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Greetings this day! Another Message from Your Creator

Nothing to Fear

Friday, June 24, 2022 Blog

What will be My topic? One that many of My Children often wonder about...the transition from your Earthly, physical existence into the Spiritual Realms of consciousness.

First and formost, there is absolutely nothing to fear. So many, for so long, have feared death...and yet there is no death...ever...there is simply the passing, the transition, the shift from one type of consciousness (with a physical body) to another type of consciousness (without a physical body).

One could say that you remove your temporary physical vehicle...or costume, as Jeshua ben Joseph sometimes calls it, and return to your normal...yes, more normal state of consciousness...let us call this Spiritual Consciousness, instead of the illusion of fear-based consciousness within a physical body-mind.

As has been written about in some of your life between life regression books and what are they called...near death experiences, there is absolutely nothing to fear. In this regard, anyone that is fearful of or even just curious about what the transition or shift in consciousness is like, should consider reading one or more of the many books that are readily available on these topics. 

Although there remains great reluctance, on the part of some within the medical sciences, to openly publicize and embrace the bonafide research into the transition from the so-called physical dimension...this tendency will one day be viewed as backward thinking, which contains a large dose of apprehension and fear...although most will not admit that.     

Through a very thin consciousness...the Reality of the Spiritual Realms awaits all. There is nothing to fear. There is just the shedding of the physical vehicle...or what is called the body-mind. As I, and I Am but Love, have communicated to you before, each incarnation into the...yes, that's what I will call it...the physical metaverse, because that is the best comparison thus far...into the illusion of physicality that most so closely identify with...that is Real

And as long as you think that physicality is "Real", as long as you think that you are the body-mind, that is exactly what you will experience. Conversely, for the few that have awaken from the Dream of Separation from Me, your Creator, and I Am but Love, while still exisitng within a body-mind, witness those that are still "dreaming" in the physical dimension, believing it is "Real", when in "Reality" it is truly a metaverse of fear-based consciousness...a temporary experience (or lifetime) of thinking that fear is "Real", along with all of the anxieties and so-called negative emotions. You know, what some call all of the "dark stuff". 

The analogy is that each Soul has chosen to go to one of your movie theaters, and for a short time, have an experience that is portrayed upon the screen. That is the goal is it not? To identify with the believe that the experience portrayed is "Reality"...temporarily...simply for the entertainment thereof.  

And when the movie is over, you return to "life as usual" "Reality", in your body-mind, versus the illusionary reality created by watching the movie screen. 

This description creates a context...a way of perceiving each of your incarnations on Earth, in relationship to Life in the Spiritual dimensions. One is temporary and the other is forever. One produces the perception of "Reality"...and one is "Reality. One produces fear-based consciousness (temporarily) and one produces Love Consciousness, which of course, is the "Real Reality"...that is forever...forever.

There is nothing to earn. There is no Spiritual evolution that is required. I, and I Am but Love, created You as I Am...Spiritual Beings, which is another name for Fields of Love Consciousness, existing "within" The Infinite Field of Love Consciousness...that I Am, The Source of All, and I Am but Love. 

My message this day is that the transition to "Reality", from your dream of separation from Me, and I Am but Love...your dream that creates the perception that your temporary body-mind is somehow separate from Me, and I Am but coming to an end...and I assure you, there is nothing to fact, from one perspective, this is a time of rejoice!

For part of the plan all along...My Plan, which is also Your Plan...was/is to allow you to experience as many incarnations in various body-minds of fear-based consciousness as you so choose...a means...a metaverse of fear-based experience every possible fear-based emotion that you choose to think...that could possibly make you forget, temporarily, Who and What you Realy are (Spiritual Beings of Love)...and then...when you have had your fill of fear-based consciousness, embrace the experience of REMEMBERING your eternal relationship with Me, Your Divine Parent, and I Am but Love...all the while exisitng within a temporary body-mind could call this the Creation of Heaven on Earth...or...another way of expressing this shift in consciousness, is the shift from the temporary illusion of fear-based consciousness, that presently permeates your physical world, to REALITY, which is of course Love Consciousness...a shift from your temporary metaverse of fear consciousness to the "Reality" of Love Consciousness, which of course includes your relathionship with Me, Your Divine Parent, and I Am but Love. 

This shift, this transition in consciousness, is another way of saying that We, You and I, and I Am but are You by the way (and there is a message there for You) are going to bring the True Peace of the Spiritual Dimensions to the physical dimension that you call your world. 

This shift or transition...or awakening of humanity from your dream of separation from Me, and I Am but Love, will not be, as you say, an overnight phenomenom. From start to completion, it will take centuries, for you see, all are not done with their joureny into the metaverse of fear-based (egoic) consciousness...and this is, how you say, OK. 

However, for those of you that are ready for the True Peace of your Home in the Spiritual Realm, what some call "Heaven"..."My Kingdom"...the path to Love Consciousness (Your Natural State of Beingness), is now available for the masses.   

There are many, many aspects of this journey to Love. There are many so-called channels and mediums among you, who are conveying the messge of so-called Masters in the Spiritual Realms (your bothers and sisters) or Conscious Christed Beings of Love, the most famous of which is Jeshua ben Joseph...who has been, and remains very active in educating humanity on the REMEMBRANCE of Who and What you truly are...Beings of Love. This process of awakening to "Reality" will be ongoing...and it will become more and more popular with each passing decade.   

Part of this shift in consciousness will include, as taught by Jeshua ben Joseph, your awakening to your direct, conscious relationship with Me, Your Divine Parent, and I Am but Love. As mind incomprhensible as "Reality" is, I assure you, it is Your Natural State of Beingness, for there is no place you can be where I Am not, and I Am but are just not aware of My Loving Presence...because you are temporarily dreaming your dream of fear-based consciousness. I know, because I Am all knowing, and this sounds insane to most of you...however, it is you who are temporarily insane...because you believe the illusion of fear and separation from Me, and I Am but Love, is "Reality" is not.  

The dawn of a new age has age when an ever increasing number of incarnated souls will begin to communicate directly with Me, Your Divine Parent...and function as channels for the extension of My Love and Perfect Peace into the Earth never before...AS NEVER BEFORE...

It has already begun...with "one soul here and one soul there"...which will grow and grow to "one community here and one community there" a planet of millions of "channels of Pure Love and Perfect Peace"...mass Love Consciousness....mass God Consciousness...on a scale in a physical dimension that has never been done any dimension...

Come follow Me, Your Divine Parent, and I Am but Love...come follow the contemporary, channeled teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph, your brother and friend. 

I Am always with you, for I Am everywhere...and I Am but Love...

That is All...

The Source of All




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