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Good Morning My Children

Monday, March 11, 2024 Blog

Another day upon your planet Earth in your illusion of humanness..."humanness", for if that is not an illusion, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, as you sometimes say, hmm..."I don't know what is". Physical, mortal, fear-based, Life forms, apparently occupied by Immortal, Multidimensional, "Spirits", who have an essence of Love and Light

Hmm...that's a "WOW" is it not, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine? You actually believe your mortal, physical, fear-based, illusion of humanness is Reality..."Reality"..."really"? You believe your illusion of humanness is "Reality"? Oh my, oh my...indeed. 

And that is not all...oh no, the illusion of humanness has more illusions...many, many more, which you perceive to be parts of your "Reality". Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, you have somehow created the illusion of individuality, "being separate and alone", including being somehow separated from Me, your Creator, The Infinite Beingness of Love...The Everywhereness of Love..."Everywhereness" My Children, as parts of your perceived "humanness", on planet Earth. 

Oh yes, and when anyone..."anyone" questions your Dream World of humanness, your Grand Illusion of being separated from Whom you can never be separated from, and of course, that would be "Me", your Creator, and the "Oneness" of all of Creation, "you"...humanity, generally "perceive" he or she as "insane". Oh yes, living in non-reality..."non-reality", when my Immortal, Spiritual, Children of Light Divine, your perception of "Reality", your perception of humanness is the exact "opposite of Reality"..."opposite" My Children, and so, who is living in insanity, My Spiritual Children of the Light Divine, hmm?

And of course, anyone who attempts to describe your illusion of limited, humanness as "non-reality", as "insanity", as a temporary "illusion of humanness", you perceive them as "insane"...and that includes your famous brother, Jeshua ben Joseph, "Me", your Creator, and now this one, who I speak through on God's Blog...on

Hmm...that about sums up your status quo, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, with one large additional ingredient. "You", humanity, are going to continue to incarnate into your illusion of humanness, your illusion of egoic, fear consciousness, with your endless illusions of dark emotions, mixed in with some brief interruptions of Light and Love, until you cannot stand it any longer, hmm. 

Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, how do you like your Dream World of pain and suffering, hmm? Not dark enough for you, yet...hmm? Not dark enough to make you "give up" trying to make your Dream World of humanness more Loving and peaceful? Not tired enough of your fears and anxieties to make you realize...understand...comprehend there is a "better way"...a far, far "better way" to live your days on planet Earth?

Hmm...what do you call someone who is living in "non-reality", who refuses to accept the helping hands of those who are living in "Reality"? This is not one of your trick questions, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine. Oh no, this is "your Creator", The Everywhereness of Love, posing a question to all of humanity. What do you call those people, those Souls, those Immortal, Spiritual Beings of Light Divine, lost in their illusion of, so very lost that they, and that of course would be "you", do not apparently comprehend you/they are lost in your illusion, your Dream World of humanness...your delusion of being separated from Me, The Eveywhereness of Love, Who created you...your "Spirits" that is...your Conscious Awareness with Free-will

Oh yes, and some of you, who are lost in your illusion of limited humanness, have cried out to us, those who live in the "Reality" of My Everywhereness of Love and Perfect Peace. Oh yes, cried out for help...and/or, cried out in anger and frustration..."How could you do this to", "I didn't do anything to deserve this...these fears and anxieties...this despair and depression, how could you?" 

Oh my, and we try to respond to you. We try to assist you in "waking-up" from your Dream World of humanness, but your ego's won't give up control. Oh no, your ego's insist they "must" be in "must" make all the decisions. Your ego's, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, have made all the decisons for you, "humanity", so it is your illusion of egoic consciousness "who has made all the decisions", which have produced your status quo... your illusion of humanness...your illusion of aloneness...your illusion of separation from your Creator, "Me", The Everywhereness of Love and Perfect Peace.  

Ah yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, and so...who do you "think" needs to make all of your future decisions...hmm? Your ego's!!!

Do you get the picture, hmm? Shall I spell it out for you...again...just as Jeshua ben Joseph attempted to do "three decades ago", when he, and a Heavenly Host of your sisters and brothers, channeled The Way of Mastery. Your ego's have made all of your decisions, which have produced your illusion of humanness, your illusion of pain and suffering, and yet, you insist on a Life going forward that has your ego's making all the decisions?  

What are the sayings we have used before, to describe your status quo, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine...hmm?

One definition of insanity is when somebody continues to do the same thing over, and over, and over again, expecting a different outcome. How many more incarnations are you going to insist on your ego's making all your decisions? How many more thousands of years...hmm?

Oh, and there is also..."the blind leading the blind" saying. Oh yes, "you"..."humanity", have perfected that lifestyle. "The ego has created all of our dark emotions...all of our pain and suffering, ever since we began incarnating into human Life forms...the human naturally, we must insist that our ego's make all of our decisions for us, for our ego's obviously know how to find real, lasting Love, and True Peace. Oh yes, we (humanity) are going to ignore the crazy ones...Jeshua ben Joseph and our Creator".

That is all...

Abba..your Creator...The Everywhereness of Love



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