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Good Morning My Children

You Have Chosen to Experience the Impossible

Tuesday, May 7, 2024 Blog

Oh yes, another turn of your globe, and another day has begun on your Mother Earth, where the children of yours truly, "Me", The Infinite Field (or Matrix) of Love is communicating yet another Message of Love...a message intended to assist you in "awakening" from your Dream of Humanness

Oh yes, a Dream of Humanness, for what else could you call such a display by the extension of Self...Spirits of Love one and all, Who have seen fit to push the very limits of the creative process...a creative process that has the simple goal of the extension of Pure Love and Perfect Peace throughout what is called "Creation". 

Ah yes, "Creation", a term so few of you, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, consider so rarely, if at all, on your Mother Earth, in your costumes...your body-brains of humanness. Costumes...indeed, unless you would prefer another term...another term to describe Spirits of Love...Immortal, Multidimensional, Fields of Consciousness with choice, and you have chosen to experience the impossible.  

Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, you have chosen to experience "the impossible", and you all do it so very very well that you actually believe you are limited, mortal, physical, fearful, human beings

Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who have chosen to temporarily limit their experiential process, their "conscious awareness", to the confines of humanness on a planet called "Earth". Oh my, and I can hear all of your questions, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who are now lost in your humanness, lost in your experiential dimension with only one goal in mind: "let us go and create a state, an experience of non-love, for we have no limits, so let us go and create "the impossible"...separation from that which created us, The Incomprehensible, Living, Thinking, Infinite Field of Love, out of which all of Creation has come forth" 

Oh yes, and that sounds about right, even to you, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, "who chose" to become so lost in your illusion of humanness that you actually believe you have accomplished the "impossible", separation from Me, The Incomprehensible, Infinite Field of Love....the very Everywhereness of Love "in" whom you are living and breathing, at this very moment...and every other moment in your experiential dimension of time and space

Oh yes, My Children, you have succeeded, you have created the impossible, just as those who are lost, in an endless desert, create the perception, "the illusion", the non-reality of an oasis off in the distance. Oh yes, and when those lost go to their perception, their illusion, their non-real oasis, they find what, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine...hmm? They find more sand. 

Ah yes, and in your particular case, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, what do you find...hmm? This is not a trick question. What do you search for...over and over after life...incarnation after incarnation...hmm? You search for Love and Perfect Peace and yet, you create everything you perceive you need to obtain True Love and Perfect Peace, never quite obtain that which you seek for...and at times, even perceive you have obtained "it". 

Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, you seek for True Love and Perfect Peace, you conjure up in your minds what that would entail, obtain whatever you perceive was necessary, only to experience what you originally set out to experiencenon-love...non-Me...non-The Everywhereness of Love...that which it is impossible to be without, and "within".

Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, you have accomplished the impossible, only in your infinite wisdom (a little joke there My Children), what you created was your "oasis of humanness"...your perception, your "illusion" of being separated from The Everywhereness of Love, and of course that would be "Me", your Creator...although I prefer the term "Divine Parent". Oh yes, and after "you created" your oasis of humanness, which is "Life" on Mother put on your costumes of humanness, your human body-brains, and jumped into your oasis of humanness!

"Mindboggling" is it not? Only from one perspective, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, and that perspective would be "your" temporary perspective of believe your oasis of humanness, oasis of non-love, oasis of dark emotions, oasis of fear, anger, death, destruction, pain and suffering...and all the rest, is not an illusion

Ah...and we are back to your beginning, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who cannot remember your "beginning", now can you...hmm? You must remember your beginning, in the Spiritual Realm, "within" My Everywhereness of True Love and Perfect Peace. You know...there are even thousands of case studies about where you began, "within" My Everywhereness of Love. They are called "near death experiences" My Spiritual Children of Light Divine. You know, where you go "into the Light", at least those of you who have remembered that part of your journey into humanness. 

Oh yes, The Light Divine, The Radiance, The True Love and Perfect Peace, and that would be Me, "Abba", your Divine Parent...The Everywhereness of Love, which some of your physicists label as not Me, but rather as their Zero Point Field, "a living field of endless energy and information". Oh yes, and your physicists have invented other names for Me, and yet, the labels your physicists have labeled Me with is not My point this day...this morning, "in" your oasis of humanness.    

All of your physicists have planet Earth "within" a field, which of course places you, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, "within" a infinite field, which your physicists attempt to define. How do you define the undefinable? How do you define The Infinite, Everywhereness of Love, in which all of Creation exists, and continues to expand? 

What do you say to Me, The Infinite Everywhereness of Love, "in" which you live and breathe, when I manifest in your oasis of humanness, and convey how to put an end to all of your pain and suffering?

What did you say to your brother and friend, Jesahua ben Joseph, when he channeled his manual on how he "dissolved your human ego", and re-established his relationship with Me, your Divine Parent? Ah yes, your human egos, the vehicle you used to enter your illusion of humanness and separation from Me, your Creator, The Incomprehensible Everywhereness of Love

Yes, yes...My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, what do you say to Jeshua ben Joseph today, within your illusion of humanness, when he tells you your path to True Love and Perfect Peace lies within the pages of The Way of Mastery trilogy?  

True Love and Perfect Peace, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine (lost in your humanness), isn't that what you have been searching for ever since you first put on your costumes of humanness...your human body-brains...hmm? How is your search going, hmm? Find what you are searching for...hmm...and only finidng what your ego's tell you are going to be "the real deal", only to later discover your ego's were lying to you?

When you know someone is a liar, or in this case, something..."your ego's"...why do you continue to believe a liar is telling you the truth?

That is all...

Abba...The Everywhereness of Love, Who loves you "unconditionally"... 

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