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Good Morning My Children

Tuesday, April 23, 2024 Blog

"My Children" that has such a nice sound to it, does it not...particularly...particularly when you preface it with My Spiritual Children of Light Divine..."My Children", Who I created, to function as mediums, "channels" if you will, for My Infinite Love...My Infinite Love that is "Everywhere".  

Oh yes, My Children, I created you, extensions of Self, to extend "Self", and I Am Love...Pure, Unconditional, and Limitless Love, Who has no beginning, no end, no sides, no top, no bottom..."Limitless"..."Infinite"..."Everywhere", even where you perceive it is impossible for Me to be, and that includes your Soul, or as you say, "Heart". 

Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, I Am in your heart, in your Soul, and yet...yet, you desired, you had the thought, is it possible for us to create "non-Love", "non-Soul", "non-Spirit"? Word it anyway you like, but "that" was the essence of your thought...for what you desire, you perceive, and as we, Jeshua ben Joseph, the Heavenly Host of your sisters and brothers, and I, your Divine Parent have, and will continue to tell you, "what you desire and perceive, you create and experience", in one form or another, depending of course on "where" and "when" you perceive yourselves "to be".

Oh yes, I know, much of our Message of Love, our Infinfite, Everywhereness of Love is...well, let us just say, it is typically extemely challenging for you, My Children, to conceptualize, and yet, it is "time". Oh yes, it is "time" for some of you, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, to dissolve (an interesting word) what you desired, perceived, created, experienced, and continue to experience...and that would be non-Love, non-Soul, and non-Spirit

Oh yes, "it", your creation, has gone by many names over the millennia...non-Self, false-Self, and on and on...Dream World of separation, illusion of separation, addiction to humanness, brainwashing of humanness, cloak of forgetfulness, the human body-brain, and many, many more. Oh yes, for I made all of My Children of Light Divine with an infinite number of qualities, including "Divine Creativity", or "Limitless Creativity". So you see, as we find ourselves on the "other side" of your non-Soul, non-Spirit, non-Love, not-Self, false Self, we have, and will continue to create descriptions of "non-reality" in attempts to "awaken you" from your Dream World of separation from Me, The Creator, your Divine Parent, The Infinite Beingness of Pure, Unconditional, "Love", Who is "Everywhere".   

Oh my, we are off to such a would you say it, on your planet Earth, in your humanness, in your "illusion" of separation from Me, "Abba"? We are off to such a "fast start" this morning, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, as you remain lost, "totally lost", in your Dream World of separation, Who you can never, never-ever, truly be separated from, and that would be "Me", Abba, as I was first called by Jeshua ben Joseph, your friend and brother.  

Oh yes, "your brother", Jeshua ben Joseph...for even that description is perplexing to many of you..."you" who are lost in your illusion of humanness, illusion of non-reality, for how can you call any place you perceive I Am not as "Reality"? Oh, I suppose you can, and do, place labels on anything and everything. However, this does not mean...does not labels which are accurate and "truthful"

Oh yes, and that brings us to our starting point this fine morning, on your planet Earth, even though Michael is on page 4 of the hand written rendition of My Message of Love to "My Children" of Light Divine this day, "within" your Dream World of separation from Me, your Divine Parent

It was just your yesterday, when Michael was reading an article on your internet, a fine creation I might add, that a few of your physicists had begun questioning if your "perception of Reality", in your human body-brains, was in fact "Real". How about "that", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who are lost in your Dream World of humanness? Some of your own, mortal, human beings, have begun to view things from our side of the fence...the side of the fence where the "Real World" resides, versus your Dream World of humanness

Oh yes, your scientific community has made great strides in unraveling your Dream World of much so that, how do you say such things...they have begun knocking at the door of "Reality", from your side of the fence, in non-reality, within your Dream World of humanness, inclusive of your illusion of separation from Me, your Creator is that for a description of "Reality", of your non-reality of humanness...of your illusion of separation from Me, Abba, The Infinite Beingness of Everywhereness of Pure, Unconditional, Love?

"Unconditional Love", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, Christed Beings one and all. Oh yes, for only Christed Beings have Conscious Awareness with Choice..."free-will", I believe you call it. And right now, this moment, you are using your Conscious Awareness, with Free-will, to create the illusion you are somehow separated from that, or rather  "Who", you can never be separated from...My Everywhereness of Pure, Unconditional, "Love". 

Ah yes, an interesting twist in our Message of Love to you this morning, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who created your "Dream World"...your experiential dimension of humanness...for most of you have completely forgotten what "Unconditional Love" is, and created your own, counterfeit is called "conditional Love". 

Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, "within" your Dream World of humanness, you heard Me correctly...your counterfeit version of "Real Love" is "conditional Love"...for "Real Love" has no conditions. What is your term, your label, in such situations? Your human, conditional Love, is in fact "non-love", for "Real Love" has no conditions...hmm..."Unconditional Love" has no conditions

Ah yes, and this is My Message to all of My Spiritual Children of Light Divine this fine morning, who find themselves..."yourselves", lost in your Dream World of humanness. My Love for you has no conditions, and it is "Everywhere", which are a few of the reasons why you "feel the illusion" of separation from Me. Oh yes, for your perception, your illusion of what Love is, comes with some of your conditions. 

If you will act "this way", I will Love you. However, if you act "that way", I won't Love you. In fact, your egoic, judgmental, humanness says you cannot Love your sister or brother human beings if they do not conform to your "conditions for Love", which of course renders all of your human, conditional love as "non-love", for "Real Love" is "Unconditional" 

Can you imagine that My Children, who are lost in the "non-reality of your humanness"? Can you imagine...conceptualize, your Creator Loves you "Unconditionally", no matter what you do, when you do "whatever"...hmm? Oh yes, please allow this portion of the "Real World" to pierce your "illusion of Reality", which you call "Life on planet Earth".  

Oh...this is as you say, a "Big One", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine...I, your Creator, Love you "unconditionally". No rules, no do's, no don' conditions...I Love you "unconditionally", for "that" is what I Am, Unconditional, Infinite, Love.  

Oh yes, and immediately, the egoic judgmentalism of some of you...most of you "humans", in your Dream World of humanness, jump up with objections. "What do you mean you Love us unconditionally, no matter what we do? That is not the way our God behaves, for God demands that we act, as in certain, conditional ways, or we cannot enter The Kingdom of Heaven"

Oh my, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, you have "projected" your egoic judgmentalism onto Me, and as I, and Jeshua ben Joseph, have tried to convey to you, your egoic judgmentalism...your fear consciousness, is an illusion, for ONLY LOVE IS "REAL"

Ah yes, only Love is "Real", for I Am Pure, Unconditional, "Love", and I Am literally "everywhere"...even within your Dream World of humanness...your Dream World of separation from Me, your Creator. And you ask...your ego's is this possible? And My response is the same as the perspective of "Reality" expressed by Jeshua ben Joseph, within his The Way of Mastery, which could also be called, The Way Back to the Reality of Love, for as I conveyed at the beginning of this article, on your internet, at, what you desire, you perceive, and what you perceive, you experience...and in this case, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, you are experiencing what you have projected upon your Dream World of humanness..."projected"..."projected"...and your projections only create a "perception of Reality", which in your case, My Children, is "non-reality"

That is all...

Abba...your Creator, The Infinite Beingness of Unconditional Love...

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