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Good Morning My Children

Thursday, March 21, 2024 Blog

"Good day...good day", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, for it is a new day on planet Earth for eight billion Souls, eight billion "Spirits" of Love and Light, who "think" they are, physical, mortal, fearful, human beings, rather than the Cosmic, Limitless, "Spirits" of Love and Light that you truly are. And the result of such confusion over who and what you truly are goes on, and on, and if there is no end to your humanness. 

No end to your humanness..."this" is what you "think" your future holds for you...hmm, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine? Oh my, what a surprise is in store for you!

It is truly amazing how "you", humanity, have come to identify with your illusion of humanness...your illusion of living and owning your self-made experiential dimension of humanness, where the entire spectrum of emotions can be experienced, and yet, camouflage "Reality", and your true identiy's from you, My Spiirtual Children of Light Divine, for who among you do not believe your "Reality" is not that of living a "limited Life of humanness"...fearful humanness, which culminates with a finish...a completion, which you call "death".

"Death"...on my, My Immortal, Cosmic "Spirits" of Love. Now if you had to create an illusion, or in the words of your brother and friend, Jeshua ben Joseph, "a Dream World of physicality, fear consciousness, and separation from Me, Abba, your Creator", what would you call it...hmm? 

Oh...that's right, you are still lost in your Dream World of humanness. So lost are, My Unlimited, Cosmic, Spirits of Consciousness, that you believe your Dream World of limited humanness is "Reality", rather than just a single, "experiential dimension", within an infinite number of worlds and dimensions to choose from. Mindboggling...incomprehensible...unbelievable, and yet, My Limitless, Cosmic Children of Light Divine, so very, very much closer to "Reality" than your human perception thereof. 

How is all of this for a "good morning" for you, My Cosmic Children of Love, hmm? And why on Earth would your Creator start off a bi-weekly Message of Love with such a dramatic description of your "Reality", hmm?

Oh, such a simple question, and yet, who among you have the correct answer, hmm? Anyone? Of course, this "one", through whom I Am speaking to you knows, just as he knows and lives much closer to "Reality" than anyone else walking around your planet, in one of your temporary, physical, human costumes, but, then again, he actually studies and "practices" The Contemporary and Channeled Teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph as though they are "Reality"...The Reality of Love, as described, versus what humanity generally projects onto the teachings of your brother and friend, Jeshua ben Joseph. 

Oh yes, My Cosmic Children of Love Divine, you have somehow mixed in a sizable dose of your illusion of humanness into The Contemporary and Channeled Teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph to produce a "non-reality"...another illusion of your humanness...a newer version, and yet, still "an illusion"...a co-mingling of your illusion of humanness with the "Reality of Love", to produce what your ego's have convinced you represents "Reality". 

Oh yes, My Cosmic Children of Love, your ego's just continue to create new versions, of your old versions, of your "Dream World" of humanness, and label them as an "improvement". An improvement? "This" is what your ego's are telling you, when you choose "not" to live the "literal meaning" of The Contemporary and Channeled Teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph, but rather some egoic, misinterpreted, watered-down version?  

Well...your ego's may "think" they know the answer to My last question, but I assure you, they..."you" don't. Oh no...which is why I Am "here", on your internet, communicating to all of humanity, attempting to "shock you" into taking a closer look at yourselves

Oh yes, I Am, and have been, trying to "shock you", My Cosmic Children of Love and Light Divine...just as Jeshua ben Joseph (and friends) tried to with The Way of Mastery trilogy. 

And just "why" do you think Jeshua ben Joseph and your Creator would try to shock you into having a closer look at your illusion of humanness...hmm? Have you been paying attention...or just living as usual, lost in your Dream World of egoic illusions and delusions of humanness? You know My Cosmic Children of Love and owning your "egoic", illusion of humanness

When you "Love" someone, someone "lost"...someone so lost they refuse to recognize Reality as "Reality", how do you get their attention? You "Love" them, so you try a new version of the "Truth"...less gentle, less subtle, and much more could even say "shocking" "shocking" it could possibly "awaken" them from their Dream World of separation from their "Creator", Who "Loves" them more than they could possibly comprehend.  

I "Love you" more than you can comprehend and we, your sisters and brothers, and I, have been, and will continue to convey new versions of your "Truth", in hopes that the day will finally arrive when you will "awaken" from your "Dream World" of limited, fearful, humanness, and choose to put an end to all of your pain and suffering.   

Ah yes, My Cosmic Children of The Spirit of Love, and "that" would be "Me", your Creator, The Spirit of Love will provide whatever Limitless, Infinite, Incomprehensible, assistance you will accept, for only you can make the decision to "accept"...we cannot do "that" for you..."You", who I created in "My Image"

That is all...

Abba...The Infinite, Incomprehensible, Limitless, Spirit of Love...Who Loves "You"... 

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