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Good Morning My Children

Tuesday, April 2, 2024 Blog

"The Children of God", "that" is quite the title, is it not? The Children of "The Creator" is who you are and yet, look at how you have conducted yourselves ever since you entered the Earth dimension of fear consciousness and physicality...just "look" at the history of mankind. Nothing much to be proud of...proud of considering your pedigree.  

Oh no, try, and as you say, spin it anyway you like, and still you must admit to a very, very, very long history of death, destruction, suffering, and of course, an apparently never-ending history of dark emotions.

Dark emotions..."dark emotions" for the Children of God..."The Children of God"...a race of "Spirits" of Love and Light Divine who produce and perpetuate some of the darkest emotions imaginable, and you have proven to have some of the "darkest of the dark".

What happened? What continues to happen, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine? Oh no, do not try your usual flip-flop of denials with an attempt to avoid responsibility for the history of mankind. Oh no, blaming Me, your Creator, for your current fate as human beings is not going to work either...because I'm All-Knowing...I know you, The Children of God, the proverbial Spirits of Love and Light Divine one and all, have created and made quite the mess on the beautiful planet Earth...and still..."still" you try to "pass the buck" for "your creation", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine. 

"What do you mean it has been our creation", you say..."we do not remember creating any of this mess on planet Earth...the death, destruction, pain, and suffering...oh no, somebody did this to us. We are just trying to do the best we can under the circumstances".

"Yes, yes, that's it, somebody did this to us...placed us in human bodies, and sent us to planet go find whoever did that. They are to blame for the death, destruction, pain, and suffering...the long, long history of humanity on planet Earth, which by the way, isn't getting any better, so please, hurry up...because, as you can see, from the current events, the death, destruction, pain, and suffering continues to be ongoing."

"We, humanity, are doing the best we can...but go talk to our Creator, he or she is to blame for all of the death, destruction, pain, and suffering."

Oh, no...My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, your denials will not work with Me, your Creator...The Infinite, Incomprehensible, Mystery of Love, for I gave you free-will. "Free-will" My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who continue to "pretend" you are limited, mortal, fearful, physical beings, who say you do not remember how you arrived on planet Earth, in the 3rd dimension. 

"Don't remember", you say? Do you think "that" is going to work with Me, your Creator? Really?

That denial of "Reality"...denial of responsibility may provide you with some illusion of not being responsible for how you treat your fellow human beings, but that is just another illusion "your ego's have created" to deny your responsibility for what you have created..."you", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who are so lost in your illusion of limited humanness that you literally do not realize you are "not" human beings, but rather Immortal, Limitless, "Spirits" of Love and Light Divine...My so-called Children of God, who are pretending to be human beings "for the experience" test yourselves, to see if "you could create" a state of consciousness whereby you would temporarily forget "who and what" you truly are, transcend "your creation" of a false self (your humanness) and then...then, when you are totally fed up with all of the darkness...the death, destruction, pain, and suffering, claim your birthright, by remembering your "true identities" as My Spiritual Children of Love and Light Divine.  

Oh yes, it is quite the story, and "you" have created it, for I, your Creator, "The Creator"...The Infinite, Incomprehensible, Beingness of Everywhereness of Love created you to be "Creators", just like Me! 

Oh yes, and as I have said...many, many times on this blog, God's Blog, on, I hear the cries for help and assistance from some of My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who are pretending to be mortal, limited, fearful, physical beings, which you have chosen to call "the human race". 

Oh yes, and it is because of the cries for help and assitance that "we" are here, with you, in the form of The Contemporary and Channeled Teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph. Oh yes, My Children, just look at your internet. Jeshua ben Joseph has returned...returned with how you transcend your illusion of egoic, fear consciousness, with its illusion of separation from Me, your Creator, The Great Mystery...The Incomprehensible, Everywhereness of Love, Who you pretend, Who you claim is not in your Dream World of humanness.  

Oh my, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, pretending to be lost in your illusion of humanness...your illusion of being separated from Me, The "Everywhereness" of Love. How can you possibly be separated from Me, The Everywhereness of Love? You is "impossible", and yet, this is the illusion you have created..."you have created", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who are lost in your "self-created" illusion of egoic, fear consciousness. It is called many things, "your illusion of humanness, illusion, non-reality, Dream World of fear and physicality", and on and on. 

Some of you, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, continue to labor under the illusion you are somehow trapped "in your illusion" of fearful humanness, when in Reality..."Reality" My Children, you have trapped yourselves in your illusion of humanness.  

Oh yes, you have, and will continue, to create all of your experiences with the gift I gave to you...Conscious Awareness with Free-will. A subject Jeshua ben Joseph spends considerable time on within your path back to the "Reality" of My Everywhereness of Love. It is called The Way of Mastery trilogy...another subject covered many times on My Blog, on 

Oh yes, the repeating story of how Jeshua ben Joseph was once as lost in your humanness as you are, at this very moment...who then discovered how to "awaken" from your Dream World of egoic, fear consciousness...your illusion of limited, physical, painful, humanness. "That" is why I Am here, "today", on, to tell you I Love you "unconditionally" point you in the right direction. Oh yes, the "right direction"...the direction Jeshua ben Joseph walked towards two thousand years ago...the direction towards the Reality of My Everywhereness of Love

Ah, but there is of course a prerequisite, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine. You must assume responsibility for your current fate of being lost in your illusion...your Dream World of human fear and physicality. Oh yes, for until you do "that", you will continue to listen to the wrong voice for guidance...the very voice you have been listening to since you arrived in your "illusion of humanness" on planet Earth

"What voice" you ask? Your egoic voice of fear consciousness. You know...the same voice that tells you that you do not deserve...that you are not good enough, that you are unworthy of a conscious, living, eternal, relationship with Me, your Creator...The Everywhereness of Love

You remember "your ego" don't you My Immortal, Limitless, "Spirits" of Love and Light Divine..."the egos"...the state..."the illusion" of fear consciousness, and separation from Me, The Everywhereness of Love, which "you created" to experience your illusion of humanness

How many times have you read this story? How many times will you make Me tell it? How many times do you have to hear that Jeshua ben Joseph discovered how to dissolve your ego's...his ego...and began living in Perfect Union with Me, your Creator, "again"...while he still occupied his human form?

How many times will you have to hear how to create the end to all of your death, destruction, pain, and suffering before you follow the path Jeshua ben Joseph traveled two thousand years once again live in the "Reality" of My Everywhereness of Love?

The path to My Everywherenss of Love is waiting for you My Spiritual Children of Light Divine. It is a path of "change"..."major change"...Life changing "change". Please, never forget "this" My Children, so when your ego encourages you to change, but to maintain your status quo, you will know it is the very voice of fear, pain, and suffering you have been following ever since you first stepped onto planet Earth. 

That is all...

Abba...Your Divine Parent & Creator...The Everywhereness of Love 


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