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Good Morning My Children

Tuesday, April 16, 2024 Blog

Oh my, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, another message from your Creator, The Great Mystery, The Infinite Beingness of Love, Who is "everywhere", providing "you", humanity with all the pieces to your great puzzle...the answers to all of your big "why questions", and what, oh what, are you doing with this information..."what"? Not much.

"Not much" are obviously oblivious to the opportunities that all of this information presents to "you", humanity...the race of very limited, physical, fearful beings who have forgotten, on purpose, your eternal realtionship with your Creator..."The Creator", who not only Loves you all "unconditionally", for eternity, but is also All-knowing..."All-Knowing" My Spiritual Children of Light Divine..."All-Knowing", which simply means I have answers to any and all questions you may have...about anything..."anything and everything".

I have the answers to all of your questions, to all of your perceived problems, incluidng how to re-establish your eternal, as in "forever", relationship with Me, the All-Loving and All-Knowing Creator, and "you", humanity, in your infinite stupidity, chose to do "not much" with the Source to all of your answers, to all of your questions? 

And you, some of you, are taken back by My use of the word "stupidity" to describe you? Really?

Now if you were "Me", The Creator, and you sent a messenger, in the form of your brother and equal, Jeshua ben Joseph, not just one time, as in two thousand years ago, but also a second time, as in "now", with how you re-establish your eternal relationship with Me, Who would gladly, and lovingly, provide you with answers to all, and any questions, and you ignore My, his, our Message of Love, how would you describe yourselves...hmm?

Brilliant, intelligent, open-minded, smart, or whatever other adjective you may want to use...hmm? I don't think so, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who are lost in your lost that you do not even recognize all of the answers to all of your perceived problems when I, we, us, present the applicable "Source" to you.   

Oh my, and some of you, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, as in most of you, do not even take Jeshua ben Joseph or your Creator seriously. Oh no...your ego's...your egoic consciousness is so lost in your illusion of humanness, in your illusion of limited, egoic, judgemental, fearful consciousness, with your perceived, illusionary, separation from Me, your Creator, you actually believe you are smarter than Me..."oh yes", you say...over, and over, and over again.

"The message of Jeshua ben Joseph cannot be true", you said, two thousand years ago..."impossible", your ego's told you, and you listened, believed, and owned, your limited, illusionary, delusional, egoic perspectives. Oh yes, and when I say limited, illusionary, delusional, egoic perspective, I search for adjectives to describe your status quo of non-reality, of non-love, of pain and suffering, in hopes a few of you would actually pay attention..."but no"...Life goes on as usual in your humanness...your egoic, limited, fearful humanness, void of your eternal, intimate, relationship with Me, your All-Loving and All-Knowing Creator, Who is "everywhere".   

Ah yes, and so what do you do to Jeshua ben Joseph, a Messenger of Love, who discovered how to re-establish your relationship with Me, your Creator, The Infinite Beingness of Love? You crucify him...crucify him because "your ego's" rejected his message of Love

What do you think of your ego's now...hmm...My Spiritual Children of Light Divine. "Your ego's", who many of you were convinced were far smarter than Jeshua ben Joseph two thousand years ago. Oh yes, your ego's, which I/we will continue to inform you was "your creation" My Spiritual Children of Light Divine..."your creation", not mine. 

Your ego's, your limited, delusional, fearful, ego's, which dominate your limited, delusional, fearful, decision making process, rejected The Way of Jeshua ben Joseph...rejected The Way to re-establish your relationship with Me, your Creator, The Infinite Beingness of Love, Who has all the answers, to all of your questions, including how put a stop to all of the pain and suffering of humanity.  

Oh yes, the ego, with its "illusion" of separation from Me, rejected The Way of Jeshua ben Joseph. The ego's of his own Jewish culture were committed to perpetuating the egoic created status quo, "your" egoic created status quo, which of course included the limited, delusional, fearful, egoic perspective of the Roman Empire, and your Roman Greco culture, that naturally thought the crucifixion of Jeshua ben Joseph was simply "the thing to do". 

Oh yes, change our egoic status quo, change our fear-based, egoic judgmentalism...our fear-based decision making process, in favor of "change"...change to a Love-based decision making lifestyle of Jeshua ben Joseph..."Love" instead of "fear"...All-knowingness instead of limitedness...Bliss instead of pain and suffering...the "Reality" of My Everywhereness of Love in place of your egoic, limited, delusional, fearful consciousness...fearful lifestyles...fearful decison making...fearful after life..."change" the way we have been living ever since we arrived on planet Earth, in favor of Love? 

This was the message of Jeshua ben Joseph two thousand years ago. This is the message of Jeshua ben Joseph today, on, with his Contemporary and Channeled Teachings

Are your going to continue to listen to your egoic voices within, the voices that reject My Message of Love, delivered by Jeshua ben Joseph? Oh yes, the very same Jeshua ben Joseph who said, so long ago, "if you are not with us, you are against us".    

"You are against us", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, you who are lost in your illusion of your illusion of limited, fear-based, egoic judgmentalism? You are going to defend and protect your egoic fearfulness, rather than join us, your Creator, your sisters and brothers, in the "Bliss" of My Everywhereness of Love? 

Well...My lost Children of Light Divine, we are not against you, even though you remain committed to your fearful, egoic, status quo, with all of your pain and suffering. Oh no, as I have told you all, and will continue to tell humanity, I Love you all unconditionally..."your Reality", which your ego's have great difficulty conceptualizing. 

Your self-created, limited, delusional, fearful, ego's...yes, I even "Love" your ego's...I Love the freedom I gave to all Souls, to create whatever experiences you so desire, for oh, so many, many reasons, all of which are based in My essence...Infinite, Unconditional, and Blissful Love. 

Oh yes, My Children, who are lost in your self-created matters not what you do, or how often you reject The Way of Jeshua ben Joseph...The Way to reunion with Me, and My Everywhereness of Blissful Love. Oh no...for there will come the day when your essence, which I planted in each of your Soul's, in each of your heart's, will rise to the surface of your consciousness, and say, "enough of this egoism, it is time for me to once again live my essence"...and your essence, My Children, is My essence...Incomprehensible, Infinite, Pure Love.  

That is all...

Abba...your Creator...The Infinite Beingness of Love...



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