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Good Morning My Children

The Path to Reunion with Me, Your Creator

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 Blog

"My Children", my, what a nice sound. The so-called "Children of God", in human forms, on a planet in physicality...part of "Creation", experiencing every emotion imaginable. My, my, if you were not "living it", you would never believe it, and yet, here you attached to your temporary humanness that few believe you are truly "My Children", for how on Earth (a little humor there My Children) can the Children of the Great, Infinite, Incomprehensible, Spirit of Love have children in human forms, who are convinced they are "human" convinced, and so "human" that they no longer remember or believe they are truly "Spirits of Love"?

Oh yes, and even I, The Infinite Spirit, can manifest Self in the form of God's Blog, on your world-wide internet, on a site called, the alleged Only Son of God, and yet, My Children do not believe Me, or My Message of Love, as we "in" the Reality of Love, extend a helping hand in constant attempts to "wake you up" from your Dream World of humanness.  

I trust you notice how this message was framed as part of "constant attempts", for if an attempt is successful, there is no need for "ongoing and constant attempts" now is there, hmm...My "Spiritual" Children of Love and Light Divine, who continue to be lost in your belief of humanness, of fear consciousness..."fear consciousness" My Spiritual Children of Light Divine..."My Children"..."My Children", believing in, and lost "in" fear consciousness, "in" physicality.  

Oh my, what a story, what a script, for one of your big screen Hollywood movies. Instead of just producing a series of movie remakes, why doesn't one of My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who is lost in their Dream World of humanness, make a movie based on the "Reality" of yourselves..."The Lost Children of God in a Dream World of Humanity".

"Wow"...everybody would have to see such a movie...what a "hit", the all time box office success story of "Reality", rather than episodes of some tiny segment of your many illusions of "Reality". Oh yes, like most everything else within your "experiential dimension" of humanness, your movies and streaming entertainment just add another layer of "conditioning humanness" onto what has been an endless parade of human conditioning, over thousands of years, cementing you, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, not "in" the "Reality of Love", but rather "in" your illusion of dark emotions and separation from Me, your Divine Parent, your Incomprehensible, Infinite, Spirit of Love, Who is literally "everywhere". 

You say you are My Children, your Bible says you are My Children, and yet, you fail miserably at understanding and living as "My Children", for you have grown to no longer believe you are My Children. Oh no, not Immortal, Multidimensional, Spirits of Love but rather, you "own" your illusion of physical, fearful, humanness, and your separation from Me, your Divine Parent, The Infinite Field of Love, which you live "within".  

You understand what a field is don't you? Well, of course you do. You understand what an "infinite" anything is don't you...a thing with no end, that is "everywhere" at "every when"? Well, of course you do. Ah, but here we are, at a question and answer, which your ego's (aka fear consciousness) say they understand but oh, they have forgotten the true meaning. You understand what True, Real, Unconditional Love is, don't you, My Spiritual Children of Love? of your so-called "gotcha questions"...for as soon as you answer "yes", you reveal you do not understand what True, Real, Unconditional Love is, for you have forgotten. Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Love, for your ego's have replaced True, Real, "Unconditional Love" with "egoic, conditional Love"

Oh yes, I say, The Infinite Field of Unconditional Love...and your ego's response is...oh no, you are mistaken, we know what "Real" Love is. Hmm, humanity, living in your egoic, fear consciousness, within your illusion (Dream World) of separation from Me, The Everywhereness of Pure Love, would not recognize True, Real, Unconditional Love if your Creator told you so on your world-wide internet, within a series of articles called "God's Blog".

Oh no, and let us remember why I Am "here", on God's Blog, shall we? Do your ego's not say they desire to find "True, Real Love", hmm? Can we agree on the answer to that question? Okay...and do not your ego's say they have often searched for "Real Love", during the course of your entire history "in" your Dream World of humanness? Yes, yes, your ego's will say, with the exception that your ego's say humanness is not a "Dream World", but rather their version of "Reality".  

Okay, let us "agree to disagree" for a few of your moments. Your ego's have been searching for True, Real Love for thousands of years and yet, have not found it, correct? Well, your ego's say, yes and no...we are always searching for Real Love...we find it temporarily, but then, we loose it again

Yes, yes, what is your point, we don't have all day to play games, your ego's say, we have more important things to do.

Ah yes, more important "human" things to do, of course...silly Me, and here I thought we were talking about how your ego's have been searching for Real Love "for the millenia", an illusive endeavor, and yet, still you search, when you don't have other, more important human things to do. Does that about sum up your history here on Mother Earth, hmm? 

"Oh yes, that's right" and your ego's have more important human things to do, because you are fearful of the consequences of not following your precious ego's, for your ego's simply and consistently are "conditioning you" into the path you have been following "since arriving on planet Earth", in your human forms. It is called "survival"...the extension of Life within your "temporary" human forms. 

Ah yes, and still your ego's search for "Real Love" goes on, and on, and on. Oh yes, and even when one of your own comes back to your Dream World of humanness, your Dream World where egoic fears and anxieties dominate your motivational landscape...and "documents for you how to find Real Love"...lasting, foreverness of Pure, Unconditional Love, by "dissolving your egos" and"owning" your eternal relationship with Me, your Divine Parent

Oh yes, "one of your own", who incarnated over, and over again, into your Dream World of humanness, and eventually discovered the keys to the doorway to "Real Love"

Oh yes, and this brother and friend of yours attempted to pass on The Way to Love and eternal "Bliss" by My side, only to be misunderstood and scorned by guess what, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine? 

"What oh what" could possibly be so afraid of the Truth that they killed this brother and friend of yours...and what could they possibly be so, so very afraid of...hmm...My Spiritual Children of Light Divine?

"Your ego's", for Jeshua ben Joseph's Keys to My Kingdom included the "dissolution of your egos", so naturally, your egos found a way to survive, by killing My Messenger and your friend...your fellow Spiritual Child of Light Divine

Oh, and the story does not end there. Oh no, for the human ego could not comprehend how "dissolving itself" could possibly lead to "Bliss" your eternal realtionship with Me, The "Everywhereness" of Pure Love Consciousness

Oh yes, so naturally the human egos had to rationalize why your brother and friend, Jeshua ben Joseph, had been crucified. Ah yes, and the rest is the history of your Christianity, which of course excludes what he has returned to pass onto you, within his Contemporary and Channeled Teachings

Oh yes, quite the endeavor really...decades of channeling various aspects of his Life (as Jeshua ben Joseph) and Teachings...the teachings which convey to all the "path in consciousness" he discovered two thousand years ago

Oh yes, the path to True, Real, Unconditional Love, which of course is "reunion" with your Divine Parent, and that would be "Me". It's all in black and white on your internet, including the original audio recordings. When I say "all", I Am referring to The Way of Mastery trilogy. Just go to (for the Way of the Heart, The Way of Transformation, and The Way of Knowing).

Well, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, there is your path to True, Real, Unconditional Love. Your searching is "over", unless of course your ego continues to be successful at distracting you from your way Home to Love...with all of your egoic, human priorities. 

That is all...

Abba...The Infinite Everywhereness of Love

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