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Why "You Chose" the 3rd Dimension of Earth...Your Metaverse of Fear Consciousness

Friday, June 10, 2022 Blog

Greetings this day My Children of the Light...

Today I will be discussing The Great Mystery that I Am...that you are...and why you chose to experience the 3rd dimension of Earth. So many on your planet Earth wonder why God...I Am...would send so many Souls to such a dark planet. Yes, even for those that will attempt to debate your world is not a dark environement, I assure you that the 3rd dimension of Earth is presently very dark in that any Soul can experience, via their free will, which I gave to all Souls, the opposite of what you are (the thought of Love in form), which of course is fear-based, egoic consciousness. This temporary state necessitates the illusion of separation from Me, and I Am but Love. As is conveyed in many of Jeshua ben Joseph's contemporary teachings, most notably The Way of Mastery trilogy, it is impossible to experience fear or any of its many stepchildren (negative emotions) without judgment...judgment on the basis of good or bad...right or wrong. Conversely, Love does not judge...Love just Loves

Let Me make this unquestionably clear, once chose to experience fear-based consciousness, within the physical dimension of Earth. Why you ask? That presents somewhat of an intersting conundrum...for the ego...your ego, will typically argue that it is right, no matter why would the ego choose to subject itself to such a dark, fear-based place, if it is always right? Do you see the conundrum...for even after I tell you why, "your ego's" first reaction will often be "denial"...such as: I would never do that to myself...never...won't You tell me the real reason?  

The ego also tends to not take resposibility for its so-called mistakes, so, you might just skip over denial, and jump right into other egoic characteristics, most notably attack and projection...such as asking Me in anger: Why did You (God) do this to me? I didn't do anything to deserve all that has happened to me? Which brings us to another of "your ego's" popular characteristics, "the creation of guilt", in attempts to manipulate others into doing your bidding 

If I had one of your pennies for every time I have heard a Soul say: Why did You do this to me, I didn't do anything wrong, I didn't deserve this...Oh please, You must help me. What kind of a God are You? I would have a lot of pennies. In a way, it's somewhat amusing. You (humanity) are frequently similar to a child, who chooses to eat a bag of cookies, who of course, then gets a tummy ache...who then goes crying to their stomach aches mommy...why is this happening to me? Ahh..a statement you all know very well: Why is this happeing to me? How many times have you said that to yourself? 

Regardless of the hypothetical reasons that the ego creates, to justify its anxieties, its pain, its suffering...there are no accidents...ever. However, there is the universal principle of cause and effect. A soul never...never experiecnes anything that it has not called upon oneself, in one way or another. Negative emotions, sometimes the result of horrendous experiences, are typically the direct result of your pre-incarnation planning process, which may include the possible resolution of what you call "karma". Reincarnation is no different than the child that goes on a frightening roller coaster ride. They know the ride is going to temporarily scare the heck out of them...and yet, they ask their parent to buy them a ticket. Once the ride is over...they proclaim: I will never do that again...and yet one month later, they ask their parent: Can I go on another roller coaster ride? 

Why do you think Jeshua ben Joseph teaches the Golden Rule? Love...and of course, cause and effect.

But I digress. Why did "you choose" to experience fear-based consciousness, which by definition is "egoic", rather than continue to abide in the "Bliss" of Love/Christ Consciousness, as I originally created you. Why would I even allow you to make such a choice? For the ego, your ego, there are many mysteries, because the ego does not want to face "Reality"...and take reponsibility for your decisions. So, you forget why you are experiencing all of the darkness of the Earth dimension...just as the child forgets that they chose to eat a bag of cookies.  

It is an interesting endeavor to formulate explanations that the ego will accept...and so, even after you read your reasoning (for dreaming your dream of separation), you (via the ego) may once agin retreat into the ego's three favorite strategies...denial, attack and projection

Let us begin at the beginning. You were created as an extension of Me...Pure Spirit-Love Consciousness. Why you ask? Becuase My only desire is to extend could say, to create more Love, solely to experience more Love-Self, in an infinite number of ways. I Am no different that a Great River of Love that overflows its banks, to create an infinite number of Streams of Love. And each Soul (each of you) represent one of My Streams of Love Consciousness. You are just like Me, and I Am but Love, only you are the "Created" and I Am the "Creator". 

Because you are like Me, you think and create like Me, and I Am but Love. So, before you decided to dream your temporary dream of separation from Me, you did not deny any possibilites, because you knew (and still do unconsciously) that NOTHING can obstruct the purity of your nature, which is of course My nature...a Beingness of Love. And, I abide within Self...infinite, vast, radiant, Infinite Field of Pure Love, Perfect Peace, Perfect Intelligence, Pure Potentiality...out of which all things (including you) and all possibilites arise. 

You are free to create whatever form of experience you desire...but as you say, at the end of the day...your desire is always Love-based...and Love allows all things, trusts all things, embraces all things, feels all things, heals all things, and transcends all things...because you know, in the depth of your Soul, that Nothing can obstruct the purity of your Loving nature. 

From the moment that you first had the thought...I want God...even that thought appeared within The Infinite Field of Love (that I Am) versus what you believed was your limited beingness as a limited body-mind, racked by fear, and doubt and guilt and all the rest...all of it is "illusion". Your thought of wanting Me-Love, the moment your journey Home began...that thought is/was the Presents of Love (you) awakening Itself to that which was temporarily forgotten, but has never been lost. The thing you have felt for God, and I Am but Love, is your thirts to know your Self. Why? Because you are literally a "conscious aspect" of the Infinite Field of Love Consciousness that I Am, in which God-Me has awareness of Self, and I Am but Love.

All of this is a Great Mystery to the ego...your ego...but to you, as an awakened Christed Self, it is "Reality"! From one perspective, you currently have what some call a "split personality"...the temporary, fear-based, egoic side...and the eternal, Love-based, Christed Self...and the egoic side, as you say, is currently calling the shots. 

Your Healed Mind will no longer look to see how to make things different than they are...for that is simply an egoic attempt to gain absolute power. You will look and live only from what you most truly desire: simply to abide in your own nature (Love Consciousness) and to allow Life to flow from that nature. Another conceptualization of this is: you will be a conscious medium or channel for your Creator, and I Am but Love. "Making things happen" is an illusion, whereas, being the Presence of Love and allowing Love to flow through you, "feeling" Love flowing through you, "witnessing" the manifestation of Love flowing through you revel in the very act of being one through whom Love is extended, is without equal in all of Creation, and this can never be taken from you. This is the "Reality" of your Beingness.   

I Am...The Source of All...The Infinite Field of Love that gives rise to Love-Christ-You, in temporary form, to experience Self, and I Am but Love, in an infinite number of make that which is invisible, birth through time and form that which cannot be contained within it...for Love-God-Me is "unfathonable". I Am like the wind. You cannot control Love. Love is not a logical thing...but rather, a Great Mystery, and yet, you can "see" and even "feel" Love's effects. Love, the Great Mystery that I Am, cannot be possessed. Love can only be allowed...allowed to manifest through you. 

As a Stream of Love, to consciously experience and extend that Love, you must allow Love, as you say, to call the shots. For as soon as you choose to take control, which is what the ego insists on, you essentially forget that you are the Presents of Love in form. You forget your connection...your relationship with the River of Love-Me.

Co-creating with Me, and I Am but Love, is the extension of Love...whereas, selfish attempts to possess and control is not Loving or Lovable. Do you feel the difference? So, My Children of the you want to receive, feel and experience Me-Love flowing through you...manifesting in an infinite number of ways? Hmm...a choice of surrendering to the River of Love and living as a Conscious Stream of That Love...or remaining in the illusion of aloneness, fear and darkness? It is entirely up to you...what is your priority?  

Let us return to why you chose your illusion of separation...the illusion of fear-based consciousness. We have already covered part of the knew that it was impossible to diminish or obstruct the purity of your essence..."Love". And yet, like Me, and I Am but Love, you are also Pure Potentiality (infinite creativity) combined with a desire, which also mirrors My only desire...the extension of Love. With this as a foundation, you had a it possible to create and experience the opposite of Love or "non-love", and then use that field of experience to to extend Love into it, "just for the experience" of extending Love. Mindboggling...and yet, a possibility. Create what is an illusionary field of non-love (fear-based, egoic consciousness) and transform it into part of The Infinite Field of Love? Wow...that is Love-based creativity! Why not you thought? Let's just do it! 

And once the plan was in place, which included experiencing everything that could possibly make you forget who and what you really are, there had to be a mechanism that would facilitate the experiencing of all related possibilities...the experiencing of "all possible permutations" of fear-based consciousness...along with the wondrous experience of remembering that you are a Stream of Love, an overflowing of My Love...which of course is The Great Mystery...beyond the ego's comprehension. And that's when you created the concept of time and physicality. These provided the framework to allow any Soul to experience every possible type of non-love, via reincarnation...and when you have had enough of fear-based consciousness, in physicality, remember your original relationship with Me, and I Am but Love.

As mindboggling as this is for you, this is why time and physicality will only last as long as The Dream of Separation does. For the only purpose of time and physicality is to facilitate the process that has been described. Pure Love and Perfect Peace..."Bliss"...does not require time or physicality. Another way of conceptualizing all of this, is to view your "dream of separation" as a temporary and very convincing virtual reality of fear-based consciousness...not all that dissimilar, and yet, much more elaborate and life-like than one of your less mindboggling Earthly inventions: the metaverse. That will give you something to ponder.

And even though the process of experiencing fear-based consciousness is ongoing...oh...wait a minute...I hear some of you saying...humanity is not in such bad shape, because much progress has been made? Egoism you say, and some aspects of the illusion of separation, is pretty nice sometimes. Well, as I conveyed in the previous article, the ego "identifies with" the body-mind...more specifically, the pleasure, saftey, and survival of the body-mind. Is this not your priority #1? Thus, as long as this single, three dimensional consciousness is what you identify with, that believes "fear is normal", which is exactly what the ego is conditioning you believe...instead of identifying with "Reality", your multi-dimensional Spiritual Self, that only identifies with Love, your ego will remain in control...and your journey Home will not commence in earnest. In other words, your fear-based ego is in denial.

Egoic, fear-based consciousness is not good or bad, it's just a vehicle if you will, a temporary form of experience, which includes the "illusion of separation from Me", and I Am but Love. Do you value the temporay pleasures of the body-mind, along with all of the ego's negative emotions, over eternal "Bliss" with Me, and I Am but Love? If per chance your answer is yes...then why do you spend some much time searching for Love? Hmm...another conundrum. And please...don't forget why you chose to experience the Earth dimension in the first place, which is what was explained to you a few paragraphs ago. 

Another reminder for you...I Am everywhere at every is literally impossible for you to be where I Am not. The only thing that temporarily blocks the realization of this "Reality" is your egoic, fear-based consciousness...the state of non-love that you chose to temporarily experience, so you could extend Love into it...Ahh...but you don't remember that yet, do you? Ahh...this to shall pass. As mindboggling as this is, your desire for fear-based experiences (non-love) is the cause of all of your fears and anxieties. One might say a temporary cancer of consciousness, in that the ego creates the opposite of what I Do (create the extension Love) "by creating the extension of fear" any way imaginable. Look at your planet...where do you think all of the darkness came from? Where do you think all of your fears and anxieties come from? Where do you think all of the doubt and confusion about how you are ever going to return Home to Me, and I Am but Love, comes from?

Because so many of you have experienced the darkness, in so many incarnations, many have "had their fill" of The Dream of Separation. Enough is enough you say! They have begun to wake up to their innate desire to return Love, and I Am but Love. This is often the first step in the dissolution of egoic consciousness, which of course will usher in the so-called Golden Age of Love...mass Christ Consciousness...that will permeate the Earth dimension. Yes, regardless of what your Earth looks like today, Love always prevails. Imagine a planet of incarnated, Conscious Christed Beings, which uniquely emulate the qualities of Jeshua ben Joseph and Mother Mary = the mass manifestation of Love-God Consciousness. We (you and I) will be of "One Mind"...and Love-God Consciousness will be extended into the Earth dimension....for My Love overflows.

A wave of Pure Love Consciousness will engulf your world. This is the plan. The Divine Spark of Love Consciousness that I placed within all Souls, within you, will not be denied...It cannot be denied...for I assure you, that is "an impossibility". This internet site is simply one example of what is to come...context after context to awaken millions from The Dream of Separation...which will assit you in claiming your birthright as a channel for Me, and I Am but Love. Your life on Earth will become the mindboggling experience of allowing Me, Pure Love, to consciously flow through you, manifesting in an endless number of ways, for you to "feel", to "witnness", and to extend the River of Love that I Am, which has no end.    

So, My Children of the Light, to those that are on the edge of being fully committed to awakening from your dream of separation...know that your priorities must shift before you can consciously reunite with Me, and I Am but Love. Are you willing to replace your priority of the continuance and comfort of the body-mind, in addition with your ongoing search for Love and True Peace, with a new priority #1: "re-establishing" your realationship with Me, and I Am but Love. The choice is can get started today...with Jeshua ben Joseph's The Way of Mastery. You can also defer your awakening, with more incarnations....and more searching, in all the wrong places.   

Just one more thing, for much has been given. You are all Spiritual Beings of Love. Regardless of the experiential choices that have been experience fear-based Soul is not better than another. Regardless of appearances, you are all doing the same thing. You are all experiencing fear-based consciousness, temporarily, "by choice"...just as "you all will choose" to awaken to the "Reality" of your purpose and function: eliminate any sense of the illusion of separation from Me...and then function as conscious, pure mediums for Me...The Infifnite Field of Pure Love. 

I Am with you always...because My Love for you has no end...

That is All...

Source of All

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