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Good Morning My Children

Tuesday, April 9, 2024 Blog

"Good day" to all of My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, for each day you have the honor and pleasure of experiencing "Life" flowing through you, and around your beingness, is a special day, indeed!

What will "you choose" to experience with Life this day My Children, for that is a question you are constantly answering and yet, you rarely perceive you have the ability to choose whatever you desire.

Take you current incarnation on planet Earth, an experiential dimension of fear consciousness and physicality, with as you could say, a bit of a twist. Oh yes, more than just a bit, but rather a very, very large twist in that "you have chosen" to experience the illusion, the non-reality, of separation from your Creator, and that of course would be Me, The Infinite, Incomprehensible, Being of Love, Who is "Everywhere"...literally, even within your experiential dimension of humanness

Ah yes, My Children of Light Divine, but you do not perceive that "you chose" such an experience of humanness now do you? Oh no, for the most part, all of humanity perceives that you, in your humanness, had this entire experience imposed upon you by something or someone. The stories vary of course from human to human, but rarely is your perception of your lives on planet Earth the result of "your decision"..."your choosing"..."your planning and preparation", and finally, "the execution of your planning and preparation"

The key word in the last several sentences being "your"..."your choosing", "your decision" to experience the illusion of your humanness. Ah yes, and there is that word again, "your"..."your choice", "your decision", your lives within the experiential dimension of fear consciousness, physicality, and illusion of separation from Me, your Creator.  

Oh yes, I created you. However, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, what and who I created, versus what and who "you perceive" I created are two very, very, different "Creations". Oh yes, indeed, very, very different.

Hmm...My message to you, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, this day, this morning, within "your" experiential dimension of fear and physicality is a message I have conveyed to you many times before. However...however, so far "you", humanity, do not grasp the "Reality" of My Message of Love...the very same message your brother and friend, Jeshua ben Joseph, has delivered to you on numerous numerous time frames. Oh yes, and for the most part, "you", as in all of humanity, have essentially "chosen" to deny the "Reality" of that message.  

Oh yes, so what are we to do? "We" as in your Creator, and all of your brother and sister Beings of Love and Light Divine...your family, who are often attempting to assist you in "waking-up" from your Dream World of humanness, but to no avail. 

Oh big shift in consciousness has occurred within your experiential dimension of humanness. Time continues to march on, you have the perception much has changed over the course of your occupation of planet Earth, and yet, you have yet to accomplish your goal for being "here", in your illusion of humnanness. Oh no, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, you remain lost, searching and searching...and searching, often completely unaware of what you are searching for, and yet, there you are, lost in your humanness...lost in your illusion, which you generally perceive you have little control over.   

Ah yes, the perception you have little control over what you experience in your Dream World of humanness...and why, oh why do you perceive such a thing, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, hmm? Do I hear any correct answers, hmm? Any correct answers that is, or...the same old combination of illusions you have been babbling about for the millenia? 

Ah yes, humanity babbling about "your illusion of humanness" on planet illusion you all take so very, very seriously you actually perceive your humanness as "Reality". Oh my, have you heard this before, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine? Oh yes, you have, many times, only I Am not as gentle and diplomatic as your brother, Jeshua ben Joseph. 

And why do you think that is, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, hmm? Because you did not take your brother's message of "Reality" as "Reality", or Mine for that least not so far. And so, here we are, and there you are, "humanity", lost in your illusion of humanness...of fear consciousness and physicality, while we reside in the Bliss of My Everywhereness of Love. 

Oh my...oh my, oh my...darkness, illusion and fear...or Light, Reality, and Love. "Your choice" My Spiritual Children of Light Divine...everything you experience is "your choice" and yet, you continue to choose darkness, illusion, and fear.  

Hmm...Jeshua ben Joseph has delivered the correct version of how "you can choose" to experience Light, Reality, and to wake-up from your Dream World of humanness. It is called The Contemporary and Channeled Teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph, which culminate with the three books known as The Way of Mastery...The Way of the Heart, The Way of Transformation, and The Way of Knowing. 

All of this information did not accomplish the shift in consciousness you seek, and why do you suppose that is, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine...hmm? 

And when Jeshua ben Joseph's message of Love was placed on books shelves, which just so happen to also be My Message of Love, I, your Creator..."The Creator", began delivering the very same message, on, in an ever expanding collection of articles called "God's Blog". Oh yes, however, I have chosen a much more direct approach, in hopes of shocking, at least a small portion of humanity, into realizing the sizable gap between what you are choosing to perceive as "Reality" (your illusion of humanness), versus your "Real Reality"...your "True Reality", as being Immortal, Multidimensional, Limitless, Spiritual Beings of Love and Light Divine.  

"Spirits of Love" My are "Spirits of Love", and you can choose to experience whatever you so desire, for as we will continue to present to you, you all have "Conscious Awareness and Free-Will"..."Conscious Awareness and Free-Will", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine. Do you comprehend what those four words mean?

They mean "you choose" what you experience, and you have chosen to become lost in the illusion of your lost you call it "Reality". You call your darkness, illusion, and fear...your incarnations on Mother Earth, "Reality". 

Okay, have it your way..."your choice". When you get tired of your darkness, illusion, and fear, come back to, and your brother, Jeshua ben Joseph, will show you The Way the Reality of My Everywhereness of Love.

That is all...

Abba...your Creator...The Everywhereness of Love

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