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Good Morning My Children

Thursday, March 7, 2024 Blog

Good morning...good morning My Children of the Light special are you in all of Creation. "Creation" infiniteness with no ending, no sides, no top, no button...and it is within the infiniteness in which you, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, find yourselves as the only "Spirits"...the only Spiritual Beings who mirror My Beingness, for nowhere will you find a species with "Life" who also shares My Conscious Awareness with Choice

Oh no, My Children, you could travel anywhere you like, in all of Creation, and not find Conscious Awareness with Choice, or as you refer to it, as "free-will". Ah "free-will", a quality you so often take for granted and yet, so very, very special, indeed.

Ah, "fee-will", a quality...a characteristic...a gift from Me to you, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, which you can use to know, feel, realize, and live with Pure Love, Perfect Peace, All Knowingness, and of course, what many view as the most imporatant, Divine Humility

Ah..."Divine Humility", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, a quality rarely discussed on your planet Earth, in your human your human body-brains. Oh no, not until it was so prominently placed by your brother, Jeshua ben Joseph, within his Contemporary and Channeled Teachings, most notably within The Way of Mastery trilogy.  

Oh yes, indeed...The Way of Mastery...the path, the teachings, the methodology Jeshua ben Joseph spent years accumulating, studying, and practicing before he re-established...remembered his...or should I say "your" eternal relationship with the Mind-Boggling, the Incomprehensible, The Infinite Beingness of Light Divine, Who of course is so very many things, most notably Pure Love, Perfect Peace, All-Knowingness, and of course...of course, Divinely Humble. 

Ah, and just Who is this Infinite Beingness of Pure Love, Perfect Peace, Perfect Intelligence, and so many other things, hmm? Do you know, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine...hmm...who are temporarily experiencing the many limitations of a species called "human beings", on a tiny planet called "Earth", who used their Conscious Awareness with Free-will to experience the extreme state of Conscious Awareness opposite of their Creator..."the opposite", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine. 

Can you imagine making such a "choice"? Can you imagine "choosing" to live Life after Life, in a series of different, and yet, similar human body-brains...all the while, in a state of "fear consciousness" and "separation" from your Creator..."The Creator"...the mind-boggling, the Incomprehensible, Infinite Beingness of Love, Who is literally "everywhere"? 

Ah, and naturally, the only way...I mean "the only way" that such a state of fear consciousness, rather than the Bliss of Love Consciousness, which of course is the "Reality" of a conscious, living relationship with The Creator, could be known, felt, realized and lived, is if it was "an illusion" of unparalleled creativity and non-reality...for the Creator, The Incomprehensible Beingness of Love, is "everywhere", even in the "illusion" of humanness..."your illusion" of egoic, fear consciousness..."your illusion" of separation from the Great Mystery in all of Creation, and of course that would be "Me", The Creator...the Incomprehensible...The Infinite Beingness of Love. 

Ah yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, I have been asking you questions about "could you imagine" making "your choice" of the non-reality of "your illusion" of humanness...when all along, "that" is precisely the choice you have all made...indeed. And of course, by choosing to make such drastic reductions in what you are consciously aware of, such as your eternal relationship with Me, your Creator, and of course, I Am Infinite Love, "you created" egoic, fear consciousness

Egoic, fear consciousness, and "your illusion" of being separated from Me, The Creator..."your Creator". Oh my, and you wonder why you feel so very lonely and isolated at times, in "your illusion" of separation and individuation. Ah yes, "your illusion" of individuation..."illusion" of aloneness, "illusion" of fear consciousness, along with all of the endless variations thereof. It is no wonder so many of the very limited human species, and that would be "you", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, choose aspects of your mental health profession...hmm?  

It is a very natural progression choose an occupation within the broad category of the mental health profession, given the "Reality" that "you chose" to live in a state of non-reality...the separation from Pure Love, Perfect Peace, and your Creator, The Infinite Beingnesss of Love, Who is "everywhere". And now that I Am discussing this subject, it is a bit surprising that not more of your temporary, human species have not chosen the mental health profession. Ah, but then again, the entire human race "perceive" egoic fear consciousness, individuality, and separation from Me, The Everywhereness of Love, to be "normal" be "Reality".   

How would you choose to describe such an environment of "non-reality", My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, hmm? I, your Divine Parent, and Jeshua ben Joseph, your brother, have used a variety of terms in attempts to assist you in comprehending the choices "you have made" to become "limited human beings". Oh yes, just read more articles on My Blog, on, or Jeshua ben Joseph's The Way of Mastery. So far, it does not seem to really matter what terms we use, or how we convey your lives of "non-reality", inclusive of how you "dissolve" your egoic, fear consciousness, and "your illusion" of separation from Me, your Creator...The Everywhereness of Love.  

Ah, but in time..."in time" My Immortal, Multidimensional, Spiritual Children of Light Divine, you will tire of all the human experiences that distract you from remembering your true identity's, purpose, and function. Oh yes, My Spiritual Children of Light Divine, you will tire of all the egoic, dark emotions...your illusion and sense of aloneness, and your endless searching for Pure Love and Perfect Peace. 

Oh yes, you will finally arrive at a conclusion, a confirmation, of a premise long embraced by the "wisest of the wise" of your human race...and who might that be...hmm?

Who demonstrated Love for his fellow human beings, no matter the circumstance? Who lived in a state of Perfect Peace, no matter the circumstance? Who re-established his relationship with Me, The Creator, and made such famous statements as..."The Father (that's Me) does all things through me"? Who spent years ..."years" traveling all over your Earth, living, studying, and practicing all he had learned to "dissolve" his ego, to "dissolve" his illusion of fear consciousness, to "dissolve" his illusion of separation from Me, The Creator, The Everywhereness of "dissolve" his illusion of humanness...of "non-reality"? 

Who has "come again"...not in a human body-brain, not in the "illusion" of humanness, but as an "Enlightened Soul", who resides in the state "you chose" to leave, to experience your illusion of humanness...the state of "Reality"...Pure Love, Perfect Peace, and Perfect Union with your Creator. 

Oh yes, Jeshua ben Joseph has returned in the form of his Contemporary and Channeled Teachings, to share with his sisters and brothers all he had learned while in a human body-brain, so that you could join him..."us", in Paradise, while you still occupy your temporary human forms...just as he did, two thousand years ago.  

Ah...but you all profess not to have "enough time"...or so most of you say. Ah, My Children, you do have all the time you will ever need, for I created you "Immortal", Spiritual Beings of Light you have all of the time you need. 

How long will you stumble through incarnation, after incarnation, after incarnation, in your human body-brains? How long will you search for Pure Love, Perfect Peace, and reunion with Me, The Everywhereness of Love?

That is all...

Abba...The Creator and Everywhereness of Love

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