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Good Morning My Children

Saturday, April 20, 2024 Blog

"Good morning" to you all this day, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, on Mother Earth. "Another day, another dollar" was once an expression used to described the...your human routine...human lifestyle of going off to work each earn the money, to pay the bills. 

Something has changed, or is changing, because now the focus is not always on an occupation to pay your bills, but rather on your cultural mores...on society in general, and the things that are viewed as "flawed elements" of the way your human society functions. 

Yes, there is much unrest, even more than the issues that have bubbled to the surface of human consciousness...for all over the globe there is the air of a need for change, unlike there has ever been before. 

Yes, humanity has always been very judgmental in nature, but now, there is a growing element whose values and principles are directed at the cultural structure itself, and how things should be...should be "much different". Yes, very different than the way things have been on your tiny, little planet. 

Oh yes, "change" is in the air...conflict is in the air...projection is in the air. Oh yes, "projection", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, for many are projecting their new values and principles onto the entire society, where once, such sweeping changes would never have been so popular.

"Do it my way, not your way"..."you are wrong, and I am right"..."what's wrong with you...can't you see that my way is much better than your it my!" Ah yes, the human ego is flexing its muscles all over your planet, as never before.  

Why else do you see so much conflict and disagreement, hmm? "My way is better than your way...the old is time for change". Ah yes, projecting your values and principles on those who do not share your values and principles, with a lofty air of "egoic judgmentalism". And what is "egoic judgmentalism", and where does it come from, hmm? Who invented it, and why does it appear to be bubbling to the surface of consciousness all over your planet? 

Projection and conflict is nothing new on planet Earth, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who continue to be so lost in your "illusion" of humanness that you fail at being "who" and "what" you were created to be, in favor of something else

Oh yes, egoic judgmentalism has always been "your way"...your human way, it is just a bit more evident now, in your twenty-first century.

Oh yes, and some ego's appear..."appear", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine..."appear" to be bigger than others in that their cultural projections are supported by enough of the population that they rise to positions of great influence. Ah yes, you call these egoic judgmentalists "politicians"...politicians who try to "impose" their values and principles onto the balance of the population

Ah yes, and what do you think happens when one egoic judgmentalist tries to project and impose their values and principles onto other egoic judgmentalists...who do not share those same values and principles? It can be called many is called many things. However, peace, love, and harmony, inclusive of "Unconditional Love" of your fellow man and woman are not included in the descriptions. Oh no...peace, love, and harmony are replaced with conflict, fear, and discord...anger, hatred, and war. 

Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, discord and war are the end products of your inherent, egoic, judgmentalism...your egoic, judgmentalism, which has "always" been the way of the human race. You may prefer to camouflage it, your inherent, egoic, judgmentalism, using more attractive terminology, but your human race has "always" suffered the consequences of your inherent, egoic, judgmentalism.  

Oh my, and we are back to My same questions, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine. Oh yes, we have described a partial answer to "what" egoic judgmentalism is, but where, oh where, did "it" come from, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine? Yes, where did "egoic judgmentalism" come from?

Hmm...what a great question...where did your inherent, always been there, "egoic judgmentalism" come from...and why on planet Earth? Who has the answer to this question, and of course, a logic progression leads us does one dissolve the human ego? For if you knew how to do "that", you could replace your conflict, fear, and discord...your anger, hatred, and war...with peace, love, and harmony!

Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who are lost in your "illusion" of human, egoic, judgmentalism, let us explore the possibility of dissolving human, egoic, judgmentalism in favor of "Love and Perfect Peace". Doesn't that sound nice...hmm...even "Blissful", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine? 

Ah, but do you not live as My Spiritul Children of Light Divine, after you put on your cloaks of forgetfulness, now do you? "Cloaks of forgetfulness" where, oh where, have we heard that term used before? "Where" and "who" has used such terminology to describe the result of "you", My Immortal, Multidimensional, Blissful, Spiritual Children of Light Divine, putting on cloaks of human forgetfulness?

Oh yes, your "cloaks of human forgetfulness", your human body-brains, for "that" is what you use to forget "who" and "what" you truly are, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine. Oh yes, you embody yourselves in "your costumes of physical, fearful, egoic humanness". You embody "your Spirits", "your Souls" in human body-brains, also know as "cloaks of forgetfulness"...cloaks of egoic judgmentalism...cloaks of egoic, fearful consciousness, which produce your lifestyles of egoic values and principles...better known as "egoic judgmentalism", which create and perpetuate all of your fears, judgments, anger, and conflicts!

Ah, My Spitrritual Children of Light Divine, "who chose" to pretend you are human, we are approaching the heart of My Message of Love to you all this morning, this new day on Mother Earth. What would you think of removing your cloaks of forgetfulness...hmm...while you are still embodied in your human body-brains? What do you think about bringing the "Bliss", in the Spiritual Realm, down to planet Earth?

Oh my, remove your cloaks of forgetfulness...dissolve your ego's...eliminate all judgement...all negative emotions...all hatred, anger, anxieties...all conflicts...all wars? 

Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, has anyone of My Spiritual Children of Light Divine ever made such a discovery...hmm? While they were embodied in one of your cloaks of one of your human body-brains...hmm? Do your ego's know the answer to these questions, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who are embodied in your human cloaks of egoic forgetfulness?  

Do you want the answers, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who are "pretending" to be fearful, physical beings...who have also "temporarily forgotten" your eternal, loving, relationship with Me, your Creator and Divine Parent?

Oh, that's right, you still have "your cloaks of egoic judgmentalism" on, so naturally, your ego's "think" that they can find the answers to all questions, because your ego's are "so smart". 

How many questions have your ego's asked over the millennia on planet Earth and yet, you are still searching for the answers, hmm?

What did you, your ego's, do to Jeshua ben Joseph two thousand years ago, when he tried to deliver My Message of Love to humanity, with the answers to all of the questions raised this morning? Why did your ego's not include all of those answers in the story of The Life and Teachings of Jeshua ben know, within your Gospels of your Holy Bible?

"Water under the bridge", My Children of Light Divine...all, as you say, "water under the bridge", for the only thing that matters this day is what you are going to do "today"

The answers to all of your questions this day, My Children of Light Divine, are within The Contemporary and Channeled Teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph, for you will not find them in your Holy Bible...oh no...for your egoic judgmentalism played too large of a role. Where your ego's came from (one of your creations), and how to dissolve them, are conveyed in Jeshua ben Joseph's The Way of Mastery trilogy. 

I, your Ceator, The Infinite Beingness of Love, would suggest to those of you who are tired of your egoic judgmentalism, of your fears, of your pains and suffering, of your "illusion" of separation from and practice a "complete and unedited version" of Jeshua ben Joseph's The Way of Mastery, for your human ego, in some cases, has judged Jeshua ben Joseph's authentic version inadequate, as only the human ego would do...resulting in incomplete and edited versions. 

A yes, your ego's, your sense of aloneness and isolation...will one day be dissolved, bringing the "Bliss" of the Spiritual Realm to Mother Earth...but only when "you decide" to make it so...

That is all...

Abba...your Creator and Everywhereness of Love...




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