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Good Morning My Children

Monday, March 25, 2024 Blog

Oh yes, oh my, another "good morning" to all on Mother Earth, on this fine morning. Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of the Light Divine, another day for you to "think" you are physical, fearful, human beings, separated from The Great Mystery, Who Created you, and that would be "Me", Abba, The Infinite Beingness of Love, Who is "Everywhere"...everywhere except within your "illusion" of humanness.

How does that sound to you, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, hmm? I Am "everywhere" except within your "illusion" of humanness on Mother Earth. Does this not strike you all as somewhat unusual, as in "impossible", hmm...My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who continue to "pretend" you are physical, mortal, limited, fearful, human beings? 

How long are you going to tell yourselves that you live in "Reality", when in "Reality", it is literally impossible..."impossible", My Spiritual Children, to be anywhere where I Am not. What does this make your Dream World of humanness, on planet Earth, My Immortal, Multidimensional, Limitless, "Spirits" of Love and Light Divine, hmm? 

What do your clinical psychologists call someone who lives in an illusion, and calls it "Reality", hmm? "Temporarily insane" are they not? Oh...oh my, did you get the humor in My last few sentences, hmm? Clinical psychologists, who believe your non-reality, your Dream World of humanness, your "illusion" of separation from your Creator, is "Reality" must all be "temporarily insane"...and yet, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, you pay your therapists a great deal of money to advise you how to live in "Reality".

Oh, that about sums up your status quo, does it not, My Immortal, "Spirits" of Love and Light Divine...who are so lost in your "illusion of humanness" that you pay Souls living in the non-reality of being separated from Me, your Creator, how to best live in your "Dream World", your illusion of limited, physical, fearful, humanness. Oh my, and here is what you call "the kicker", My Immortal, "Spirits" of Light Divine, who I created in My Image, you refuse to recognize, you live each of your days on Mother Earth in the non-reality of your temporary insanity

Oh yes, and you call it "Reality"..."Reality" My Children..."Reality"? Oh my, I must be dreaming, and yet, I Am not...nor is your famous brother and friend, Jeshua ben Joseph, who has channeled his "contemporary teachings" for "you", humanity, to benefit from. 

Oh yes, Jeshua ben Joseph, was "temporarily insane" too, just as you are, when he walked among you two thousand years ago. He too was lost in your illusion of humanness, which your ego's insist on calling "Reality".  

Hmm...your ego's call "an illusion", your temporary Dream World of humanness, "Reality". Do you appreciate...comprehend...understand...realize your ego's continually tell you, humanity, non-reality is "Reality", everytime they (your ego's) tell you that you live in your illusion of humanness, and your illusion of separation from Me, your Creator, is "Reality".  

Oh yes, but let us return to Jeshua ben Joseph, your brother "Spirit" of Light Divine, who was lost in your illusion of humanness two thousand years ago...who compared humanity to fish, living in the sea, which of course he said was "Me", your Creator. You being the fish, and Me, your Creator, was the sea. Do you get the picture, hmm? You, humanity, live "within Me", your Creator. This is what Jeshua ben Joseph taught you two thousand years ago..."Jeshua ben Joseph", your so-called only Son of God, who of course also called Me "your Father", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine.

Another, in a very, very, very long list of conundrums for all Christians, the religion "allegedly" began by Jeshua ben Joseph, which of course, he did not begin, or promote. Oh no, for if he was Christianity's "only" Son of God, why did he tell you I too was "your Father", hmm? How do your Christian ego's explain that one away, hmm?

Oh, I can hear some of the Christians now, "Jeshua ben Joseph never taught that we were all the Children of God...that all humans are equal to Jeshua ben Joseph, Your only Son". 

Oh my, denial, denial, denial My Spiritual Children of Light Divine...your ego's truly have perfected your common characteristic of "denying Reality". Let us ignore the uncontestable Reality of the endless examples within Jeshua ben Joseph's Contemporary and Channeled Teachings, and let us proceed to how Jeshua ben Joseph taught you to pray, two thousand years ago...which is in black and white, in your Holy Bible.   

Oh yes, how did Jeshua ben Joseph begin the prayer, which is in your Gosples, which are imitations for the Life and Teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph, "Our Father". Jeshua ben Joseph began the prayer with "Our" Father. Need I say anything more, hmm?

Jeshua ben Joseph did not, and does not, teach he is or was your "mythological" only Son of God. What does this fact do to the alleged foundation of Christianity, hmm...My Spiritual Children of Light Divine? 

Oh yes...but let us return to the analogy of Jeshua ben Joseph, when he described you, humanity, as "fish, living in Me, you Creator, the sea". I wonder why this element of his teachings (of two thousand years ago) was deleted by the authors and editors of your Gospels of the New Testament? I wonder what other elements of his "authentic teachings", of so long ago, were also deleted from the Gospels, which allegedly describe an accurate version of his Life and Teachings? 

Oh, maybe there was so much deleted, misrepresented, and overwritten with falacies that he, Jeshua ben Joseph, felt it would be necessary...of great benefit to his sister and brother "Spirits" of Light Divine, on Mother Earth, if he convey an accurate version of his Life and Teachings...of how he dissolved his ego, and re-established his conscious, eternal, relationship with Me, your Creator, while he still occupied a human form?

Surely I jest, for that is exactly what your brother "Spirit" of Light Divine has done, in the form of his Contemporary and Channeled Teachings, which are highlighted on this very internet site, How about "that" My Spiritual Children of Light Divine. Jeshua ben Joseph confirms, describes, elaborates, in great detail, just how he dissolved his ego and re-established his relationship with "Me", Abba, your Creator

Within his Contemporary and Channeled Teachings, does Jeshua ben Joseph describe his sister and brother "Spirits" of Light Divine, on planet Earth, living in "Reality", hmm? No...he does not, but rather living in a Dream World of humanness...a Dream World of egoic, fear consciousness, with "your illusion" of separation from Me, your Creator.  

Oh...I could go on for hundreds of pages, on what Jeshua ben Joseph learned about the non-reality of your "illusion" of humanness, and how he found his way back to the Reality of My "Everywhereness of Love", while still in his human body. Ah yes, and maybe one day you, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, will stop listening to your ego's, follow the Authentic and Contemporary Teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph, and "remember our relationship".

That is all...

Abba...The Infinite Ocean of Love...



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