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Another Message Fron Your Creator

Return "Home" to Pure Love and True Peace...By Practicing Where You Are Going

Monday, June 20, 2022 Blog

Many seek, what some call enlightenment or Christ Consciousness, and yet, when they approach the intersection of living the way they do...which is within fear and anxieties...or turning over control (Surrender) to My Loving Guidance...they choose to remain in control.  

The analogy is that for your entire life, I, your Creator, and I Am but Love, have been in the back seat of your automobile of Life. I have been with you every second of every day...witnessing and feeling everything that you have witnessed and felt, as a result of every decision that your not-self has made. 

The non-self, what is that you say? Your essense is Love...I know, because I, your Creator, and I Am but Love, placed a Divine Spark of Love Consciousness in your very heart...or what some of you call the Soul...or deep Self. This is your conscious connection to Me, and I Am but Love, for all eternity. This simply means that your natural state of existence, your natural state of living, is where you are in constant and conscious communication with Me, and I Am but Love. And yet, if you choose, via the free will that I gave you, to temporarily disengage our eternal line of communication...what you could call, going off-line...going off-line from Love, you you order to experience fear consciousness, which is the non-self. This non-self is not natural.

This fear-based consciousness is something every Soul on Earth knows so well...on one level or another. This has resulted in the is something much more than a perception...this has resulted in the illusion that fear-based consciousness, and all of the permutations thereof, or what is called anxieties and negative emotions, are normal. This illusion is contrary to your essence of Pure Love Consciousness, which of course includes being conscious of Me, The Source of All, and I Am but Love...and Love allows all things, trusts all things, embraces all things, feels all things, heals all things, and transcends all things.  

The analogy is that to temporarily experience fear-based consciousness, that by definition is "egoic" or the illusion of individual concsciousness, you have chosen to make all of your own decisions, and ignore My Guidance. For you see, using your Earthly vernacular, I Am (and I Am but Love) a back seat driver in your automobile of Life. You may choose to accept My Guidance...which is always available to you...and experience Oneness and Love Consciousness...

Or, as the driver of the automobile of Life, you can choose to ignore My Guidance, and I Am but Love, and experience "fear-based consciousness"..and a sense of "aloneness". Which do you prefer? Love or fear? It is really that simple.   

As My prior articles within this internet site have eluded to, as the driver of your automobile of Life, you can Surrender to the guidance of My Love...Allow Me, and I Am but Love, to guide you through the decisions you make, and thus, as some would say, return Home to Me, and I Am but Love. This opens the door to receiving, feeling, knowing and witnessing the Love that is co-created with You, by following My Guidance, for My only Desire is to extend Self, to experience Self...consciously, in an endless number of forms...and I Am but Love.  

Your alternative, which you know so well, is to continue to disengage your eternal, conscious connection with Me, and I Am but Love, as you say, every moment of everyone of your days. By ignoring My back seat guidance, you will remain in absolute control of your automobile of Life experiences...only you will be guided by something other than Love...or what is called non-love...which is egoic, fear-based guidance. How do you like your alternative? 

I, The Source of All, and I Am but Love, are coming forth and manifesting into your temporary illusion of fear based consciousness...into your so-called "Dream"..because so many have cried one way or another...I have had enough...enough is enough...of the fear, the darkenss, the lack of True do I find True Love and True Peace? 

How am I manifesting Self into your temporary fear-based illusion, or as Jeshua ben Joseph says, The Dream of Separation from The Source of All? I do this in infinite ways, every one of your seconds...but because of your requests to awaken from The Dream, a more shocking, difficult to comprehend, and incomprehensible, manifestation of Self has manifested into form. And that form is the message of this internet site and the Soul called Michael. You see, Michael is still driving his automobile of Life, within The Dream of Separation, but he has Surrended to My Back Seat Guidance...which means that I, and I Am but Love, are directing Michael's actions, decisions, thoughts and words....including these words...

His dream of separation from Me, your Loving Creator, is largely over. He still drifts back into the illusion of The Dream, but quickly asks for My Guidance back into "Reality"...into the Light of Love. 

How has he done this you ask? 

  • By following the guidance of the Still Small Voice of Love within all Souls, which of course, is My Voice, and I Am but Love.   
  • And My Still Small Voice guided him to the contemporary, channeled teaching of Jeshua ben Joseph and the model of Love Consciousness communicated in The Way of Mastery trilogy...which of course includes the Keys to the Kingdom...the last of which is Surrending control and asking for My Guidance. 

To make a long story short, Michael was guided to study and practice the message of The Way of Mastery...and then, study and practice some more. Then one day, a phrase towards the end of The Way of Heart (the first book of The Way of Mastery) made Michael take a step back..."practice where you are going". His fear-based conditioning had been so pervasive, as is the case with all Souls, that the Reality of this phrase had been previously incomprehensible. To anyone who has studied The Way of Mastery, this simply means, practice being a channel or medium for God, and God is but Love...for this is natural for you...this is why you were Created...and he has never stopped "practicing". You have been conditioned by fear to think that I Am to be feared...but I Am but Love....Love My Children...Love is not to be feared...Love is something you have looked for in all the wrong places...for The Kingdom of Love is within...within...not as within your temporary physical vehicle, but within your Soul...your consciousness, which is eternal. 

Fear not, Love can never be taken from you. This I assure you is impossible, for I abide within you this very moment...and every moment for eternity. However, "you can choose" to pretend, temporarily, to dream the illusion of separation from Me, and I Am but Love. 

Study and and practice My can simply accept Me, and I Am but Love, back into your Life this day, and every day. Do you want to experience and be guided by the Light of My Love...or continue to tarry in the darkenss of fear and anxieties? "Pretend" that your fears and anxieties are real...or return Home to "Reality", to the "Reality" of Pure Love and True Peace?   

The choice is yours...

That is All...

The Source of All




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