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Good Morning My Children

The Basics

Saturday, May 11, 2024 Blog

Yes...indeed, another morning, another new day on Mother Earth. It is always a true joy for Me to be with you, on Mother Earth, in such a medium as this...God's Blog, on your internet, for it enables Me, your Creator, to manifest My Message of Love to some of My so-called Children of God, Children of Self, Extensions of Love and Light Divine

Oh yes, manifest Self into the form of the written word for all to see what normally cannot be seen with the human eye. You have heard Me, you have read about Me, you have thought about Me, some have even felt Me, but rarely does any human actually recognize Me.

Oh yes, recognizing Me, with your human eyes, is a feat few have experienced, which when expressed in terms of "Reality", is challenging to express, and even more perplexing for you to comprehend, and thus, when I, The Source of All, tell you, My Children of Love and Light Divine, that I Am literally "everywhere and everywhen"...even within your very human body-brains, you typically fail to comprehend.  

Ah yes, for that is precisely what you desired to experience, and because you are a Field of Conscious Awareness with Choice, better known as a "Spirit" of Love and Light Divine, you have used your Divine Creativity to manifest and experience your desire...and that would be you desired non-Love, non-Me...or as expressed by your brother and friend, one Jeshau ben Joseph, you desired to experience a physical field of fear consciousness, which of course manifested in the form of your now famous human body-brains, also referred to as "the human anatomy"

Ah yes, an odd desire by many perspectives, but then again, I begot you to be Immortal, in My Image, just as your Holy Bible says, which opens up a door to every experience you can imagine and desire..."every experience you can imagine and desire", for whatever you desire, you perceive, and what you perceive, you experience

Hmm...where have you heard "that" before, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine...hmm? But possibly more important than "that" you understand what your innate abilities have manifested to experience, on your Planet Earth, in your third dimension of physicality and fear consciousness, hmm?  

Ah yes, and "that" would be "your world of humanness", which in the Spiritual Realm, is generically called an "experiential dimension". Ah yes, and where have you heard that term before, My Spiritual Children of Consciousness with Choice...hmm? "Experiential Dimension" of physicality and fear consciousness..."physicality and fear consciousness"...the proverbial "opposite" of your Home...your origins, "in Spirit and Love Consciousness"

Oh my, the door has been openned to "Reality", which your brother and friend, Jeshua ben Joseph, has so eloquently described...or at least attempted to terms your beingness of physicality and fear consciousness would understand...and of course, that would be "within" your experiential dimension of humanness, on Mother Earth.  

Oh my, we have made quite the jump, have we not, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine...hmm? We have journeyed form your "Home", within the Spiritual Realm of no physicality, no fear consciousness, no time, and no illusion of separation from your Creator, and of course, that would be Me, The Incomprehensible, Infinite, Everywhereness of Love, and into "your" experiential dimension of humanness, on Planet Earth.  

Oh yes, quite the jump, indeed...and yet, a jump, a journey, you have made so, so, so very many times before, My Spiritual Children of Love and Light Divine, who desire to experience non-Me, non-Love...better known as "humanity".  

"Basic", is that not your term, your word of expression, to communicate what is far more complex, with just a few of your words...hmm, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine? Yes, of course, and that is what we have done here, this fine morning on your Mother Earth, within "your" experiential dimension of physicality, fear consciousness, and illusion of separation from Me, your Creator...The Incomprehensible, Infinite, Everywhereness of Love., humanity, and I, have covered the very "basics" of your status quo, which "you chose" to create.

What an imagination you have, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine. Oh yes, a byproduct, your experiential dimension of humanness that is, of "your" Divine Ceativity. Oh yes, part of your illusion of humanness, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, which you "desired", "perceived", and are now "experiencing".    

How do you like "your creation"...hmm? Oh please, do not act so surprised, for we have covered this all before, within various articles on My Blog, on Oh yes, and before this woderful internet site, Jeshua ben Joseph, with his Contemporary and Channeled Teachings, provided you...humanity, with a much, much more longer, more detailed version of the basic path you have traveled from the Spiritual Realm to "here", within "your" experiential dimension of humanness, with its illusion of separation from Me, your Divine Parent.

How is non-Me, non-Love, no direct, conscious relationship with your Divine Parent...hmm? How is it to rely on your limited, fear-based, decision making mechanism, hmm...My Spiritual Children of Light Divine...rather than on My All-Knowingness and Unconditional Love? 

Oh yes, that's right, your decision making mechanism, also known as "egoic judgmentalism", has a somewhat limited frame of reference. It is called "fear consciousness and its illusion of separation from Me, your Divine Parent", The Infinite, Everywhereness of Love. 

And guess what your creation, egoic judgmenatlism, has as its...or rather your priorities...hmm? Jeshua ben Joseph covers this subject thoroughly within his The Way of Mastery trilogy, for those that are interested. Oh yes, and returning to your Home, in the Spiritual Love Consciousness and your eternal relationship with Me, your Divine Parent are not..."not" on your ego's list of priorities

Oh no...and your ego will tell you that "that" is not so...but if it is not so, and your ego is truthful, then why, oh why are you not at My side in Paradise? Why are you so lost in your humanness that you incarnate again, and again, and again...looking for True Love and Perfect Peace...hmm? Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, you are famous for your "searching"...the searching of your ego's for "The Way" Home to True Love, Perfect Peace, and reunion with Me, your Divine Parent. Ah...but your ego's do not know "The Way" Home, even though they will tell you that they do! is decision time, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine. You can either continue to follow your ego's...or, or...follow a brother and friend (Jeshua ben Joseph) who discovered how to dissolve your ego's, dissolve fear consciousness, dissolve your "illusion" of separation from Me, and return Home to True Love and Perfect Peace, while you continue to occupy your human costumes...your human body-brains

Hmm...egoic, fear consciousness, and aloneness or True Love, Perfect Peace, and Reunion? Your choice My Children...your choice...

That is all...

Abba, The Infinite, Everywhereness of Love...

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