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Good Morning My Children

Thursday, March 14, 2024 Blog

"My Children"...The Children of The Light Divine...the miracle of all miracles, Consciousness with Choice...Spirits of Love...Immortal, Limitless, literally, who for a period of time and space, "chose" to test yourselves, to experience everything that could distract yourselves from being conscious of your "Radiance", your splenor, The Light of Love so Bright that it fully consumes and overwhelms you, and yet, this is one description of many to describe your beingness...your state of "Loving Existence", for all of eternity, which I, your Creator, have the honor and privilege of being in relationship with...forever.   

Oh my, what else can I say...what else can "we" say, the Heavenly Host of your sisters and brothers, who are with Me, "consciously", not temporarily lost in your illusion of humanness...which Jeshua ben Joseph has chosen to describe as "a Dream World of fear consciousness and physicality".

Oh yes, your brother, Jeshua ben Joseph, with his Contemporary and Channeled Teachings, chose to create what you could call a "bridge of understanding and Truth", a bridge of "Reality", to assist you all...all of his sisters and brothers lost in your Dream World of fear and physicality, to comprehend his journey of two thousand years ago. 

Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, Jeshua ben Joseph had quite the journey of "Consciousness and Choice" two thousand years ago, which for many reasons, was simply beyond the inherent limitations of your "Dream World" of humanness...your "Dream World" of non-reality...your "Dream World" of fear and physicality. Oh yes, much of which has not changed, even "today", in your twenty-first century, and yet, he, Jeshua ben Joseph, along with the rest of us, who consciously bask in The Light of Love, "Our Love", have openned the door of "Reality", the "Reality of My Everywhereness of Love", for all of those in your human body/brains. 

The only question that you need to respond to, is whether or not you are going to "choose" to step into our "Reality", which of course is your "Reality"...the Reality of the Everywhereness of Love "you chose" to forget, temporarily, to experience your "Dream World" of fear consciousness and physicality

Ah yes, and it is quite the exercise to reduce to the written or spoken word...quite the exercise, indeed...for words have inherent limitations, whereas, "feelings" do not.   

"Feeling" the Everywhereness of Love...the Bliss, the Perfect Peace, the All-Knowingness, the forever and "everywhereness" of it all. How can words ever match...ever accurately describe the True Feelings of it all...hmm, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine?

They cannot, and yet, the journey of Jeshua ben Joseph two thousand years ago, the journey in consciousness, the journey from fear consciousness and separation, to Love Consciousness and "Oneness" has been given to humanity, for those "who choose" to follow him in the journey in consciousness, which "you too have chosen"

"You have chosen", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, only you are currently lost in your illusion of humanness, just as Jeshua ben Joseph once was. Oh yes, "that", Jeshua ben Joseph being lost in your illusion of humanness, did not make it into your Gospels of your Holy Bible. Oh no, just as how he discovered "The Way" back to being "Conscious" of My Everywhereness of Love is not contained in your Holy Bible

What was he...what were we to do...hmm? Continue to allow humanity to think The Life and Teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph were accurately portrayed in your New Testament? We were not to extend you a helping hand? We were not to manifest into your "Dream World" of humanness "The Way" back to the "Reality" of My Everywhereness of Love...which he, Jeshua ben Joseph, discovered two thousand years ago? 

There must be one of your human sayings, to convey our feelings in this regard. Ah about, "no, I don't think so...not happening...not on My watch"

We cannot force you to follow "The Way" of Jeshua ben Joseph, "The Way" to the Everywhereness of My Love, but we have provided you, as in all of My Children of Light Divine, who remain lost in your "Dream World" of humanness, your "Dream World" of fear and physicality, your "Dream World" of separation from My Everywherenness of Love, with "The Way" back to the Reality of My Everywhereness of Love

Oh yes, it is called The Contemporary and Channeled Teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph, which culminate with "The Way" of Mastery trilogy...The Way of the Heart, The Way of Transformation, and The Way of Knowing. 

Are you going "to choose" to study and practice the wisdom, the knowledge, the Everywhereness of Love contained in The Way of Mastery? "That", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, who remain lost in your Dream World of humanness, can only be answered by "you"...each of you...for as I, "Abba", your All-Loving Creator, have expressed endlessly on My Blog, on, I gave you "Free-Will".

Do you think I Am going to force the "Bliss" of My Everywhereness of Love on you...hmm? "No, I don't think so...not happening...not on My watch"...

That is all...

Abba...your All-Loving Creator...


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