and The Way Knowing. Unedited versions are only available at Barnes & Noble and The parallel study aid trilogy to The Way of Mastery, Affirmations for Christ Consciousness Parts I, II & III, by Michael & Friends, are available at 

Note: The Way of Mastery book versions sold by the Shanti Christo Foundation are incomplete in that they have omitted all of the Question and Answer sections (128 pages) of Jeshua’s original channeled recordings.