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Good Morning My Children

And for what seems to be an almost endless process of pointing you in the direction of Pure Love and Perfect Peace...

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 Blog

"Good Morning"..."Good Morning"...the start of another day on your planet Earth...twenty-four of your hours, to experience "humanness", and over and over again, until the body wears out, for whatever reason, and return to The Light, into the Bliss of your True Selves

Oh yes, it is a flash, and in a flash of Light Divine, you are once again in Paradise, in the Radiance so bright you are shocked back, back, back to where it all began for you, as a Spirit of Love and Light Divine...Perfect Peace..."ahhh" you say to yourselves, "this is what I have been looking for, but forgot...forgot who and what I truly am".

Ah yes, and then, "Reality" once again, begins again, for you have transitioned from what Jeshua ben Joseph describes as your Dream World of humanness on...or rather "in" the experiential dimension of physicality and fear consciousness

Oh, my, what a drastic change not to have a human body to deal with, to care for, or all the "other things" which you placed such a high priority on, which quickly fade away into a memory...a memory that is part of you...part of you and yet, distant you are often a bit perplexed. Oh my, I don't have to worry about all those human things, which I thought were so important...and they are not important any least not as important as they were when you were experiencing "humanness", in your body-brains. 

Ahh...I don't have to worry anymore, for I am in The Light of Perfect more bills, no more challenges, no more body, no more so many, many things that now, in The Light, just don't seem to be so important any more. 

"In" True Peace...everything changes..."everything"...well, almost everything. I still have my friends and family, who are still with me, only now, in The Light, they take on another role somehow...different than when we were in humanness together. Oh yes, very different than when in humanness for many, many resons, for there is no worry, no stress, no anxieties, no pressure to do what I have been conditioned (in humanness, by humanness) to do what is called the "right thing".

The entire spectrum of human emotions are gone...gone and yet, are some of my friends and Loved ones, who have remained "in" the world of humanness on planet Earth, within time and space, which are indescribably not part of the Perfect Peace of The Light.

Ah, but we do not need to spend our time together this new day, on your planet Earth, jogging your subconscious memories about the "Real World" of Love and Light Divine. Oh no, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, for you are no longer "Home" in The Light...oh no, you are in the "experiential dimension" of humanness, of physicality, of dark emotions, with a smattering of Love and Light, and yet, the darkness of fear consciousness typically dominates

Oh yes, just turn on any of your nightly news programs, and one report after another will tell you that you left the Love and Perfect Peace of The Light behind. Oh yes, you left the Perfect Peace of The Light, of your relationship...your conscious relationship with Me, The Everywhereness of Love, to experience "humanness", an entirely different dimension of experience, on your planet Earth.  

Oh yes, "humanness", in time and space, in physicality, in non-Love...non-Perfect Peace of "fear consciousness", for you "now" have an ego to guide your daily, moment to moment experiences. 

Oh my, My Spiritual Children of My Light Divine, you chose to leave Me, and the Pure Love and Perfect Peace of My Light, for your experiential dimension of physicality and dark emotions...for your "humanness" on planet Earth.  

And why oh why did you choose to make such a decision? It often seems impossible to comprehend, when compared to My Everywhereness of Love, within The Light. 

The "Reality" of Pure Love and Perfect Peace...the "Real World", versus your "illusion" in humanness, your dark emotions, your fears, your anxieties, your constant challenge to avoid pain and suffering, and often do you truly avoid such emotions...hmm?

Not very often, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, for under the surface, your ego's are nudging you in one direction or another...and what exactly is your ego, hmm?

Ah, Jeshua ben Joseph answers that question so thoroughly within his Contemporary and Channeled Teachings, and yet, so few have taken full advantage of understanding what truly motivates you, "conditions you", to make the decisions "you choose" to make, while in your experiential dimension of humanness. For most have been conditioned by your ego's to downplay the true significance of Jeshua ben Joseph's Contemporary and Channeled Teachings, most notably, The Way of Mastery trilogy. 

Oh yes, and how exactly have your human ego's minimized the wisdom of your brother and friend, Jeshua ben Joseph? How do your ego's "motivate and condition" you to do anything, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine? With what your ego's do, with what "you created" them to do, and that is to judge

Oh yes, you created your ego's to judge, and with judgment comes right and wrong, good and bad, Light and dark, good and evil, Love and fear. 

Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, your ego's created wrong, bad, dark, evil, and fear with what your ego's excel at, "judgment". For without judgment, without "egoic consciousness", there would be no wrong, bad, dark, evil, and fear...for there would be (and is) only right, good, Light, and Love. It is called Perfect Peace, Pure Love, and "Reality"...better known as the "Bliss" of your Home, in the Spiritual Realm, in The Light, My Light of the Everywhereness of Love...the Unconditional Love of the "Real World", versus your egoic, conditional Love of humanness, which by definition..."definition", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, is judgmental Love, which of course is not..."not" True Love.  

Oh no, for "in" your illusionary, egoic world of judgmental humanness, which Jeshua ben Joseph so appropriately calls your "Dream World", the only kind of Love that you have is "conditional Love", which of course is not Love...for True, Pure Love, has no conditions

"No conditions" for My Love, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine...just "Pure, Unconditional Love". Why do you think The Light of the Spiritual Realm "feels" so good...hmm? Why do you think you all, unconsciously, search for My Love in your Dream World of humanness...hmm? Why do you think you had to create the ego...your ego's, to experience the "illusion" of non-Love, non-Me, in your experiential dimension of humanness?

How long do you think you will choose to endure the pain and suffering of your humanness, on planet Earth? How long has it been now...hmm? Thousands of years, incarnation, after incarnation, after incarnation...

You will endure the pain and suffering of egoic judgmentalness, within your experiential dimension of egoic humanness, for as long as you choose long as you choose to listen to your ego's...your judgmental, fear-based ego' is called "fear consciousness"...more commonly called (in the Spiritual Realm), "human consciousness"...the brainwashing of egoic, human consciousness, which "you created" as a substitute for Me, Pure Love Consciousness

And you wonder why you continue to search for True Love, incarnation after incarnation, after incarnation...

Well, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, I will put this as clearly as possible, within your human words of expression. You will continue to incarnate into your Dream World of humanness, endure pain and suffering, and search for True Love and Perfect Peace until you dissolve your ego's, the source of your "illusion" of separation from Me, your Creator...The Infinite, Everywhereness of Love.  

And for what seems to be an almost endless process of pointing you in the direction of Pure Love and Perfect Peace, the "How to Dissolve Your Ego's" manual is The Way of Mastery trilogy, of your friend and brother, Jeshua ben Joseph.

That is all...

Abba...The Infinite, Everywhereness of Love...


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