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Separation From Me, Your Creator, Is Impossible

The Education and Reconditioning of Humanity

Friday, June 17, 2022 Blog

Humanity has never quite understood Who and What I Am....I Am not like a human all...for I Am everywhere at everywhen...a Living Field...a Living Infinite Field or Matrix of Love Energy and Perfect Peace, Perfect Knowing and Pure Potentiality, which is aware or conscious...unimaginable 2,000 ago when Jeshua ben Joseph first began to attempt to find easy to understand examples of Me (context) in the Earth's environment. Jeshua ben Joseph would refer to each Soul as a wave in the Ocean of Love...which of course respesented Me, the Creator and your Divine Parent.

However, in 2022, humanity's knowledge of quantum physics makes it much easier for the masses to develop, understand, and Love Who and What I Am. Over the millenia, within various religious traditions, I was identified with models of divine judgmentalness...and this is literally the opposite of Who I Am...and I Am but Love. Within the many articles that are forthcoming, which will be numerous, I will continue to use the phrase, and I Am but Love, to continue the process that has commenced...the education and re-conditioning of humanity whereby you you know Who I Am, and I Am but Love...really, Infinite Field of Love Consciousness, in which everyone of you, every Soul, or every "aspect of Me", live and breath and particpate in. And even when you leave the three dimensional field of existence that you call the world, you remain a field of consciousness "within" the Infinite Field of Love Consciousness that I Am. 

There is no place, no so-called dimension, that you can go to where I Am not, and I Am but Love. For you are "an aspect" of My Infinite Field of Love Consciousness, as a wave is to the Ocean.   

It is time...finally...for all aspects of Me, or what is called souls, to become educated on Who and what you truly are...and even after I tell you...You are an aspect of My Consciousness, most will have difficulty comprehending the Reality of your an aspect of Me, and I Am but is time for the transition you elavate your surface level of consciousness to Reality, which at least intitially, will be inconceivable...unimaginable...simply not possible. How this is conveyed, will shift your human brain into overload...or temporarily locked in a state of overwhelmness...Hmm...I think I may have just created a new word...but yes, you will be in a state of overwhelmness.  

So...the plan...My Plan...and I Am but Love, is to slowly at first, and then as the momentum of Love Consciousness builds within your world, transition from "one Soul here and there awakening," to the Reality of the Infinite Matrix of Love that I Am, to a worldly environment where Love Consciousness overwhelms a gradually increasing number of Souls, and thereby elevates the level of consciousness from egoic or fear-based consciousness to the "Reality" of your eternal union with Me, and I Am but Love...or what is sometimes referred to as Oneness Consciousness

Your temporary, surface level of fear consciousness does not penetrate your deep or core, Love Consciousness...what you tend to refer to as your Soul. Your aspect of Love Consciousness, which is an aspect of Me, and I Am but Love, experiences many dimensions of experience simultaneously...which has been described as multi-dimensional awarenss/consciousness.     

Even though you are somewhat focused on your temporary, fear-based, egoic consciousness, which is simply one aspect of your multi-dimensional conscious Self...You are, and always will be, an aspect of Me, and I Am but Love. 

Make no doubt about this. Some will label this Divine Message from your Creator as anything but Reality, but know that it is simply a part of your temporary experience...or journey into fear-based consciousness. Why you ask? This has been explained in previous articles, but a slighly different perspective will be given, because of the overwhelmness that is being experienced. Your temporary ego...your temporary sense of aloneness and an attempt to experience the opposite of Me, and I Am but Love, which simply means the ego is pure fear consciousness...with the understanding that this type of consciousness does a masterful job of hiding itself...from itself. Why? Becuase the nature of your temporary ego is to fear everything, as you say 24/7...if not consciously, then subconsciously. It even fears itself. For example, the fear that you feel towards the so-called negative qualities of others is simply the mirroring back to you qualities that you feel about yourself, often subconsciously...which is why you react as you do...for it take one to know one. Think about it... 

Time was created to allow you to both experience every aspect of egoic or fear consciousness that you desire, and then, when you had your fill of fear, to experience the wonder of remembering your True Loving Self...your Soul...including your connection to Me, and I Am but Love. This is all part of the Infinite Creative Process that I Am, that You are, and We are but Love. How is this possible you ask? Because I know, and every Soul or aspect of Me the depth of their Soul, that NOTHING can obstruct the purity of Our nature. Forever I, the Divine Parent, abide "within Self"...infinite, vast, radiant, silent...the Infinite Field of Pure Love, Pure Knowledge, Pure Intelligence, out of which all things, and all possibilites arise...including You! For My Love, My Beingness, overflows.     

In your temporary, three dimensional worldly consciousness, which is only an aspect of your entire, multi-dimensional aware Self, the concept of being individual means that you are separate from everything else, which is of course an illusion...which even your quantum physicists have confirmed as an illusion...because everything is connected...everything... 

In other words, your "illusion or dream of being separate from everything" and everyone, as a so-called individual, simply part of your temporary, illusionary journey into "fear consciousness". For...and take a deep breath...if you are in fact connected to everything, and I assure you that you are, then you must be connected to Me, your Creator, and I Am but Love. It is literally impossble not to be connected to and part of Me..."impossible"...

It is all just as Jeshua ben Joseph teaches in The Way of Mastery trilogy...even though...initially...much of The Way of Mastery places most Souls in a state of overwhelmness, which most are not even conscious of. This is why just reading the Way of Mastery a few times will rarely allow a Soul to fully absorb the layers of knowledge that are contained therein. This is also why reading and studying some of the other contemporary teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph may provide helpful stepping stones to eventually appreciate and comprehend The Way of Mastery. 

Life in your world, your dream of separation from Me, and I Am but Love, is the underlying message of your quantum physicists...and rightly so. A state of separation from everything, and I permeate everything, because I Am everywhere at every literally impossible...IMPOSSIBLE...and yet, the illusion of being separate or the dream thereof, is the core belief of the ego...your ego...which will dissolve whenever you decide to claim your multi-dimensional awareness...which of course includes your relationship with Me, and I Am but Love.

Your illusion of separation from Me, and I Am but Love, is simply a temporary experience...a temporary Dream World...and nothing more...your perception of separation is not Reality...and becuase I Am everywhere, which means the Presence of Love is everywhere, always, even when you do not feel and sense My Presence, and I Am but Love. 

As described in Jeshua ben Joseph's The Way of Mastery, your dream of separation feels very real...your perception of aloneness feels very real and yet, it is all "illusion", for THERE IS NO SEPARATION...only the perception thereof. Individuation is not separation from Me, and I Am but Love, only the illusion thereof.     

When you have had your fill of your dream of separation, you will pursue the steps of awakening and conscious reunion with your Creator...Me, your Divine Parent...just as Jeshua ben Joseph did two thousand years ago.    

Fear not...there is no separation from Me, and I Am but Love...

That is All...

The Source of All  



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