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Good Morning My Children

Saturday, April 27, 2024 Blog

Oh yes, another day on planet Earth, an experiential dimension of physicality and the entire range of all emotions, but with a definite emphasis on what some of the inhabitants refer to as the "dark emotions"...a state of consciousness that can be, and is, called the "opposite" of your natural, or God given state of Oneness or Creator Consciousness, often referred to as Love or Bliss Consciousness

Yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, "you chose" to experience the opposite of Love Consciousness, which is commonly known as "fear and egoic consciousness"...the illusionary state of being, state of consciousness, where you perceive yourselves to be separated from the "Everywhereness" of your Creator, and that would be Me, Abba, The Infinite, Everywhereness of Love, a description you may have difficulty just think of Me as as an Infinite Field or Matrix of Love that knows no end, no beginning, no top, no bottom, no sides, for you will find Me throughout the Infinite, Multidimensionality of Creation...even "within" your experiential dimension of egoic, fearful consciousness, on your planet Earth.  

However...however, by definition, "you", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who are pretending you are human beings, you can, and do, live in a state of egoic, fearful consciousness if, and only if, you exist within an illusion of separation from Me, your Creator, The Infinite Beingness of Love, for how else would you be able to experience the entire gambit of dark emotions in egoic, fearful consciousness...hmm? For your egoic, fearful state of consciousness must be "an illusion" of separation from Me, The Infinite Field of Love, Who is "Everywhere", literally, because fear and Love cannot be experienced simultaneously

Shall I say that again, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine...hmm? Do you understand? You can experience either Love or fear consciousness, and considering I Am "Everywhere", and I Am Pure, Unconditional, Love, the only way...the only way for you to experience egoic, fear consciousness, is if it is "an illusion". Yes...yes, I know...for I Am also All-Knowingness, you are what you call "baffled" by such a concept. The, or shall I say, "your" state of egoic, fear consciousness, which comes with the "illusion" of separation from Me, The Everywhereness of Love, is incomprehensible, and yet, how else would you explain your current state of humanness, with all of your dark emotions...hmm?  

Think about it, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, for if you live and breathe within an Infinite Field or Matrix of Love, how would it be possible for you to be fearful, or angry, or as you say, "stressed out", hmm? It would be impossible, which of course, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, renders your experiential dimension of humanness as an illusion..."an illusion" of physicality and fearful consciousness...better known as "egoic consciousness", inclusive of the grand illusion of separation from Me, your Creator and Divine Parent, whom you can never, never ever, be separated from, for I Am "Everywhere".  

Hmm..."incomprehensible" right? For you have been "conditioned", since the moment of your human conception, to accept your "illusion" of separation from Me, The Eveywhereness of Love, as "Reality"..."an illusion of  Reality"or what can also be called an "experiential dimension".

Ah yes, an "experiential dimension", which "you", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, "chose" to enter into, and experience, as though it was "Reality", rather than the "illusion" of humanness that it is, and will remain to be, until..."until" you follow the example, the model, provided by your brother, friend, and equal...the one known as "Jeshua ben Joseph", who most of you do not know by that name. Oh no, for humanity gave him a new name, "Jesus Christ". 

Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who "chose" your experiential dimension of humanness...of physicality and egoic, fearful consciousness, with your illusion of separation from My Everywhereness of Pure, Unconditional Love and gave Jeshua ben Joseph a new name. 

And just why did you give Jeshua ben Joseph a new name...hmm...My Spiritual Children of Light Divine? You don't know, do least not most of you, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who believe that your experiential dimension of humanness is "Real"...a dimension where the commonly accepted "illusion" of separation from Me, your Creator, and I Am The Infinite, Everywhereness of Love, is accepted as "Reality" instead of the "illusion" of your egoic, fearful consciousness. 

It is not a trick question, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine. Oh no, and if you understood what egoic, fearful consciousness was, within the context of the Roman Greco culture of two thousand years ago, the answer would be, as you say, "elementary". The Roman Greco culture was the dominant culture of two thousand years ago, within your experiential dimension of egoic, fearful consciousness. Ah yes, and your Roman Greco culture, also known as "the Roman Empire", had a bit of a dilemma to resolve.

Oh yes, a dilemma tied to another misconception of your humanness, who perceived Jeshua ben Joseph, an Essene Jew, to be the Only Son of "Me", The Creator, who in your infinite wisdom (a little humor there, My Children) attributed your crucifixion of him as a sacrifice to yours truly, to atone for all of your sins. 

Oh my, can you imagine? The Only Son of God, atoned for all of the sins of humanity, because you crucified him, and the "hero of the Roman Empire" was a mere "Jew"...the hero of the human race was a mere "Jew"...the Only Son of God, who openned up the Kingdom of Heaven, for all of humanity, was a "mere Jew"

No, no...the "human ego" was not going to accept such a set of circumstances, so Jeshua ben Joseph (a Jewish name) required ..."required" a new name, a Roman Greco name, and "wha-la", Jeshua ben Joseph became "Jesus Christ". Oh yes, and the Roman Greco version of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ...produced, duplicated, and distributed under the watchful eye of the Roman Emperor, became known as your Gospels of your New Testament.  

Oh yes, the ego of the dominant culture of the period was now satisfied, for the hero of humanity, the Only Son of God, sounded like one of their own, "Jesus Christ", and "their" Gospels painted a picture of the crucifixion as one required by "Jewish Law". convenient, even though Roman soldiers tortured and crucified "Jesus Christ". Ah, but we will not dissect the illusion of authenticity of your Gospels any farther this fine morning...oh no, but I do desire to emphasize one related "Reality" for you, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine. Oh yes, indeed. 

Your illusion of humanness...your egoic, fearful consciousness is a state of "Unlimited Creativity", for I created you in "My Image", and I Am a "Creator", as are you, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine. You are "free" to create anything you so desire, for I gave you free-will..."Free-Will", My Immortal, Multidimensional, Spirits of My Light Divine...versus your limited, fearful, physical, illusion of humanness

Take a step back My Children. Yes, "please", take a step back, and tell Me, The Infinite Field...The Infinite, Everywhereness of Love, does the description of being a limited, mortal, fearful, physical, human being sound as though I made you...I created you in "My Image"...hmm?

I don't think so. Oh no, as you say on your planet Earth, "not even close".

That is all...

Abba...your Creator...The Infinite, Everywhereness of Love...

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