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Greetings this day...from your Divine Parent

Are You Ready to Change Your Script and Identity?

Monday, July 4, 2022 Blog

There is the thing call "war", when one country tries to force their control onto another country. There is much devastation...emotionally, mentally, and physically. However, your essence, as Spiritual Beings of Love, remains unchanged, unchanging and unchangable...forever....regardless of your life experiences. Your physical body-minds are just temporary costumes, as Jeshua ben Joseph sometimes calls them...that facilitate the experiences you planned in what is called the Pre-Incarnation Planning Process.   

The Pre-Incarnation Planning Process is not remembered by almost every design...because if you remembered everything that was going to occur, your experiences in the so-called physical dimension, would not be the same. 

Your Pre-Incarnation Plan, for each incarnation, is your "script" that you created and planned for, with other incarnating souls. Your scripts are similar to the scripts your movie producers create, to tell a story on your big screens. Just as is the case with movie producers, you decide, via your free will, to sometimes change your script as your Life unfolds. 

"I planned to have all of my challenges?" you say, in disbelief..."I planned to have this less than perfect body?"..."I planned all of my relationships?"..."I planned out my entire life?" can this be true you say?  

There are books that describe aspects of your Pre-Incarnation Planning Process, and Life in the Spiritual Realm, that will fascinate you, if you choose to read them...because they describe the process that each Soul goes through, as you say...up close and personal, which describe your lives on Earth from a perspective that most are oblivious too. A few of these books are in the Recommended Reading section, at the end of the list of Channeled Books by Jeshua ben Joseph, within this internet site.  

We are going to return to a subject that I, your Divine Parent, have described before...and that Jeshua ben Joseph describes in more detail in The Way of Mastery. You are eternal, Spiritual Beings of Love, having temporary physical temporary body-minds. 

All of the pain and suffering, all of the fears and anxieties, all of the stress filled experiences are created by you, with one simple mistake in identity. You believe you are these temporary believe "they" are who and what you IDENTIFY with believe your temporary body-minds represent REALITY. They do not. 

Your temporary body-minds, and related scripts, all have a begining, a middle and an end...for what purpose? For the experiences that you planned for before you entered into...incarnated into...your temporary body-minds. And because you are so creative..and generally plan a series of incarnations, in a wide variety of temporary body-minds.

This simply means that you have a series of different dreams in different body-minds...that create the "perceptions" of the various life experiences that you desire to have, for endless reasons. Simply as a reminder from the previous article, you learned that you experience what you perceive and value...internally, and then project or outpicture your perceptions onto your environment, which creates the illusion that your experiences are created on the "outside". Back to the main subject...why do you desire to have a mistaken identity and dream a series of dreams in physicality, that you perceive as "Reality"?

There are many reason...two of your big reasons...

  • You were curious about the possible experience of being the opposite of who and what you really temporary, physical beings...instead of eternal, Spiritual Beings...the temporary experiences of fear and judgmental consciousness (and all the possible negative emotions)...instead of you natural Self: an eternal, Spiritual Being of Unconditional Love Consciousness.    
  • You planned to temporarily forget who and what you really are, by immersing yourself in a metaverse of physical, fear consciousness, to have the experience of remembering and once again, identify with the "REALITY " of who you truly are...eternal, Spiritual Beings of Unconditional Love.         

Are you ready to "change your script" for this incarnation? Are you ready to correct your mistake in identity? Hmm...a dream of fear and judgmental consciousness, in a temporary body-mind...or the REALITY of your essence...Unconditional Love Consciousness, and reunion with your Divine Parent...while still experiencing a temporary body-mind? 

You are the Producer of your movie: Life on Earth..."you create" your experiences based on the perceptions and values that you choose to identify, if you change your perceptions and change your identity and experiencesHmm...something to think about...

That is all...

The Source of All 



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