Christ Consciousness

What is Christ Consciousness?

Jeshua teaches we are “Christed Beings of Love”, with conscious awareness, free-will, and an eternal relationship with our Creator and Divine Parent, “Abba”. We do not have to evolve or improve to communicate with our Divine Parent, because contrary to Earthly-human conditioning, we were created with this ability. Impossible, shocking, incomprehensible…oh yes…but “Reality”…you just did not know it until today. When you “re-establish” your relationship with Abba, you become a “Conscious Christ Incarnate”.

What else does Jeshua teach us about our Creator and Divine Parent—The Infinite Beingness of Love? Abba never judges us…”never”. We are free to create whatever experiences we desire, but we are the happiest, in a state of Christ Consciousness (Perfect Peace), when we allow Abba to guide us in all our decisions, versus relying on our egos. Our egos are motivated, often unconsciously, by fear. Will you be happier if you make all your decisions based on Love, in alignment with your Creator, or based on egoic fear?

How does it “feel” to have the energy of Pure, Unconditional Love flow through your Beingness? Hmm…probably much better than fear, anxieties, and stress…

God speaks to you as a small, still, quiet Voice…

Jeshua ben Joseph

How do you begin an “online chat” with your Divine Parent?

There are many ways…here is just one:

Lay or sit down – close your eyes – a few deep, relaxing breaths – relax your mind, emotions, and body - there is no rush…

Release all fears and internal controls, completely Trust your Creator, A Beingness of Pure, Unconditional Love – immerse yourself in a pillar of White Light & “feel” the energy …”feel” the Light. Accept that the largest hurdle in re-establishing your relationship with your Creator is your belief, your misconception, your Creator will not respond to your questions. Just release that misconception, because your Creator loves you, “unconditionally."

How Does Our Divine Parent Deliver Guidance to Us?

There are two categories of guidance:

  1. Guidance from Abba
    • Ask: Abba, what is your guidance for me?
  2. Answers to questions that you have, big or small…about anything and everything.
    • Ask…whatever your question is…

It is often best to start off with small questions, to obtain confidence in the process.

After you ask a question, ”relax”…because Love is a relaxing, peaceful energy… so just relax in the pillar of White Light & wait for a response…patiently. Abba’s guidance to you is often basic & brief: “relax, no need to rush today,” “update resume & change jobs” or “do not spend any more time with Harry.”

There are three mediums of communication used by our Creator, which may be used individually or a combination thereof:

  1. Still Small Voice of Love within = soft, quiet voice, only heard in “the silence”
  2. Pictures or visions within your mind’s eye
  3. Feelings within

Yes…initially, a mind-boggling process, and yet, a “natural” one for you… The more you practice communicating with your Creator (Abba) the better you get at it …and guess what? If you decide not to practice, every day, you will never be good at it. Do you want guidance from an All-Loving, All-Knowing Source, to make your life easier…or…do you want to maintain your status quo? Your choice…  

What Steps Are Needed for Christ Consciousness?

Total Commitment

Find a model of Christ Consciousness = Jeshua ben Joseph

Study and practice Jeshua’s teachings on how he made the shift to Christ Consciousness = The Way of Mastery

Dissolve the ego and its illusion of separation from your Creator = dissolves all of your fears & illusion of aloneness.