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Good Morning My Children

Thursday, March 28, 2024 Blog

"Good day, good day" to all on planet Earth in your "human costumes" of bodies and brains. Oh yes, "costumes" of the human being...that you all are so convinced that you are, and yet, so very temporary is your human fate on Mother Earth. 

I, The Creator, your Divine Parent, have instructed this one through whom I speak to humanity, on your internet, to return to prior articles to make minor corrections of grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and he is often most amused by My blunt message to his sister and brother human beings. Oh yes, for he has grown to undersatnd how your ego's will react to My Messages of Love, which your ego's will label with a variety of adjectives other than "Love". 

You see, My Children of Love and Light Divine, "your egoic perspective"...egoic interpretation of My bi-weekly articles, to My Immortal, Limitless, Cosmic, Extensions of Self...for "that" is who and what you truly are, "Extensions of the Great, Infinite, Mystery of Love", is often very, very, very challenging for you to appreciate from our perspective, in the Spiritual side of "Reality", versus your current location, which can be called many things...however, "Reality" My Spiritual Children...extensions of My Creator Self, is most definitely "not" one of them. 

As a result, we, in our Spiritual Reality, view your illusion of humanness, with your illusion of separation from your Creator, and that of course is Me, the one your brother and friend, Jeshua ben Joseph, calls "Abba", through the eyes of Love, whereas your ego's...your temporary, serious...very, very serious ego's of non-reality, view your temporary human experiences through your egoic eyes of illusion and fear

The Reality of Love versus your "illusion of fear"...the Everywhereness of My Infinite, Conscious, State of Oneness and Love versus "your illusion" (Dream World according to Jeshua ben Joseph) of dark emotions, aloneness, and isolation. is no wonder your ego's engulf you in a human field of seriousness

Oh, so very, very serious that you often fail to appreciate the blinding humor that "you", humanity, find impossible to appreciate...or even recognize as humor. Oh my, now that is serious is it not, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine. 

Oh yes, indeed...for when your Creator tries to, as you sometimes say, "lighten your load", with a message of Divine Sarcasm, from the Reality of My Everywhereness of Love, versus your illusion of of egoic, fear consciousness, My Message of Love is misinterpreted...not heard with Loving ears, but rather with egoic, fearful ears. 

We understand "you have chosen" to live in the "illusion" of your egoic, fearful, humanness...but such a perspective is literally the "opposite" from our vantage point, within the Everywhereness of My Infinite Love and Perfect Peace

Oh yes, and this brings us to one of My messages to you this fine morning, on beautiful planet Earth. Please pay close attention My Immortal, Limitless, Spirits of Light Divine..."Spirits" My Children. "Spirits" are you, temporarily lost in your illusion of physical, fearful, serious, egoic humanness. The struggle to make the shift from egoic, fear consciousness, which of course is an "illusion", to the Reality of Love Consciousness has begun in earnest on your planet Earth.

Oh yes, and when we say "struggle", I, your Creator, and your "awakened" sisters and brothers, who use Jeshua ben Joseph as their primary spokesperson, could substitute many words for "struggle", the first one being more, shall we say "accurate" from your fearful, egoic perspective...and that would be "fight", or "battle". 

Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, for your ego's will fight and battle to retain "control" over your consciousness...fight and battle to keep you within your Dream World of non-reality and fear consciousness, with its pervasive "illusion" of separation from Me, The Great Mystery of Love, Who of course is everywhere..."everyhwhere" My Children..."everywhere".  

I said earlier that your Dream World of humanness was the opposite of the "Reality" of My Everywhereness of Love. The "opposite of Love" My Children of Light Divine..."that" is what your ego's are fighting to illusion, a so-called Dream World of humanness, which your ego's have convined you is "Reality"

Am I being direct enough? Do you understand? Do you understand your ego's will tell you that you are making much progress towards making the shift from fear consciousness to Love reunion with Me, your Creator and Divine Parent, when in Reality..."Reality", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, they (your ego's) are simply creating another layer of illusion to bury you in.  

Oh yes, please, take My message to you "literally" this day, this morning, for in order for you to join Me in the conscious awareness of My Everywhereness of Love, you need to view your lives and decision-making process from a perspective which is the "opposite" of your ego's..."the opposite", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine. 

"Opposite" does not connote small changes...small improvements to your current, physical, fearful, limited, human perspective. Oh no, quite the "opposite", and yet, your ego's will convince you that you are on the path to enlightenment, when the path they (your ego's) have you on will only "perpetuate" the illusion of fear consciousness, and separation from Me, Your Creator, The Infinite, Everywhereness of Love

Many, many Souls..."Spirits" of Light Divine, have read Jeshua ben Joseph's The Way of Mastery, and pat themselves on the back...and then, place the books on a shelf. Patting yourselves on the back, for reading three books, will not lead you to reunion with your Creator, "Me", The Infinite Beingess of Love

Your ego's will play many tricks on you to retain control. Your ego's lie to you to retain maintain your many illusions of egoic, fear consciousness...the most prominent one being that you are not good enough, or smart enough, or worthy to have a conscious, eternal, living, relationship with Me, your Creator, The Everywhereness of Love

Have you not heard this before, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine...either consciously or subconsciously? Who do you think is telling you these lies...these illusions of "Reality"?

Not good enough, not smart enough, not worthy to have a conscious, All-Loving relationship with your Creator? "Your Creator"...The Creator Who created you in "My Image", an Extension of Self, The Everywhereness of Love? 

Can you begin to appreciate the lengths your lying ego's will go to retain control, and prolong your painful, fearful, illusion of physical, limited, humanness? 

Oh my, and I can hear some of your ego's now...the lies, the deceit, the fear, the illusions. Oh my, the "illusions" My Spiritual Children of Light Divine...telling you that you are on the right path to enlightment and Christ consciousness. Have your ego's told you what the definition of enlightenment and Christ Consciousness is, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine?

Have your ego's reminded you of how long you have been on the right path to Christ Consciousness, hmm? Five years? Ten years? Tewnty years, or more? My Children, "if" you are on the right path, as your ego's are telling you, why are you not letting Me help you? Why are you not letting Me help you navigate your path back "Home", hmm? Why have you not re-established your conscious relationship with Me, your All-Loving Creator?

The answer is quite simple, and for those that have read Jeshua ben Joseph's The Way of Mastery trilogy, you have heard the answer before. If your ego's knew The Way to Christ Consciousness...the same ego's that dominate and control your decision-making process, you would already be living as Incarnated, Conscious, Christed Beings of Light Divine, who have re-established your conscious, living, eternal, relationship with Me, your Creator.  

Change..."CHANGE" My Spiritual Children of Light Divine...for "if" you desire to end your cycle of reincarnation into temporary, physical, ego controlled, human forms, and put an end to your ego's lies, there is only one way..."one way" My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, "who chose" to experience the "opposite" of Love and Oneness Consciousness, also known as "God Consciousness"

Ah yes, and that "one way" is to become "fully committed" to the path, the changes conveyed by Jeshua ben Joseph and friends, within The Way of Mastery trilogy. "Fully Committed" is not making some of the changes Jeshua ben Joseph discovered two thousand years ago, for a few weeks, or a few months, as so many readers of The Way of Mastery do. Oh no, "that' is not "fully committed" My Children. 

"Fully committed" means studying and practicing The Way of Mastery until your egoic voice of lies is "no more"..."dissolved"..."finished", and you rely on My guidance, My Voice of Love within...for when that day arrives, you will "once again" be living consciously in the Everywhereness of My Love.

Your pain and suffering will be "no more".  

That is all...

Abba...Your Creator...The Everywhereness of Love...



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