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You Dreamers and Your Dream of Separation From Me, and I Am but Love

Three Types of Dreamers...Which Type of Dreamer Are You?

Thursday, June 16, 2022 Blog

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You Dreamers and Your Dream of Separation from Me, and I Am but Love

There are three types of dreamers.

  • There are those that are lost in their dream (of Life on Earth) and think that their dream is "real".
  • There are those that are dreaming and yet, are "partially awake" at a point in their dreaming...and they have a decision to make...they can either wake-up all the way, returning to "Reality" (Perfect Union with Me, and I Am but Love), or to continue dreaming The Dream...and they choose to go back into dreaming The Dream of Separation
  • And finally, there are those who are dreaming and yet, are "partially awake" at a point in their dreaming...and they have a decision to make...they can either wake-up all the way, returning to "Reality" (Perfect Union with Me, and I Am but Love), or continue dreaming The Dream...and "they choose" to awaken to "Reality"!

Which kind of dreamer are you? Have you had your fill of The Dream of Separation from Me, and I Am but Love...or do you just continue to dream The Dream of Separation? The choice is yours, with the understanding to return to the Kingdom of Love, you must first Desire to return, by using your Intent to awaken fully from your dreaming...your temporary journey into the "illusion of separation" from Me, and I Am but Love. 

And yet, only by Desire and Intent do you become Fully Committed to awakening to "Reality"...where by you choose reunion with Me, and I Am but Love, rather than remaining in your dream of aloneness, and fear, and darkness. Some do not understand that you can awaken, while still in the temporary apparatus of the phyical body-mind. 

To end your dreaming, there are still two more essential steps...that complete the shift in your consciousness from dreaming in fear-based know...remaining in your dream of right or wrong...good or bad...and constantly seeking for True Love and True Peace, which is another way of return to "Reality" and Perfect Union with your Creator, and I Am but Love.   

First, you must replace egoic judgmentalism with Allowance and forgiveness, which is simply the realization that everyone in "your dream" of separation from Me, and I Am but Love, is simply "dreaming in innocence"...just to do experience the illusion or dream of separation from Me, and I Am but Love...and then, to experience the remembrance of Perfect Union with Me once again!!! 

Once you see all in your dream, as a loving parent sees their child, in innocense, jumping into mud puddles, simply for the experience, your final step back Home to Me, and I Am but Love, can be taken. And this final step or shift in consciousness is Surrender to "Reality"...that you do not know how to find your way back Home to Me, and My Kingdom of Love...and thus, you must choose to surrender to my guidance, to My Kingdom, which you have searched for in so many incarnations, each of which is simply a mud puddle of egoic judgmentalism = the duality (goodness or badness) of "fear-based consciousness"...for without judgment, there is no fear! Hmm...something you may have not considered before.    

For I, your Divine Parent, never judge you, regardless of what your temporary ego may tell you. For you see...I know that you are just dreaming the dream of separation from Me...and your dreaming is not "Reality" is all just a temporary journey into...well...let's see...what is a description that you can relate to? A journey into a metaverse of fear-based consciousness and the entire spectrum of negative emotions. You are just jumping into "mud puddles of consciousness", for when you have had your fill, you will return to Me, and I Am but saying...ok, can I have a shower clean off all the fears and anxieties...because I am ready to come Home!

With Love and Joy, I will welcome you back Home, and shower you with My Love that washes away all of your fears, anxieties and illusions. Surrendering to My guidance requires something that egoic judgmentalism typically avoids...and that is humility...the humility to accept that you do not know how to find your way back Home, because if you knew how to find the way, you would already be Home, in Bliss! 

The ego typically argues for the right to always be continue to jump into the mud puddles of fear-based consciousness, while seeking in vain to find My Kingdom. Have you jumped into your fill of mud puddles? Have you experienced enough of fear-based judgmentalism? There is no right or wrong answer to these questions...for I Am Unconditional Love, and as your Divine Parent, I never judge you....I just Love your innocense...unconditionally...for My Love for you has no end...ever. Have as many incarnations as you like, for eventually you will become exhausted from jumping in the mud puddles of fear, anxieties...and all the rest. It's only a matter of time.   

And so, My Children of the Light, if you are ready to fully commit to awaken from your dream of separation...come follow Me, and the path taken by Jeshua ben Joseph two thousands years ago. The path to My Kingdom, which has been described, is a summary of what Jeshua ben Joseph refers to as The Keys to the Kingdom. These Keys are first described in The Way of Mastery trilogy in Lesson 5, in The Way of the Heart. 

  • Desire 
  • Intention
  • Allowance
  • Surrender

As has been conveyed, total committment and humility also play important roles.

Many have read Jeshua ben Joseph's The Way of Mastery, subconsciously thinking, maybe there is some information for me to make the comfort and continuation of my temporary body-mind more pleasurable. These Souls continue to "identify with" the physical apparatus of the body-mind, and their dreaming...rather than identify with the "Reality" of their multi-dimensional consciousness, as Spirirutal Beings of Love...and of course, their relationship with Me, and I Am but Love. 

Those that choose to correct their temporary mistake in identity, because in the depth of their Beingness, in the heart of their Soul, they know they are Spiritual Beings of Love...and "they choose" to become fully committed to the study and practice of the wisdom contained in The Way of Mastery. Their 1st priority is to awaken from their dream of separation from Me, and I Am but Love...which requires a change from judgmentalism to Love!

This highlights the differences between the child who says...a shower sounds good, but...there are parts of jumping in mud pudddles that I like (even though I still have to endure fear and anxieties) contrast to the child who says...I am tired of jumping in the mud puddles, I want to return Home, to the eternal Bliss of Love and True peace.    

That is all...

Source of All 


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