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From your Divine Parent - Message for Psychologists & My Children of the Light

Game Changer - Behavioral Genetics

Wednesday, June 1, 2022 Blog

The purpose of these articles is to provide humanity with information on accelerating your path to enlightenment, also referred to as your awakening...awakening from your illusion of separation from Me, and I am but Love...what we (Jeshua ben Joseph & I) refer to as your Dream of Separation, in The Way of Mastery trilogy. To digress for a just a moment, not all versions of The Way of Mastery are unedited. Some versions have gone through a human/egoic process of editing and/or major deletions. Frequently, the human ego thinks that it is smarter than I, The Source of All, Who "channeled" much of The Way of Mastery in a cooperative effort with Jeshua ben Joseph. Within the Jeshua Channeled Books section of this site, Michael and I convey which versions of The Way of Mastery are unedited...those are the only ones that contain the maximum educational content...on a path back "Home" "Me", and I Am but Love.  

A message for Psychologists, and humanity as a whole, is the topic today...or more specifically, on the significant benefits of educating yourself and/or your clients on the genetic behavioral patterns selected (by each Soul) during their Pre-incarnation Planning Process. Briefly, to facilitate the experiences selected by each Soul, for each incarnation, a variety of decisions are made prior to incarnation. One such decision is the genetic behavioral patterns that are embedded in each Human Energy Field (aura). This discussion will be divided into three categoies:

  • The Benefits of knowing your genetic behavioral patterns, and in the case of Psychologists (and all professionals in the behavioral sciences), providing guidance to clients on their genetic behavioral patterns
  • The genetic tendencies of some Souls toward melancholy and depression, along with a simple technique to mitigate these genetic tendencies
  • How to educate yourself about your Genetic Behavioral Patterns 

Benefits of Knowing Your Genetic Behavoiral Patterns  

The genetic permutations (mathematically based) within the system of behavioral genetics are almost endless. Unless you are one of the few on the planet that has received some education on the behavioral patterns that you selected, all of your decisions and behavioral patterns are based on a variety of conditioning factors (parents, teachers, books, friends, egos, social mores, etc., etc.) many of which may be in conflict with your genetic behavioral patterns. The result is that you are making Life on Earth more challenging and stressful than necessary...everyday. As Michael would say, people are struggling to swim upstreem (against the current), rather than than living with the natural flow of their genetic behavioral patterns.

In the case of Psychologists, they typically advise their clients based on acedemic behavioral models, which lack the behavioral specificity needed to provide the most beneficial information. Frequently, these traditional models produce recommendations that if implemented, result in little benefit, if any...because the recommendations are not consistent with the client's behavioral genetics. 

In the realm of relationships, of every category, the same inherent problem arises. For example, if a parent raises their child encouraging behavioral patterns in conflict with the child's genetic behvioral patterns, not only will the resulting challenges for the child be life-long but the child-parent relationship will also face unnecessary difficulties. Usually, this all transpires simply because the parent does not know the preferred behavioral patterns to encourage. In the case of marital relationships, Psychologists provide recommendations that are void of the specific genetic behavioral patterns of each spouse. Thus, the chance of providing the most helpful information to their clients is a rare event indeed!  

Within the framework of all relationships, the knowledge provided by the system of behavioral gentics allows each party to understand the behavioral patterns of the other. Such an education provides a foundation for successful relationships...with the understanding that there may be inherent behavioral conflicts that result in ongoing difficulties. For example, if couples knew the inherent plusses and minuses of their relationship before they got married, some would choose not to get married. In the same vein, by understanding the behavioral challenges of a marriage, an educated behavioral therapist could advise their clients on what the challenges are, and how best to deal with them, making a good relationship even better...or find solutions that save a marriage rather then having it end up in divorce court. 

How about occupational choices and hiring paractices? If you are making a decision on what occupation and/or education to pursue, would it not be ideal to know that you are pursuing a life-long occupation that compliments your genetic behavioral patterns? As some say on your Earth...daaa! (I find some of your creative slang amusing) Or what about employers? Do you not want not know that the behavioral patterns and talents of the person you are hiring fit the job requirements? Do you want to know how to best inter-act with each employee? In the case of the overall work environment, imagine the benefits of everyone knowing the major behavioral characteristics of everyone that they worked with? This would be ideal for all promoting a positive environment, and maximizing the productivity of the organization.  

Let us discuss the most important subject related to this topic: obtaining Christ Consciousness/Bliss. The biggest challenge that you face is distinguishing between your temporary body and personality (of each incarnation), as significantly influenced by your physical and behavioral genetic characterisitcs...versus your eternal qualities, that you all have, as Multidimensional Beings of Love and Light. That's correct, on a level few can are Spiritual Beings having temporary human experiences. A major part of the challenging, illusionary experience that you have created (in the Earth dimension) is "identification with" the former, rather than the later.

By educating yourself on the differences between your temporary behavioral characterictics (which are integral to your three dimensional experience) and your Multidimensional, eternal qualities as a Christed Being of Love (via Jeshua ben Joseph's the Way of Mastery trilogy), your entire process of shifting from egoic, fear-based consciousness (which currently dominates the Earth dimension) to Christ or Love-based Consciousness, becomes much more understandable, and thus, obtainable. Something to consider, don't you think?   

Ahhh...I can hear some of your questions...what am I talking about...what shift in consciousness? Let's use an anology. Each of your incarnations is no different than an actor that chooses a part in a movie...that for a few months "pretends" they are a character in a movie. Each day on the set they are in "a temporary costume", pretending to act out the "temporary part and personality"...that they selected. And when the production of the movie is over, they go back to so-called Life as usual.  

Well, My Children, that's exactly what you are doing in your three-dimensionla body-mind on Earth...only "the part you selected on Earth" lasts a human lifetime! And yes, some take steps towards identification with your Spiritual Self...your Multidimensional Christed Self. However...typically..."only" when all of your three-dimensional, human priorities have been taken care of...all of your human relationships, your home, your carreer, your finances, your hobbies, your political interests, your automobiles, and on and on the list goes. Michael refers to this common phenomenom as being "semi-spiritual".   

This approach will never suffice...for until you alter your priorities, you will not remember and live as your Multidimensional Spititual Self. You will continue to rely on your ego, which is fear-based, for all of your decisions...rather than educating yourself on who you really are...a Spiritual Being of Love, inclusive of REMEBERING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH ME...and to live in cooperation with Me...a Beingness of Pure Spirit-Pure Love-Perfect Peace-Perfect Intelligence and Pure Potentiality...Who can guide you in all of your decisions. And because you (and your ego) will no longer be the decision-maker, all of your stress and anxieties will be gone, as you feel, witness, and experience Pure Love-Me manifest through you!  

"Incomprehensible Bliss" you say? How can all of this be true? Come follow in the footsteps of Jeshua ben Joseph, who cried out two thousand years ago...Abba (that's Me), how do I return Home to You? Follow the educational path and use the tools contained in this internet site to renew your conscious relationship with Me...a realtionship that has no end. It's really all quite simple..."you choose" to temporarily forget your Spiritual Self...just to temporarily experience non-love (separation from Me) and physicality. You see My Children, when you have no end...and I assure you that your Soul, your "conscious awareness", has no end...your perspective changes...whereby a temporary human, ego-based experience in the 3rd dimension of Earth, is no different than a part in a movie...even if it spans 100 incarnations...before you say: I have had enough of the ego-based darkness...I have suffered enough...Abba, how do I come Home? How do I awaken from my Dream of Separation from You? 

With the understanding that there are many paths to My Light, you now know one of them...and it is the path, the framework, provided by this site...most notably, Jeshua ben Joseph's The Way of Mastery. Pick and choose from the other books, techniques, and tools contained herein, but know that the ongoing study and practice of The Way of Mastery supplies the Keys to My Kingdom. The question now is, as Jeshua ben Joseph poses in The Way of Mastery, have you suffered enough? Hmm...only you can answer that question...and are destined some day, in some incarnation, to answer that question "yes"...and I will be there to guide you Home, for I am your Creator...a Beingness of Pure Love...and Love is the most powerful energy in all of Creation, which simply means that I will always prevail...there are no exceptions...your place in My Love, My Light awaits you...always

Let us return to the initial subject, the more mundane benfits of educating yourself on your genetic behavioral patterns, which can be be tested and verified to whatever extent you desire...through experimentation and observation. Let us even assume that you have not suffered enough to commence your journey back Home to Me. You can either continue to make your Life more difficult and stressful than necessary, by living without the benefit of your genetic behavioral information...or you can better understand and significantly improve your life with this information. The choice is entirely "yours".  

Genetic Tendencies Toward Melancholy and Depression & a Simple Technique to Mitigate These Tendencies (Attention All Psychologists)   

Within the system of Behavioral Genetics, commonly known on your planet as the Human Design System, there are many broad categories of behavioral activations. One such category is individual activations. There are many related behavioral characteristics with individual activations. One Life-long characteristic is that the more individual activations that a Soul has, the greater propensity towards melancholy and depression. This propensity is a result of gentic behavioral mechanics as opposed to the result of negative life events. Another closely realted characteristic is the constant production of creative energy. Whenever creative energy is not used, an excess is created. Whenever there is an excess, melancholy is the result, and if not addressed, depression may follow. The severity of this genetic tendency is based soley on the specific activations of each individual.     

What is the simple technique to mitigate this genetic behavioral pattern? 

  • Always be on alert for the initial stages of melancholy...for example: something is off today, I cannot identify the cause, but I just don't feel good.
  • Initial stage of melancholy = an excess or build-up of creative energy
  • Solution = use up some of the creative energy, which will eliminate or burn off the excess energy = no more melancholy!

If this sounds too good to be would be incorrect. This technique can be used for any level of melancholy or depression. How do you use up creative energy? Anyway, anyone wants to. The key is to get busy doing whatever anyone enjoys doing, which will use creative energy. It matters not what the activity is. Painitng, cooking, gardening, jogging, biking, etc., etc., etc. It does not matter what the activity is because all activities burn up creative energy. Typically, 5-10 minutes into an activity, the person will feel the melancholy begin to subside...but do not stop there. Continue with the activity until you feel back to your "normal self"...void of the melancholy. Depending on endless variables, and the depth of the melancholy or depression, the time needed to burn off the excess creative energy will vary. The more a Soul uses this technique, the more they will learn about their related nuances and when they can stop an activity.  

A few more helpful tips:

  • Have a list of at least 3-4 "go-to" activities that you enjoy, so when you become aware of melancholy, you can simply pick one and get soon as possible. Do not wait for the melancholy to deepen, because it will.  
  • Melancholy tends to make most Souls not want to do anything. Why? Because they do not feel good. Thus, always be prepared to push yourself to initiate an activity, motivated by the fact that it is going to make you feel better.
  • The worse thing any Soul can do with the onset of melancholy or depression is consume alchohol or abusive, recreational drugs. 
  • The worse thing you can do for a friend or partner that sinks into melancholy is to ask them...what's wrong? Why? Because their brain will try to formulate reasons for why they are melancholic (rationalization), most of which, if not all, will be invalid...which will tend to push the Soul deeper into melancholy. Remember, your freind or partner has a genetic propensity for melancholy and depression. Genetic Behavioral Mechanics is often the cause = they have an excess of creative energy that needs to be burned off with activities. Recommendation: ask them what they want to in an burn off their creative energy. Example: Do you want to go for a walk in the park? Do you want to go shopping? Do you want to do "whatever"...because it matters not...just help them to "get busy".   

There are endless variables. Each Soul has a unique set of behaviroal characteristics that will make the tendency towards melancholy and depression more or less prominant. However, millions are being treated, some with drugs, by Psychologist without this information. Many being treated with drugs are simply wasting their money, while not addressing the root cause of their challenge...behavioral genetics. Although there maybe many non-genetic influences with melancholy and depression, knowing the specific genetic tendencies is essential to provide the best personal therapy.  

Psychologists, and other professional involved in the behavioral sciences, will view the contents of this message from varying points of view. The human ego (fear-based consciousness and the entire spectrum of negative emotions) has a natural propensity to attack, deny, and projection...creating guilt to manipulate others is also a favorite of the ego. Conversely, the Divine Spark, which I placed in all Souls, will strive to emulate Love, by providing their sisters and brothers with the benefits of any new knowledge. The benefis and science of behavioral genetics cannot be invalidated simply because someone has not heard of it before. This body of priceless genetic information will play a major role in the future of humanity.

Resource: For those interested in a booklet that documents how the Human Design System mirrors the binary mathematical structure of physical genetics, go to then see the booklet on Behavioral Genetics, in the Metatones Booklet section.

How Do You Educate Yourself About Your Genetic Behavioral Patterns?

  • Although the number of Souls that are well educated on the Human Design System (HDS) is limited, anyone can obtain what is called a personal reading of your Human Design Chart. The two primary internet sites are and A quality 60-90 minute reading will provid an overview of anyone's significant behavioral patterns. The four primary behavioral categories are Type, Definition, Authority and Profile. The suggestion is to make sure you will obtain this information, "before" you hire a HDS Practitioner to do your reading
  • Any HDS professional can review a Human Design Chart and recognize a tendency towards melancholy and depression in about 5 seconds.
  • Both organizations offer educational resources to become as proficient with the Human Design System as one may desire.  
  • Both organizations offer personal readings, as does Michasel, who has been a student of the Human Design System for over 25 years. See the Personal Reading section of this site for more information. 
  • Professional Therapist & Psychologists - The suggestion, in the interest of providing the best level of service to your clients, is to obtain an education on the Human Design System. The level of knowledge should allow you to incporporate the basics of a personal reading into your practice. In the absence of obtaining this level of education, an alternative is to incorporate the services of a professional in the Human Design System into your practice.   

This concludes the discussion on Behavioral Genetics.

Please know that you are Loved more than you can imagine...and that I Am with you always...always...for it is impossible for you to be where I Am not. How is this possible you ask? Your answer resides in many sources...two of which are Jeshua ben Joseph's The Way of Mastery trilogy and within the first six pages of the Christ Consciousness Meditation in this site ( Absolutely!

That is all

Source of All 

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