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Greetings This Day...My Children of The Light

"You" Create Your Experiences

Friday, July 1, 2022 Blog

Children of The Light...The Love of My Light...what does this mean? Light is something that allows you to see who you are and where you are going. There is no confusion...there is no doubt...for all is right in front of you. 

Doubt and confusion are uncomfotable, because who you are, and where you are going is not clear. Rather than guided by The Light, My Loving Light, you are in the darkness of your aloneness and separate self...the fear and apprehension of just not knowing if you are going in the right direction...the direction that leads you to Love of course, because that is what everyone on your planet is looking for. Yes...yes...there are many other things that you substitutes for Love...the money, the houses, the clothes, the sex, and all the rest of the physical comforts...and yet, these physical comforts do not satisfy you do they? The physical stuff may provide the short term perception that all is well...when in fact, that is just what your ego tells you...look at all that I have...I must be happy...and yet, in your your Soul...there is the constant sense of unrest...the seeking for something else...that there is something more. And what does your Soul search for...Love... 

Love satisfies your unending search...because your physical stuff never, really quenches your thirst for Love. You may fool yourself for a short time...because you have this or that, that your seeking is over...and yet, you still search...for what? For Love of course. And your seeking leads to what you call relationship...the comfort that union with other Souls provide...that you tell yourself is "Love".

Yes, you say, I am  "in Love" with Sally or Fred, or whomever you choose to marry...because Life is so grand that you must want to spend your entire life with the one you Love, who also gives Love back to you. Ahh, I finally have Love...and then, your lover does something...or several things...and life is no longer so grand. Let us call these things "idiosyncracies"...and then there is a shift or change in your lover. Sally or Fred is just not the same as she or he once was. You begin to notice more of these "indiosyncracies" in behavior that are not to your liking. What has happened to make Sally of Fred so different than they once were...when you were "in Love".

The change was not is Sally or Fred...the change was how you perceived her or him. Listen very carefully...when you were "in Love" you looked upon your partner with the eyes of Love. You saw your partner with the eyes of Loving innocense, and it mattered not what she or he did, or how they did it, because you were "in Love", which simply means that you did not "judge" her or everything was acceptable...because Love allows all things, Love trusts all things, Love embraces all things, Love feels all things, Love heals all things, and Love transcends all it mattered not what your partner did...because you were "in Love".

What's this I hear..."something really changed with your partner" you say...and My response is simply; nothing changed with your partner...absolutely nothing. However, you changed your perspective, when you began to judge your partner...not with your eyes of Loving innocense, but rather with judgmental eyes of good or bad, right or wrong. Rather than allowing and accepting your partner for who they are...and always have began to "judge" her or him. Your Loving eyes of innocense had been replaced with judgmental eyes of good or bad. And the relationship was never the loving as it once had been...when you were convinced you wanted to spend the rest of your Life with this one that you were "in Love with".  

What you experienced (when you saw your partner with your "Loving eyes of innocense") was a glimpse into your True Self, your Spiritual Beingness of Love...the overflowing of your Creator's Unconditional Love.

However, this is not what your ego (your not-self) tells you...this aspect of you that judges all...the same aspect of you that tells you that you are separate from Me, your Divine Parent, and I Am but Love. The same judgmental aspect of you that thinks the things that create your Life experiences are "out there", on the outside...those are the things that create all of your experiences. And yet, is that really how your Life works? I think not, for I created you to be a "Creator", and you never cease in creating your experiences. You can either create by seeing all with your Loving eyes of innocense...or create with your fearful and judgmental eyes...both of which create a perspective...your perspective...based on what you value...and then, you project or "outpicture" your perspective out into your other words, you "overlay your perspective" onto your environment, and that is what creates your experiences.      

Ahh...I can hear your ego's...your fearful, judgmental ego's...that's not the way Life all...because I'm not responsible for everything that happens to me!

Ahh, of your ego's favorite defenses, for the temporary aspet of you that is fearful and judgmental. Let us use one of your current events to demonstrate how you are ceasely creators of your experiences...internally...versus what your ego tells you....that it is the outside world that creates your experiences. There was the recent Supreme Court ruling (in the United States of America) on abortion. This single, so-called "outside event" created one of two of two experiences...based on how you judged and perceived the ruling...based on "your values". So...was it the Supreem Court's ruling that created your experience...or how you perceived the ruling...INTERNALLY, based on your values, which you then projected or "outpictured" into your world?  

If you are honest...if you are authentic...if you OWN for your reaction...if you own your experience, by recognizing that your internal perceptions and values created your experience, then there is only one answer to the question. And yet, the ego, which has created the illusion that outside events create your experience, will tell different Souls that there are actually two outside events...abortion is good, and abortion is bad. is this possible? There was only one ruling on abortion...and yet, there were two different experiences...depending on what your internal perceptions and values are. I think I have made My point...don't you...and I Am but Love.

Where am I going with this line of thinking? The Love that I feel for you...for all, is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE....the very same Love that you once felt for your partners, when they could do no wrong. I allow all, I accept all, I bless all, I embrace all, I feel all...yes, I feel everything that you feel...because We Are One. For I placed an aspect of Self in all Souls (Spiritual Beings of Love)...which is called "a Divine Spark of Unconditional Love Consciousness"...that some also call "Christ Consciousness". And because I Love You unconditionally, I also gave you free will, to create what ever experiences that you create what ever experiences that you desire, for the Sovereignty of the Soul is Sacred.  

With these added ingredients, let us return to the Supreme Court decision...the one event that humanity colored or overlayed with two differnt perceptions and values...which then created two different experiences...depending on the ego's perceptions and values. However, there is a 3rd answer to your question on abortion...and a 3rd possible experience...and that is My answer and experience, and I Am but Love...abortion is neither good or bad, right or wrong, it is that I Love all related Souls Unconditionally...abortion or no abortion. Just as you once Loved your partner, when you thought you were "in Love".

So...even if a Soul occupies its mother for only a few days, because it does so from the moment of conception, and its physical existence is terminated with an abortion, both the unborn Soul and the mother, agreed to have that experience...because, as has been conveyed in prior articles, there are no accidents...for every experience that every Soul has is called to the Soul, by the Soul...for endless reasons, unique to each Soul. There is no right or wrong, good or bad...there is no judgement...there is just the Unconditional Love that I Am, that gave you the free will, the freedom to create what ever experiences that you desire...and whenever the ego is involved, as is the case with your metaverse of fear-based experiences, that you typically refer to as the third dimesnion of Earth, the objective is often "to experience negative emotions".

And this subject has been addressed in previous articles...and yet I, and I Am but Love, will again address an aspect of your Dream World. Nothing that transpires...nothing that is experienced in your Dream World, effects the essence of your Spiritual Beingness of Love...there is just the temporary perceptions and values, while you are in physicality, that create "temporary experiences", for endless reasons unique to each Soul. Let Me, And I Am but Love, be a bit more, as you say, direct on this point...because the ego judges, it creates much confusion and self-doubt...along with the entire spectrum of negative emotions, all of which are "non-reality"...pure illusions, which do not alter your essence...that of being eternal, Spiritual Beings of Love.          

For those that desire to end your Dream of Separation from Me, and I Am but Love...and all of the related fear-based illusions, created by egoic judgments, it may be time to consider the "Reality" of your existence.

  • Your Soul is immortal...your Christ or Unconditional Love Consciousness is forever...for there is no death in consciousness...ever. Do you choose to experience many dimensions of experience...including that of physicality...yes you do...but there is no death.
  • I, your Divine Parent, Am but Love...Unconditional Love...there is no judgment of anyone or anything...I Am an Infinite Field of Pure, Unconditional Love...the Great Mystery or Great Spirit, as some would say. I, and I Am but Love, permeate everything...everywhere. 
  • You are an aspect, a Field of Love Consciousness or "Spirit", existing within the Infinite Field of Love Consciousness that I Am. We are One. It is literally impossible for you to be separated from Me, and I Am but Love.  
  • As explaned in prior articles, and in more detail within Jeshua ben Joseph's The Way of Mastery, "you have chosen" to temporarily Dream a Dream of fear-based consciousness, in which you have temporary body-minds, which include the perception....the illusion...the dream...the metaverse of fear-based consciousness, that fear and all negative emotions are "Real"...which can only occur if you also "dream" that you are separated from Me, because I Am Pure, Unconditioanl Love.   

Mind-boggling...unfathonable...incomprehensible...and yet, "Reality".

So...I Know...because I Am All Knowing...that when you tire of fear, judgment and the duality of the so-called "metaverse of fear-based consciousness", you will untangle the will dissolve the ego...and remember the thing that you have never lost, just temporarily forgotten...your essence, Unconditional Love...and your relationship with your Divine Parent, and I Am but Love.

How do you untangle the Mind you ask...and find your way back Home to the bliss of Unconditional Love, to your Divine Parent? Come follow the steps Jeshua ben Joseph took 2,000 years ago. Come follow the Contemporary Channeled Teachings of a brother and a friend, Jeshua ben Joseph. Come follow the wispering of the Still Small Voice of Love "within"...the Voice that is always there, to guide you each day...each moment. 

That is all...

The Source of All 

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