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Good Morning My Children

How Do Quantum Physicists Measure Your Dream of Humanness?

Saturday, May 18, 2024 Blog

Good, good, "good morning" My Children of Love and Light Divine, for another day has arrived for who have become lost in your self-created illusion of humanness. "Illusion of humanness"...oh, such a very polite and civilized name for an existence within one of the darkest variety and combination of physicality and emotions, in all of "Creation". 

Oh yes, and the contrasts My Children, for that, the extremes in emotions, is what creates the depths of darkness, unparalleled in all of Creation. The Light versus the dark...the glimpses of Love and Peace versus the depths of fear and despair. Oh yes, My Children of Light Divine, and let us not forget the depression so prevalent on...or rather "in" your experiential dimension of physicality and fear consciousness...better known in some aspects of Creation as "egoic judgmentalism", and "The Grand Illusion of Separation" from that, or rather Who, no one, no thing can ever be separated from...oh no, and "that" and "Who" would be Me, Abba, as named by your brother and friend, Jeshua ben Joseph, who describes Me with terms which connote The Infinite, Everywhereness...The Beingness of Love that it is impossible to be separated from, in all of Creation, in all of multidimensionality, no matter where you may go, unless...unless of course you "perceive" yourself to be within some sort of an "illusion of Reality".   

Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, separation from Me, The Infinite Field...The Infinite Mystery of Love is inescapable in "Reality", but oh, within an "illusion of Reality"...that opens another category of existence, of Life, which we, in the Spiritual Realm, broadly conceptualize as "experiential dimensions", which you, humanity, mistakenly believe are not "experiential dimensions", but rather "parts of Reality", inclusive of your "experiential dimension" of physicality, fear consciousness (also known as egoic consciousness), with its illusion of separation from Me, Abba, The Everywhereness of Love.   

Oh yes, the combination thereof is better known, within your experiential dimension of non-reality, as "humanity". Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, your illusion of humanness is all contained within your experiential dimension of humanness, of non-Reality, on your planet Earth, within your infinite universe of physicality. 

Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, your Earthly, experiential dimension of humanness, of death, of despair, and destruction, is a tiny corner of an experiential dimension, within a larger experiential dimension, within even a larger experiential dimension, and on and on, and on, forever.

"Forever" My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, for Creation goes on forever..."FOREVER", and yet, your scientists, or rather some of your scientists, continue to attempt to measure and quantify something (Creation) which cannot be measured or quantified, for it has no sides, no top, no bottom, "no end", as in an "infinite foreverness".   

Oh yes, so My message to your scientific community is to consider stopping the attempts of measuring and quantifying something (Creation) that cannot be measured or quantified. However, if they (your scientists) desire to measure and quantify specified portions of Creation, which can be measured and quantified, then, and only then, can their efforts have an end...a conclusion. 

Ah, but such a conclusion does not alter the experiential dimension which you have created, which you exist "within", so why not spend a bit more of your time and efforts attempting to measure and quantify your experiential dimension of humanness...hmm? How about that, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine?

Oh yes...but "oh no", all at the same time, for how do you measure and quantify what Jeshua ben remember him don't you...just what do you call it..."just kidding" My Children, what Jeshua ben Joseph refers to as your Dream World of physicality, fear consciousness, and your illusion of separation from Me, The Creator, The Infinite Beingness of Love.  

Yes, "that" is the do you measure a dream? We could, and have, called your Dream World of humanness many things...more recently an "experiential dimension" and "illusion of humanness", but returning to our question, how do you measure a thought? How do you measure a conceptualization of something you "desire to experience"? How does one measure a "desire"?  

When a human "desires" to "experience" eating an ice-cream sundae, and he or she closes their eyes, and imagines they are consuming a delicious, cool, creamy, ice-cream sundae, does not "the experience" of eating an ice-cream sundae occur...hmm? 

Ah yes, My Spiritual Children of My Light Divine, we are back to what has been discussed so many times on this, God's Blog, on you "desire", is "preceived", and whatever you perceive, you "experience"...hmm? How was the consumption of your ice-cream sundae, hmm...delicious was it not? we are getting somehwere...finally. Do you remember your "desire" to experience non-Love, non-Me, non-Creator, non-Everywherenss of Pure Love and Perfect Peace, hmm? Do you remember that "thought", that curiousity, hmm? "What would that be like?"

Oh yes, and out of that initial thought, that intitial question, came desire...and out of that desire came the initial stage of a perception...a perception which continues to unfold within what you call "space and time", which of course created your ongoing "experiences of humanness"...for whatever you desire, you perceive, and experience!

Ah yes, how is non-Love, non-Me, non-Creator, non-Everywhereness of Pure Love and Perfect Peace, hmm? How is what Jeshua ben Joseph calls your Dream World of fear consciousness and illusion of separation from Me, The Infinite Everywhereness of Love...hmm? How is it to be so lost in your Dream World of humanness that you "perceive" and "experience" it as "Reality"?

Ah, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, are a few of you beginning to comprehend the "Reality" of what you once "desired"...hmm...oh, so, so, very long ago?

Are you ready to follow "The Way" discovered by your brother and friend, Jeshua ben Joseph, hmm? "The Way" back to the "Reality" of My Everywhereness of Pure Love and Perfect Peace, which he "experienced" at the conclusion of his incarnation as Jeshua ben Joseph, hmm? 

How many ways are we going to have to describe the same path to you, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, before you "desire" to wake-up from your Dream World of humanness, with its "illusion" of separation from Me, Who you can never ever truly be sparated from, for "that" is part of "Reality"...part of My Great Mystery of Everywhereness of "Everywhereness of Love" that is the foundation, the very substructure of your Dream World of humanness? 

Ah yes, let us see what your quantum physicists can do with that little pearl of information, hmm?

That is all...

Abba...The Infinite Beingness of Love

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